Date: 10th September 2006 at 1:21pm
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Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has told how Arsenal Football Club owes so much to Arsene Wenger and had he not arrived it would be highly unlikely we would be in the position we are now.

We moved into a spanking new stadium earlier this year, a stadium which is widely considered the best club stadium in Europe, and PHW believes that would not have been possible without Arsene Wenger.

Hill-Wood said, ‘He has been a fantastic asset for this club and achieved remarkable things for us.

‘Indeed, it’s mainly due to the success that we’ve had under Arsene that we are at a new stadium.

‘We would never have been able to build it without him being here.’

The Arsenal top brass also expressed his desire to get Mr Wenger tied down to a new contract as quickly as possible.

‘I have 100 percent confidence that Arsene knows what he is doing. He has proved that and I am not worried at all.

‘If he is happy to stay, then we will want him to stay even longer. As long as he is happy here, then we are more than happy to keep him.

‘In the 10 years he has been here, we have progressed so much as a club. It’s a joy to have him here.’

For once I have to say that I agree with the old man. Wenger knows.


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  • Give him what ever he wants as long as we keep him. I’m actually very confident he will finish his days a gooner, he loves the club, it’s in his blood.

  • Me and my friends were discussing in Paris, can you imagine Arsenal without him? The club is unrecognisable from when he took over and I simply can’t imagine anyone else in the dugout. Wenger IS Arsenal Football Club to me. In terms of world football, you can’t argue with Ferguson’s record (though Brian Kidd was responsible for the golden generation) and Guus Hiidink is top draw. But Wenger is the best around.

  • I won’t even entertain the concept, Wenger is building towards something special, each piece is slowly falling into place and it’s only a matter of time before we start smashing teams to pieces again!

  • he is definltly gonna stay. we need him and his experience is outstanding. what hes done for us is unexplainable.

  • the man`s a god!,and as to what you say rocky batterings will come soon, also the foundations his laying for the future can only be a bright one for us,he is deffently planning long term

  • we’ll soon be back. Keep your roubles, stuff your yankee dollar – I am all for the acumen of monsiuer wenger. It is entirely fair to say we would never have been able to even entertain the stadium notion were it not for the prudent, careful and incredibly intelligent and successful stewardship of Le Prof. His ability to pluck a player from one club who viewed them as 2nd rate, or not ready, only for arsene to get out the cloth, polish down his latest diamond, and sit back and watch another gem take shape. The millions he has saved us and made us in the transfer market, coupled with the fantastic turnaround he engineered since he joined the club, and hence the incredible success he has brought us on the pitch, has enabled Arsenal Football Club to climb through the footballing stratosphere in a way that none could have envisioned at the time he joined, and it is 100% safe to say that were it not for all that this man has brought to Arsenal we could never have built this stadium. Having said that, credit must also go to the Arsenal Board, who have always backed Wenger, and it is also fair to say that the board planned and executed everything to do with the stadium down to a T. Looking fantastic, built on time, price anchored so that there could not be any hiking or soaring of construction costs, the re-structuring of loans. They have done everything in a suprb manner, ensuring that Arsneal are not to be found in a precarious state of affairs financially. One only has to loko at the fiasco that is wembley stadium to realise that it could all so easily have gone very very wrong. Makes you proud to be a gooner, could any other club in England have built a stadium like this, with the costs that come from having to do it in London, without assistance from a sugardaddy of some description? It’d be incredibly difficult to see that being so. Liverpool’s stadium looks like it too will be an incredible theatre to watch football, though will cot much less than the ashburton grove project at £261m, and I believe they are being assisted financially by the council, who are tyhrowing in a pretty penny or two. Good on liverpool – another proper club, like the arsenal. »»Arsene Knows««

  • He’s not just a mananger to the arsenal players he’s also a fantastic friend compare how he treated merson and adams with there problems, to how chavski treated mutu with his problem he never spoke foul of his players on TV when they’ve have a bad game as it was common practise before he came, or sack players who clearly have a sad illness Sir wengers is a gentlemen, a friend to the fans and players and in my opinion he is by far the best manager to arrive at any british club let alone ARSENAL not even the MOTOR MOUTH MOURINO CAN OVERTAKE HIM because ARSEN revolutionized not only Arsenal but revolutionized they way football is played in the prem something no other manager can claim that not even sir alex of man u.

  • It is hard to think of a time when there will be no Wenger. It is not just that the game will change under a new coach but that Wenger is like Arsenal’s soul. Wenger loves football, to him football is the greatest thing. To wenger football is a noble entriprise not just a money spinning business as some are treating it. Arsenal should hold on to him. He keep the game at the top level diginified.

  • the man is a class act, wenger doesn’t need Roman’s billions to build a superior club that plays attractive football, he finds these kids and sees real talent, something Maureen doesn’t know how to even approach. Wenger is building for the future of this club, not just for this season and although i still reckon success will happen for us this season, its whats going to happen in the next 5 – 10 years after that.. and the best bit is we get to see the football we all love to see… i have noticed even some chelski fans moaning that winning isn’t everything, they want to win in style which maureen doesn’t know how.

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