Date: 18th October 2006 at 11:41am
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Arsenal captain Thierry Henry will be fuming this morning after learning that the decision to give him a yellow card for an imaginary handball has been upheld.

Henry had a legitimate goal ruled out for handball when it was clear no such offence took place.

However UEFA have this morning said the crd will not be rescinded.

A UEFA spokesman stated: ‘It is the decision of the referee. UEFA would only handle a case like this if there had been mistaken identity of the player, which there wasn´t in this case. UEFA don´t go into any more procedure for a caution, because it´s not as serious as a red card.’

These are the rules and they should not be changed for any single player, but surely these rules need to be changed when the ‘offence’ is so blatently not.

But that’s never going to happen is it?


27 Replies to “Henry Will See Red At Yellow”

  • problem being here is that if they take away the yellow card, then they are admitting that there wasn’t a handle ball and that the goal would then need to stand, i am personally in favour of what goes on a pitch stays on a pitch and all this faffing about with taking back cards and stuff is a waste of time.

  • Except if henry gets another yellow card then he misses a game in the cl’s which could prove vital. I find it ridiculous that a supposed top referee can just guess on a decision. If you cannot see whether something is offside or not you have to give the advantage to the defending team (thats fair enough) but he has not seen an incident through poor positioning & just guessed that henry must have handled despite the fact no CSKA player appealed.

  • I see what you’re saying PG, but what is wrong with somebody admitting they’re wrong? Has Henry not been punished enough? Not only did his perfect goal thatwould have won us a point get ruled out, but now he could possibly miss a game due to the inadequacies of a referee. You cant change a match once it has finished, but I see no problem in correcting mistakes that should not have happened.

  • Very true AG, infact the keeper appealed for offside and even that was half hearted. But theres nothing we can do now but plod on!!

  • Can’t see your point PG, th goal will never stand, it about fair play and compensation. Compensation of possibly loosing an important player in an important game in the future, it could freakishly happen again next game. It is very clear to see where those hypocrits stand when it comes to fair play. If they can increase punishment they can decrease it also.

  • Im sorry im completely biased but how disgraceful was that descision? lets hope it doesnt have really bad consequences – can you imagine missing qualification by a point? god forbid but these things can count – plus the pitch was an absolute disgrace and UEFA need to address this.Im sure we will show them whats what in a few weeks but they looked a good team and im fearing going to Porto for the last game if we dont win or draw at home to Moscow.. Fabregas didnt start to play til the last 20mins which is unlike him but that was a genuine good goal and should have stood…

  • We all know that CSKA will come to the emirates & put 11 men behind the ball. They will have no intention of attacking because they know full well that a draw will be fine. They play porto in moscow in freezing temperatures (much worse than arsenal had to put up with yesterday) knowing they will win that & then they are away to hamburg who will be completely dead & buried by that time & will probably play a total reserve team to avoid injuries.

  • Were prolly use to playing the “11 men behind the ball tactics” so we could deal with that (early goal) so if we draw win then were looking to advance but if we won win the group CSKA must loose so we don’t face a really good in the next round. so not to depend on others we must do that our selves. COM ON U GUNNERS!!!!!!!!

  • Sup? Just got back, absoulutely shattered. On this subject I have to say if a player can be retrospectively punished, I see no reason a referee cannot admit a mistake- particularly when there are people who have travelled a long way and paid a lot of money to see it! The irony is, the ref had a superb game other than that. I have to say, we cheated Hamburg so perhaps this is our comeuppance. That’s the thing with cheating, even if UEFA are too lazy to do anything, little miss karma alaways kicks you square in the balls!

  • Of course demanding replays amidst fraudulent claims of sabotage, refusing to kick the ball out of play for injured players and diving against Pompey were magnanimous acts of sportsmanship. Get a life NONCEsence.


  • Quiz question Little D!ck : What year was it that ARSEnal were RELEGATED,but did not go down,atfer slipping the FA a brown paper bag?

  • iceman how are ya,long time no here .was it you or lucky 10 who said when they gazed in their crystal ball when barca come to town they were goona beat us or was it sad old grim grimsby?

  • Actually HTG, I think you’ll find we weren’t relegated, we were promoted from the second division whilst you were relegated. Please learn you history before you come here and start gobbing off.

  • It always amazes me how these spud supporters blame everyone else for their teams incompetence. Regardless of whether arsenal used money or underhand tricks to get promoted all those many moons ago the fact remains that the spuds would have been relegated anyway as they finished bottom of the league (something their fans should be accustomed to). Thats all the spuds can ever cling to, making up rubbish to suit their own agenda. If they hadnt been so awful back then it would never have been an issue & if they wasnt so awful now maybe their fans & chairman wouldnt be crying foul all the time with nothing to back it up. Spuds fans have to invade all other blogs especially arsenal ones as their club is irrelevant & its the only way they can get people talking about them. As for chelski, I may hate them but I also have an even bigger dislike for barcelona who have now failed to beat english opposition that have 11 men on the field in 6 matches over the past 3 years & I would love nothing more than to see chelski win in the nou camp & knock that bunch of arrogant c***s out the competition, especially the big mouth laporta.

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