Date: 19th April 2007 at 11:48am
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Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has told Arsenal TV Online that boss Arsene Wenger is going nowhere after yesterday’s shock departure of David Dein.

Within minutes of Dein’s departure rumours began that Wenger would be next out the Emirates door, due to close relationship the pair share.

Hill-Wood was swift to reassure fans though, saying: “The relationship that Arsene has with the board is good.

“He is on contract until 2008 and we hope he will extend beyond that.”

He added: “It’s well known that Arsene and David have got on very well over the past 10 years and I am certain that Arsene will miss him.”

Peter went on to deny yet more rumours that Dein’s departure was due to lack of transfer funds: “We’ve always made funds available to Arsene, he attends the board meetings, he understands the financial position,” said Hill-Wood.

“I can assure supporters that we will continue to provide funds when Arsene requires them.

“We have a very good squad – young, maybe, but developing well – and if Arsene wants to strengthen it we have the money to provide him with any reasonable purchases he wants to make.”


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  • i have to say i’m not worried in the slightest about arsene leaving. he’s in total control here and he wont get there anywhere else and he knows that. plus the longer he’s been wioth us the more of gooner he’s become so he wont leave!

  • Yeah, a completely scary thought, LD !! But I do think Wenger is trying to build something here which will last even after he is gone. I just dont think he will achieve that by 2008, mebbe another 2-3 years after that atleast. Anyway this clarification by PHW was good, it came quickly, and I am relieved.

  • Until this board situation has been sorted it would be foolhardy to say whether he will stay beyond his present contract or not. We just can’t tell until this stuff has been sorted. But if Kroenke wants into this club, he knows the worst thing he could do would be to undermine his own investment, that means little disruption as possible, that means keeping AW. I am usually not the guy’s biggest fan, but check out what arseblog has posted today, it’s pretty spot on, there’s no need to panic.

  • I think the comment Kroenke is a business man and will not want to undermine his investment is in the main correct; however it may serve his purpose if he wants to strip the assets and use the money gained elsewhere. Worrying times ahead for us the club and supporters when we don?t need it.

  • mark my words, Dein will be back after the club has been bought by kronke and dein will be made as chairman.

  • The way PHW has put about the transfer fund is scary. In one of the prev statements some months back, they said anything that AW wants will be done, now it is about REASONABLE purchases. I wonder if there was really a muckup about transfer funds. AW has commented in the past that if he wanted some player DD went further than reasonableness to get him the player.

    Also he is expressing HOPE that AW stay beyond 2008. It is not a good way to put things. If he(PHW) is sure about Wenger staying longer I think the wording would have been different. So lets wait for this to settle down. Hoping it is resolved as quickly as possible.

  • Yes PG, DD is a mover & shaker and may well try to return with Kroenke, but hopefully the board can hold them off. Even if Dein did return he would create another gulf, since in Arsene’s (and most fans’) eyes, a takeover would mean the death of tradition… however well AW and DD get on, I dont see how they could reconcile such diametrically opposed stances. Whatever these guys are gonna do, I hope they show their hand quick so we dont have to stew on this for months and years.

  • Why are people so opposed to a takeover?? (Not that I think it will happen now). What are these traditions that no foreigner especially an american, could possible bring to the club?? Kroenke is a proven sports fanatic, who doesn’t buy teams for profit alone but for success. His money was made through property not through asset stripping sports clubs. DD wanted Wenger to have the best players & real money available, but the rest of the board have not supported him. Now Dein has gone there will be nobody on that board fighting Wenger’s corner so he will be living on a smaller budget than ever before. Unless PHW & the rest get out of the dark ages then this club is going to end up a midtable team with debts they cannot possible pay.

  • good points andy and AG, but its about money and ego’s alas. fizman, dein, edelman as i have said before have huge ego’s. now for me personally i think dein has the right attitude. PHW is ancient and old school, his believe is that every pound you put in should show you a return. in a business sense that is quite right. i think dein will sell his share to kroenke now, kroenke will pick up a further 6 or 7% and then have enough to force a takeover. Dein has such experience in dealing with football, his asset in running a club is invaluable and i am sure kroenke would install him as chairman to run the club exactly as it is now, just more money behind it and more power. so the ownership changes, doesn’t bother me and after a while if the club is successful it won’t bother anyoen else. look at MAN USA, they could pull of the trebble AGAIN this year, all those fans who were going loopy when the glaziers took over, have gone very quiet now, wonder why >? nothing to do with winning the league and possible more is it ?

  • I checked out Kroenke record in the US, pretty impressive in my book. He’s a sports fan, and as some comments have already said, he believes in building those that he’s taken over. It would be no different should he get control of the Arsenal. PG is right. ManU supporters were in rages about the Glazier family, yet nothing much has changed….big signing last summer, and Hargreaves this. Yes they have some debt now, but as & when this is paid back, Glazier makes his cash. My only fear is any upheaval in the short term should anything proceed on change of ownership, and possible ramifications if AW ever….now that does scare me

  • I’m not even British, but I respect PHW’s intentions to keep the club in the hands of people who invested in Arsenal not for the financial reward, but for the historical love of the club. These are people who’s familys have been linked to Arsenal since it began. Foriegn investment leads to short term gains (see Chelsea), but when football turns into business and clubs are looked at solely to make money, whats to stop it turning into American Football where francises are bought and moved, in some cases another state. If DD believes that Kroenke is the way to go, then good ridance. Also, Wenger will never renage on his contract so we’re safe until 2008 at least.

  • aparently AW had dinner with DD after the city game, just the two of them ! interesting if DD was smoothing AW over and letting him in on his plans and what could happen ?

  • PG…Wenger has at every prompting stated that he believes the “values and traditions” of the club need to be maintained, he’s also said he feels it should remain in British hands. Without knowing the full details, this seems to contridict Deins stance.

  • i have to agree with PG here, i see DD coming back to the club, and if that happens, there is not much of a chance of AW leaving the club..

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