Date: 22nd September 2006 at 11:02am
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Speaking with, Arsene Wenger has confirmed that it’s likely Arsenal captain Thierry Henry will return to face Sheffield United, as will Robin van Persie.

Henry missed the magnificent victory over Man Utd at Old Trafford last Sunday, but looks to have recovered in time to play in the Premiership clash against Sheffield Utd at Ashburton Grove.

“Thierry is available and we should have Robin van Persie back too. We have no big injuries from last week. The other ones like Senderos, Diaby, Lauren and Clichy are not back yet but Henry is and Van Persie should be.”


26 Replies to “Henry To Put Sheffield To The Blade”

  • I think TH will be up for this one, all our good results this season have come without him and he’ll feel he has something to prove. I just hope in light of this he stops scowling at younger team mates for shooting.

  • It will be good to see him back. And hopefully a little sharper than the last couple of matches he had. I have a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that there could be an upset tomorrow. Don’t think we’ll lose but a draw isn’t out the question. It’s the same as what happened last season, just when you think “well that was a good result, this is where our season sarts sorting itself out!!!” then we get a crappy result from a much smaller team. I know I’m sounding like Gelbs (haven’t heard from him in a while, maybe he’s realised what crap he’s been talking for months and joined the Spurts sites to moan about there season).

  • I agree with you scooch, I’m nervous of a sloppy performance backing up a great win. I hope Henry is ready and hungry and grabs himself a brace. I think he’ll be contending with a 10 man defence. Good luck to the ‘pool v the spuds also.

  • good for him to be back this is when he should score a hatrick and catch up to the others in the premiership top scorers COME ON HENRY. i hope we win confidently and they dont come to defend in their own half like da others

  • I feel I should point out that le boss has once again shown his peerless class by defending Allardyce. Given the vitriolic abuse this slob has directed at Arsenal and Wenger, he should feel a pang of guilt. Wenger’s courtesy is certainly a lot more than the oaf deserves and once again a lesson in class is dished out to an unwanted loudmouth.

  • well said LD. Allardyce and son are a disgrace and to think people wanted that fat idiot for england. I for one hope they are removed from football for it.

  • Cockeril. You really are sadly hopeless person. The worst team in premierleague history is Spurs. Imagine having never played in the Champs League! Just as well you don’t, cause if you play like you did against Palermo, you’lle embarrase England! Not that i care much about England.

  • i think tomoro will be a good day for us gooners,i think shef united, are very low confidence, and we are very high, and are class will show, i espcially think the main man, TITI, will play a blinder, he realises he hasnt had the best start to the season, and cockeril, once again ur talking out of ur asshole!!

  • I think we will win it quite comfortably against the blades. Even Neill Warnock said he is hoping to not get thrashed against us so I’m quite confident. I do hope that Hleb scores, I think a goal will boost that extra bit of confidence he needs to go with his sublime talent.

  • you right nothing less then a 4-0 win will do if you are to be taken seriously for 4th spot contention. You lot are a bright lot..PAlmero?? King?? True tradition of dimwit supporters.

  • Have fun in the Championship Cockeril. Well done today against pool. And cockeril is just a cover up name for Cocksucker!@

  • oops! did I offend you that much Tugboat. Good to know. Thanks. I think we all might aswell give you the title now!! I take back all I said and have to say you are the favourites now! Sheff utd are some team and you played at a tricky venue.

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