Date: 2nd November 2006 at 9:49am
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After last weeks distasteful comments in the red tops concerning the so called booing from the Arsenal fans towards Thierry Henry, the man himself has spoken out against the S**t Stirrer’s.

Speaking in his programme notes before last night’s draw against CSKA Moscow, Henry pointed out that it would be easy for someone to cause a rift between the players and fans if we let it happen.

‘Given the opportunity, it is easy for people on the outside (of the club) to try and wedge a gap between us (the fans and the team),’ Henry wrote.

‘But we cannot let that happen. We have to stay together.’

‘It doesn’t help groaning at the players when there is still an hour or so to go, far from it actually, it can get on top of you.’

As previously noted, Henry has also noticed some ‘fans’ leaving before the final whistle. It has been commented upon in the past that the players will notice and it can have a detrimental effect on their confidence.

‘Also on Saturday I saw some fans leave early when we were looking for a goal. I just want you to know that the players do notice it.

‘So please try and stay until the end.’


21 Replies to “Henry Blasts S**t Stirrer’s”

  • More people than ever left early last night. I am fast becoming disillusioned at our new home. Whilst it is good that so many more genuine fans are able to go, it has also opened the floodgates for morons and ‘plastic’ fans. I am getting so f***ed off with the cretinous comments eminating from behind me that I am at the point of exploding. If I hear the same c**** shouting ‘NO’ every time we don’t shoot from 60 yards at the Liverpool game I am going to belt one of them. It is ruining the enjoyment I have had since I was a boy in supporting my team. I’ve had enough and would move back to Highbury tomorrow given the chance. I feel that these newbies are spoiling the rapport we had with the players at Highbury too.

  • Come on ffs! we were absolute class last night ok so we didnt score – we have to really get behind the team. These plastic supporters need shooting never mind shouting shoot every time we have the ball 25yards out. Listen I remember when Terry Neil was manager – believe me weve come a long way! Thierry is right – he isnt much wrong lets be honest. If only I could get to London on a Saturday/Sunday I know where id be for the WHOLE match …ooh you dont know how lucky you are – A great captain for a great team – lets at least give em the support they deserve..


  • The shame is though that Thierry pointing out this issue isn’t going to change it. I would rather sit a stadium with 40 thousand die hard Gooners than have an extra 20 thousand c**** that have no passion or feeling for the team. It’s getting to the point where I’m not looking forward to going to home games and that certainly has nothing to do with the team.

  • I come all the way from Yorkshire to watch games, I face a four hour trip at the end of each match and I leave before the final whistle, about 2 seconds before (but that is the supporters clubs choice and not my own), and I have no problems getting home. So the majority who live in London have no excuses, especially for leaving ten minutes before then end. As long as you’re at the end of the row when the whislte goes then there are no problems.

  • I don’t think people leaving early is the worst issue Rocky. In fact, if the people around me are a yardstick, I’d like them to f*** off 5 minutes in. As I have said, you always get the odd moaner and dimwit that has no idea about football, but this place is like a c***y convension in c***sville. I sat around the same people for 20 years at Highbury and never once had a barny at the place (not with fellow Gooners anyway), at the Emirates I could have had one every game had it been in my nature.

  • I always like to be in my seat 10 mins before kickoff normally. my new seat is on the end of an aisle, which means i get up and down like a yoyo leading up to kickoff, or i just stand.. i don’t mind, that was my choice, imagine how annoyed i get when you get all the morons coming in with their hotdogs 10 MINS after kickoff ! and then they get up 5 mins before the half time whistle, and then leave 10 mins before the end of the game. whats the point ? Thierry has every right to complain, but we are entitled to groan at the missed chances last night, although they played some amazing football i have had the privalage of watching. it is just a shame the new breed of supporter doesn’t understand what it means to go to football and support a team. then again you have to ask the question, if arsenal didn’t put on all the food and drink and stuff in the concourse area, people would be in their seats ! and if they DIDN’T give the executive seasom ticket holders free drinks at half time, they would also be in their seats for the second half. alas we have to face the facts that it is the middle 2 tiers ( box holders & exec season ticket ) that pay for the wages, us minions do not count, and if theirry wants to have a real pop at someone he should complain to the board and all the money prawn sandwich brigade

  • well i am very upset with what we got from CSKA i mean from 6 point we got 1,but i am stil sure we can finish 2nd or 1st in group G and i want to tell our fans we have been playing the same football for ten years and u have enjoyed it but when in 2 matches we dont score dont shout at players that is going to make us weak.

  • As a Spurs fan but also as a football fan, I cannot understand leaving early unless you are getting absolutely tanked. It reminds me of George Best leaving the final between Man U and Bayern 5 mins early – big mistake … HUGE.

    As with all new stadiums it will take time for the place to develop a soul, especially as the location has changed as well. What must be a concern is that the very top sides still win when having a shocker and thump the opponents when playing well. So Henry might be right after all …………………….

  • The question you should be asking is which would you rather have, the team going well but the crowd full of fair weather assholes or the team doing badly and the crowds down but at least they’re all diehards. Big stadiums are OK but you have to expect the asshole quota to rise accordingly.

  • No, but Man U were being arrogant and not respecting the opposition, like your suggestion of automatically having the points in the bag

  • harry you said and i quote, the very top sides still win when having a shocker. i was pointing out Man U, would you really like me to point out more and more, that quote is rubbish.

  • They didn’t respect the opposition by not playing a full strength team thinking that the outcome was already pre-determined. When I am sure you’ll agree there are often top sides who will simply grind out a win. And exactly where did I say that Man Utd were a very top side?

  • well i would class man u as a top side, they are one of the few english teams in modern times to win the CL, and ofcourse the scousers, so i would class them a top team woudln’t you ?

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