Date: 2nd May 2007 at 11:25am
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In the coming days leading up to the clash vs Chelsea at Ashburton Grove, there has been, and will continue to be, stories flying around about various clashes and incidents between the two clubs over the years. The latest being the recollection of Chelsea’s audacious attempt to lure the talisman, Thierry Henry, to the bridge.

Thierry Henry claims he knew that Chelsea made an astonishing £50 million bid for the French record breaker, and admitted that it felt good.

However, the Arsenal captain maintains that he is an Arsenal man through and through and even performs a little ritual to show his love for the red and white.

When asked if he’d heard about the bid he said, ‘Yes, I knew that. And it felt great.’

‘But I am an Arsenal player and that was that. And every time I scored against Chelsea after that, I kissed the badge to show where my heart lies.’


31 Replies to “Henry: I Kiss The Badge vs Chelsea”

  • Spurs, you’re still bitter than Henry joined in with the Arsenal fans in laughing at Tottenham 😛

  • Nice to see that our Ashley has learned to play football the right way since he left us. All that time nurturing his attacking prowess and all he needs to do now is lump it 100 yards to Drogba’s balding beads. Wenger must be shaking his swede in despair.

  • He is Greatm, the most honest player I have seen recently and the Best Player in the world

  • Big up TH14! Talking of excuses guys, cant you already hear Mourinho post-match?: “Well. No I cannot say that it is a fair result. When you play like Arsenal did and you win I cannot say that this is correct. We were the better team – especially because we are trying hard for 4 trophies. We are not a club that can be happy to stay at number four in the table. This is a luxury for others. But for Chelsea, no.”

  • £50 mill is that all ? cheeky to think Wenger would sell to some burberry clad chavs, don’t they know Thierry has more class ! and what an earth is a spuddie doing here ? last time i check they aren’t even in a european placing in the league ! HAHA

  • gonna be a good game on sunday methinks! henry loves your club simple as that !

  • in the words of the famous Zammo……..”just say no”! or en francais the words of Henry “dire juste non”…

  • i adore th14 he is the best player in the world and he ll bang the emirates with goals when he returns next season

  • I loved when he was showing the badge and thumping his chest when he scored against the chavs a couple of years back. Arsenal through and through, LIVING LEGEND!

  • Chelski are garbage, all the money they want and still can’t win champions league

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