Date: 3rd July 2007 at 11:15am
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I don’t think a single Arsenal fan could have predicted the signing of Eduardo Da Silva frome Dinamo Zagreb yesterday.

But the fact he’s unheard of in England is not a problem for most Arsenal fans, even though they were hoping for a massive signing.

His goal record, albeit it in a league with a much lower standard than the Premiership, speaks for it’s self.

As I do, Peter Hill-Wood has faith in Arsene Wenger, and believes that the manager may have pulled off another master stroke. Speaking to The Daily Star The Arsenal Chairman said: ‘He’s a very highly-regarded player and he’s been bought to score goals.

‘Arsene is full of surprises and he knows what he’s doing. This player is certainly better than some of the forwards we’ve been linked with.
(anyone think he may be hinting at his best mate Anelka there?)

Hill-Wood went on to say that although he hopes for more goals from midfield next season, he believes that Da Silva can bring those sometimes illusive goals to the team.

‘Scoring goals was a bit of a problem last season but hopefully we’ll also have a few more from midfield.

‘Arsene has unearthed a few gems before with players who have not been particularly well-known and we hope it continues.’

Then Peter came out with my favrouite quote of the summer: ‘As always with Arsene there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes.’ Sounds like a hint that more singings may be imminent.

To quote Mr Burns… ‘Eeeeeexcellent.’


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  • Da silva is definitely what we have been missing for a season or two, the approach play has been fantastic, but as we all know with little end product (although we did score 3rd highest goals!!) It may be a step up, but often its how the team plays and integrates you, he’ll fit in nicely I think and I wager he’ll score a minimum of 18-22 goals next season. As stated Arsene likes to unearth little gems. All we need know for definite is an out and out winger, then I’d be happy.

  • That’s a bold bet Harry! I’d say around 15 goals would be a good return for him next season, with it being his first in the Premierhsip and all. I’d be delighted if he could score 20+ goals next season though.

  • If he stays in the box and put away the chances we creat then I wouldnt be surprised if he scores 20 next season

  • seem to be having a few issues posting on here so if my message appears more than once i apologise!

  • Simmy8 I can see why you think that and with most new players in other clubs it would be a tall order, but I am thinking of our general play and how many chances we create as a team, I was actually been a tad conservative allowing for his first season anyway. Any less than 18 and I’d be very surprised.

  • Wenger has always liked to have a few left footers like Da Silva in the team and I think it works well, gives a different dimension. I definitely think Fabregas can score 10 goals next season, as can Rosicky. I don’t see Hleb improving much but I don’t care because I think he is great for us in our build up play anyway. The only thing I’m gutted about is that, given Wenger’s prowess in spotting young talent, why couldn’t we have got Messi or Kaka! Let’s hope he finds the next one…

  • My heart says 18 too, because like Harry, I agree he will integrate with our squad. While I am optimistic, and I don’t want to rain on the parade here, but I feel the need to see him play for a few weeks before I can dispel the little Kezman-style doubts in the back of my mind.

  • It does indeed sound hopeful. I don’t expect us to sign anyone else other than Sagna though. Let’s hope I’m proved wrong!!

  • Harry, I hope you’re right, perhaps you know more about him than I do, or maybe I’m just being a little pesimistic. You could be spot on. I don’t mean or want to draw any comparisons, but Henry did get 26 goals in his first season with us, so it’s not impossible.

  • When a club makes signings it is obvious that you either make proven signings for larger amounts, or pay less & take a chance on quality in other leagues or younger players. It appears Wenger has done the latter & paid less but taken a calculated chance, which I’m sure most gooners can live with. When you see Liverpool spending 26.5 million on Torres you know the football world has gone mad. Don’t get me wrong I have watched Torres a lot & he is a very good player, but certainly not worth that amount. He has a lot of stuff to work on & I think the biggest gamble is that Fernando will struggle to adapt in England. I can see him going the same way as reyes, he never truly wanted to leave Athletico & that will always play on his mind. Liverpool fans will be excited (as most people would) but I think this move for them will backfire. Tevez for a very similar price would’ve been a much smarter move!!

  • I think we’re signing two south american youngsters. Salamanca claimed that a couple of months ago, because they are hoping to have them on loan next season. Apparently the deals were all but done, however arsenal/arsene was due to meet them after either the copa america or the u20 world youth cup, I can’t remember which it was, but both are going on now. Its probably the u20 tournament.

  • yeah you’ve definitely signed the next Dimitar Berbatov here haven’t you boys. You feckin cacks

  • lol how many league goals did berby get last season bullers? even RVP scored as many or more than last year after missing half the season..

  • Who even mentioned Barbie-tov? No one, that’s who. Which leads me to my next question…why post that?

  • Where did you hear about that AG? Is there any quotes? If so I’ll do an article on it.

  • G4L, exactly. If the figure of 8 million for Eduardo is true, then you have to say its an excellent deal for us. We will save 6 million over the next year on Henry’s wages which basically covers this deal, without even touching the Henry cash. I don’t know what Da Silva will earn but it wont be anything like our top earners anyway……..90K a week for Torres, who has actually won nothing & proved nothing is quite frankly astounding. What motivation is there for him to prove anything when he is paid like that for basically being ‘a name’!!

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