Date: 24th September 2006 at 1:44pm
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Look at the tile of the article. Funny how easy it can be to put a positive spin on the naysayers and doom merchants.

A fairly routine victory yesterday and I think few doubted the result. Though we appeared to be in for a frustrating afternoon in the first half. The Gunners came out of the traps quickly and almost provided an early goal. Gallas and Rosicky linking up well on the left and Billy G just dragging his shot wide. An Henry header from Toure’s pinpoint cross was somehow tipped wide by Bennett. But sometime after the fifteen minute mark, with the early goal not forthcoming, there was a tangible drop off in impetus from Arsenal, consequently the remainder of the half was something of a damp squib. We slumped back into the frustrating habits of early season, for all our possession there was little vibrancy as we were once again far too ponderous. I can not help but think that Henry’s presence, through no fault of his own at times, intimidates our younger players and prevents them from taking responsibility.

Anyhow, things improved greatly in the second half. We began to pop the ball about with applomb, quickening the pace of the game and using the width of the pitch. Wenger obviously instructed the centre halfs to set the tempo of our attacks. Toure and Djoourou- both very accomplished on the ball- began to bring the ball out of defence, pushing the team forwards. With only one striker, the Blades tactics simply did not merit four defenders back at all times. One of Toure’s forrays forward nearly resulted in a goal, but he blasted into the side netting. Tomas Rosicky really began to run at defenders and when Freddie Ljungberg’s header was tipped onto the bar by Ian Bennett, you sensed a goal was coming so long as we did not again succumb to a defensive lapse.

Though he had by and large a poor game, it was Henry who really made the difference. He is clearly still blighted by a lack of sharpness, but it was his trio of contributions that earned victory. On 65 minutes, he lifted the ball cutely into the area (something we ALWAYS seem to try, but NEVER seems to work) Cesc Fabregas stretched every sinew to bring the ball under control, and the marauding Billy G was in the right place at the right time to smash the ball home. (Maybe that no.10 shirt isn’t so strange after all). One nil and it really was game over. Sheffield United’s gameplan was discarded like so many uneaten sandwich crusts. As is so often the case, with United’s morale drained, the second followed soon after. Henry received the ball on the left, and though he was faced with something akin to Hadrian’s Wall in the penalty box, the enigmatic Frenchman tricked and shimmied his way to the byline, where the hapless Phil Jagielka well and truly ‘shinned it’ into his own net.

At this point the Gunners really turned on the style, a breath sapping one touch move from back to front nearly yielded an end to the goal of the season competition as substitute Robin van Persie was thwarted from converting a low Djourou cross. A third felt inevitable, and it arrived in the most unlikely of circumstances. Firstly, because Eboue delivered a sumptuous cross from the right hand side (his deliveries usually trouble row z more than they do opposition defences) and Thierry Henry was left with the simple task of nodding the ball into the net. A header from a cross?! Surely that was not included in the ticket price?!

For all their industry, it was palpable that Sheffield United just were not good enough and I think they will have to make Bramall Lane something of a fortress if they are to survive the cut throat world of top flight football. Now it is never my intention to applaud foul play, but Fabregas’s booking was quite satisfying in a perverse way. Flying into a challenge on Derek Geary, teeth snarled in determined poise, it was a tackle that is paradigmatic of young Cesc’s toughening up. He’s simply not taking any (expletive deleted) this season is he? The Beats provided another impressive cameo, but it was young Djourou who impressed the most. Rob Hulse is not the most frightening prospect the young Swiss will face, but he will seldom meet a more physical presence, but Djourou coped with it comfortably. There’s something about the boy, his poise or his aura of calm, that reeks class to me. My only moan? Well a new stadium is always going to have teething problems in terms of access to transport outlets, but quite why the police are blocking off every which way out of the ground is a mystery. The clever back route I’ve been taking to Finsbury Park has now been thwarted as the back entrance to the station has been closed? Why? What purpose does that serve? Surely it makes sense to spread the masses over more exits for a safe and swift journey home. Quite why the police have seen fit to create potentially unsafe situations by hearding around 40,000 people to two entrances (one at Arsenal station, one at Finsbury Park) is anybody’s guess.

All in all, the performance was not too dissimilar to our offerings at home to Villa and Boro. The difference being we did not concede the first goal. Porto will be a much stiffer challenge on tuesday night, and I’d like us to return to the 4-5-1. Gilberto will have hisnhands full with Quaresma and Helder Postiga breaking from modfield, and I genuinely believe the system suits our players much more than a conventional 4-4-2. A quick note to wingston75, who I know is a member of this site. You posted a Djourou song on a blog the other week and my friends and I tried to get it started in Hamburg and Manchester with limited success. But I heard it quietly go up in the South Stand yesterday, which is very pleasing because it’s a good song for a player who deserves one. Those of you not aware of it, but fancy giving your vocal chords a going over at a game, #Chim chimeny, chim chimeny, chim chim, charoo, who needs Sol Campbell when we’ve got Djourou?# Quality. LD.


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  • I tried to get a song started about Toure at the game against Boro only about 15 people joined so i just gave up. Anyway this is how it goes ‘It’s Kolo, he has the heart of gold, it’s Kolo, just like the Adams of old, it’s Kolo, he’s the man from the coast, it’s Kolo, he’ll turn you to roast , it’s Kolo, unlike cole he doesn’t think of the cash, it’s Kolo, he’ll turn your legs into bangers and mash, it’s Kolo.’
    So ah what do you guys think? I know its a little long but if I sing it long enough during the games, people will remember the lines. If anyone will be at the game against Watford then try and get it started in your respective parts of the ground, (I know I will) even at the Porto game. (I I’ll have to watch that one on telly)

  • i think Henry had a decent game overall. 1st half was a write off but he came out well in the 2nd, and he made a couple of good runs and he looked like he would score more goals. baptista impressed though, when he came on. djouro did look good, i think he should attack a little more, there was one move where there were a couple of 1-2s. looked good, fluent.

  • hey yusufine tats a nice song, and we played well and got a great result, but i still feel there is something tat is missing from our game, i dunno wt it is, but we’re still not quite there upto our usual way of playing, but im sure it will change soon, guess it’s all down to the new stadium, just hope that the players adapt to it as soon as possible, and we’ll get good results wid good performances too..

  • What a wonderful cross by Eboue, that will really raise his confidence, especially when all the players ran to congratulate him. Also there is some transfer news – Arsenal and Manchester United will battle it out for the signature of £7m-rated Juventus midfielder Mauro Camoranesi when the transfer window opens in January. (News of the World)

    The Gunners are also competing with Barcelona for the capture of £5m Argentina keeper Oscar Ustari, 20. (Star on Sunday)

    And in what looks to be a busy January for Arsene Wenger, they are also trailing Gillingham’s 20-year-old striker Matthew Jarvis, along with rivals Tottenham. (Sunday Express) Just want to know what you fellow gooners think of this potentially amazing January window?

  • League One?! That would be some relegation! Yusufine, I never, ever take any notice of any of that stuff. I’ve a feeling Buffon may arrive in january, but we look to have an impressive squad now.

  • cracking, Dutch!!! Cheers for letting me know 😀 That’s put ‘a reet grand’ smile on my face after the mother of journeys back home on an N55. And it’s true, too – I’d rather take Djorou any day of the week over sol now. I agree wholeheartedly about his air of calm, he looks completely unfazed, and exceedingly composed for one so young, i think we’ve got a future world class central defender on our hands, anyone else remember Wenger talking a cpouple of years ago after a cup game, and after being asked about the youngsters, he reeled off some names, and then said, ‘and djourou… actually, forget i mentioned him.’ Completely smacked of Le Boss keeping an ace up his sleeve – he was a defensive midfielder at the time. Hope the song takes off 🙂

    so first win, we can do away with all this hoodoo b0llok$, and let’s hope the grove now feels more like home for everyone.

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • How much is it for a ticket at the Emirates. I might be coming to England in December and I’d love to watch the Gunners in action. And Little Dutch, are the chances of signing Buffon good?

  • nice for Billy to score his first for us, hopefully the first of many. Though he probably will have to restrain his runs when he moves into central defence.

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