Date: 16th January 2007 at 7:14pm
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Arsenal wiley winger Alex Hleb says it was a mistake for Shevchenko to move to the premiership at this late stage in his career.

Speaking with that most reputable newspaper, The Sun, Hleb says that the adjustment to the frantic pace of the Premiership at his age was probably one step too far.

‘I would never have risked coming to England towards the end of my career,’ explained Hleb to the Sun.

‘The older you get, the harder it gets. Shevchenko is not the first great footballer who has not managed to crown himself in glory here. I was never convinced he would be able to play in England. I don’t have anything against him.’

‘The problem lies in the style of the England league, in terms of the tempo, and the time you get to think on the pitch. The younger a player is, the easier it is for him to adapt and get to grips with English football.’

Whilst we may get a few Chelsea fans here defending their player, I’ve not seen anything from Sheva which suggests Hleb is speaking anything other than the truth.


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  • Bang on Hleb, he does look lost at sea, his lack of success is not through lack of trying – if anything he tries too hard, now even the Ukrainian national coach has waded in blaming Maureen (who did’nt even want him in the first place!) No way will Shev be there next season.

  • I still think he will come good IF Chelsea let him. He may have lost a yard but he is still a class player. But Mourinho will make him take the fall in order to preserve his ego. If he’s prepared to have a pop at Chelsea’s youngsters in pursuit of his reputation, he will have a go at Sheva too. Imagine if you were a promising Chavski youngster like Mancienne or Smith right now, being told your not good enough in the public arena.

  • Up until a few minutes ago I was hoping you would do us a favour against Man U, now I hope they hammer you. Its very easy to mis quote LD. Once again how does it feel to have fallen so far that you have to make snide comments about another team? Oh and I see you neglected to include RVP in your poll, funny that.

  • Do you honestly think we care if you hope we win or lose?!? And I can’t believe I left Drogba off the list!!!!!!!

  • Henry14 well articulated response well done, does that mean you need a little more time to come up with an answer? I was not making that comment to make you feel bad for losing my support, to be frank I couldn’t care less how you perform, but you didn’t answer how it feels? Oh and did I forget to mention Eboue Rocky.

  • It feels great to know that even though we have been through two years of transition, we performed well enough to keep our Champions League status whilst at the same time reaching the final. We have almost kept up with the top three teams whilst blooding our wonderful squad of youngsters who seem to be coming of age. Our beautiful new stadium is feeling more and more like home and all our key players have recently signed very long term contracts. So to answer your question… feels pretty feckin good.

  • How does it feel to have spent a quarter of a billion quid and you still wont win the title, with rumblings of unrest all over your camp, and to have your team picked by your owner?!?!

  • Mikeyblue’s got a point, I mean over at Vital Chelsea towers (ugh), they NEVER write wind up articles. I implore you to go over and look at the paltry responses their articles receive when they are not being provocative. And Mikeyblue, how does it feel to know your club’s “success” is being funded off the back of an impoverished nation, that kids can’t go to school in Siberia because of your owner?

  • Your right Mickey Chav… you should want the Mancs to thrash us because once the scousers inevitably turn you over we’ll be looking at second spot…enjoy the champs lg qualifier

  • I’m a chelsea fan, but currently all we’ve got from him is big heart, big wages, big transfer fee and lastly big dissapointment.

  • Mikey when you tried to go down the Arsenal route and stand on ur own 2 feet as a club you failed so miserably you almost went bankrupt. How does that feel? Id rather have a couple of years of transition than have the whole world know that we cant compete without the Billions from a benefactor, its actually quite embarrasing. Back to the article, I dont fully agree with Hleb if Sheva was not having his confidence torn to shreds everytime Maureen-the-ho was interviewed id be worried that the 2nd half of the season he would settle and set the prem alight. As it is I cant see this happening especially if you align his lack of confidence with Maureen-the-ho’s fear of attacking football.

  • At Milan Shev had Pirlo and Kaka supplying the passes now he has fat frank and ballack who seems to be experiencing some kind of footballing wonder he wants out

  • I’m actually disappointed that sheva didnt fire coz he’s a good footballer. but hleb got it spot on i think. and thank god for that!! the 1st sign of trouble and chelsea look like they’re going to sink 🙂

  • What about that great bit of captaincy by Lampard against maccalsfield. Sheva wins the pen, maccasfield down to 10 men, frank has 2 goals already and u would of thought he would let sheva take it to boost his confidence? no he takes it to boost his ego even further, what a poor show.

  • They were very very close to join Leeds in the freefall called bankruptcy. The dirty Russian came to delay it for a while, but it will happen, sooner or later.

  • Jose didn’t even want Sheva in the first place…everybody knows he’s only there because he’s a good pal of Mr Soprano East. So when Jose is shredding Sheva, he’s really shredding his own mob boss for showing such poor judgement. There’s also some story in the Mirror saying players don’t trust him in the locker room cause they think he’s relaying stuff on to his Good Fella. It’s just a weird scene down at Stamford Bridge. No way Jose hangs around that circus…he’ll fly off after May even if he wins the quaduple.

  • Does it even matter to them if Sheva is playing well or not. for them it’s only a matter of time before they offload him in the summer, get torres or villa or adriano, and give them a season to find their feet, and if they dun, then someone else will come in. that’s Chelsea Club for you..

  • mickeyblue, nce again how does it feel to have fallen so far that you have to make snide comments about another team? errrr so you never make a comment about liverpool then ? hmmmm ? i think if chelsea fans are honest, they will admit to shevie not being the player he once was, I thought he would score for fun in this league, i thought no matter what the price tag he would show the prem some lethal finishing and it surprises me at how little he has scored. i don’t know if thats mourinho’s style of play, he has had to take in ballack and shevie into a team that was winning anc change the formation to suit… i think more will come out over the next few weeks, this story looks to run and run.

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