Date: 4th October 2006 at 11:42pm
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After years of Tottenham fans complaining, whining and moaning about David Dein being on the board at the FA, and banging on about ‘conflict of interest’ they finally got their way when Double D was not re-elected to continue in that post, well it turns out our fearless leader has something else in the pipeline.

It has been anounced today that David Dein, vice-chairman of Arsenal football club has been elected of football super group G-14.

G-14 have issued this statement.

‘G-14, the only club based international football organisation, today elected a new president and management committee.

G-14`s statutes require the G-14 General Assembly, which is the representative body made up of the eighteen member clubs, to elect new officers, who are responsible for setting the strategy of the organization, every two years.

This year, for the first time, the management committee has been expanded from five to six members.

The G-14 Assembly has asked David Dein, of Arsenal, to be its new chairman. Mr Dein has accepted the post subject to approval from the Arsenal board.’

David Dein himself had this to say on the matter, “I hope that as chairman of G-14 I will be able to build bridges with UEFA and FIFA. I want to bring about change harmoniously and constructively. There are issues, such as player release, insurance and the [international football] calendar, which remain a source of dissatisfaction for many professional football clubs, not just G-14 ones. We think these can be resolved if we all work together. I hope that over the next nine months we can achieve this.”

Well done Mr Dein.

Let the whinging commence.


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  • Where there is discord, may he bring harmony. Where there is error, may he bring truth. Where there is doubt, may he bring faith. And where there is despair, may he bring hope.

    It’s only a matter of time before David Dein is knighted for his services to football.

  • MBE? Pah! A knightghood surely beckons for the most influential figure in English football since Alf Ramsey. ALL HAIL DD.

  • David Dean is a mutha ****in’ GANG STARR! Look at the twinkle in his eyes. I bet he would make you an offer you couldn’t refuse if you rubbed him the wrong way. All Hail the Godfather of English football (what’s left of it).

  • Why is it that your obsession with Tottenham continues? They do not seem to have the same obsession with you! Perhaps it is that you are more concerned about them than they are with you….arrogance….probably!

  • Why on earth would this affect Tottering or even Chavski come to think of it?? To my knowledge neither are in the G14 and having burned so many bridges in Chelsea’s case have no hope of joining.

  • think that this is great for Arsenal , David Dein should deserve full credit for his services to football !

  • My recollection is of various Spurs/Man Utd press boys(in The Mail)) banging on about David Dein’s perceived conflict of interest,I believe Big Fat Sam also had a dig.Only for these****s to same perfectly happy to have David Gill the Chairman Of Manure take his place….oh the hypracy.

  • Strange that Grimsby. I haven’t heard fat Sam and co. complaining about Gill’s appointment either. Nothing to do with being good mates with old red nose and Double D not being part of their drinking gang.

  • ah another arsenal post another big mention to spurs. how much you must envy us to bring us up all thge time

  • Let’s hope DD can get international football banned for good. No friendlies, no qualifiers, no tournaments, just get rid.

  • i agree with craven, why r we so obsessed with them 4, when we know they r no way like us and will never be. we r after all the invincibles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DD is the most forward thinking, financially sound director in the EPL and the bridges he could build for us as chairman of the Elite G-14 (for spurs fans – thats the biggest and best of Europe’s clubs, by the way, not mid table also rans) and the deals that could be struck, oh joy, What a great position our club finds themselves in, Moving up the league, new stadium, talented young team, genius manager, best striker in the world, CL footy every season and complete future financial security almost assured. Must be fun being a spurts fan nowadays watching the “squatters” embarress their club on every level! Ahhhhhhhhh

  • haha what do spurs care they arent even in it. damn they cant even get uefa year on year. they can only beat useless teams like portsmouth by cheating and they are just scum in general. all those scum saying we arite about you because were envious. name one thing to be envious about. we write about you because we want to abuse you, because we hate you. because until last season and you were all shouting your mouths off how you were going to beat us and get cl football etc etc. WE DIDNT EVEN KNOW WHO YOU WERE! spurs who? yid cheating scum.

  • Mr Nonsence, you really are an illiterate @unt. And not even our “envy” will be able to ‘bring you up’. You’re crap.

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