Date: 8th April 2011 at 11:03am
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The massively boring International break coupled with the complete and total destruction of my laptop meant I’d been forced into a break from football for a couple of weeks.

To be honest, the break was very welcome. It’s been years since I didn’t wake up and instantly search the Internet for news of my beloved Gunners, and the run of recent draws and defeats had left me pretty deflated, rummaging through all the crying, whinging, moaning and sniping was more of a chore than anything, it became hard work to be an Arsenal fan.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not exactly happy with the current state of affairs, infact it’s one of the hardest periods in my 20 odd years as a Gooner. I’m sure many people will brush this off by saying ‘there have been much worse time than this’, and they are of course, technically correct, but in the days of horrible football, horrible results and, whisper it, when Spurs finished above us, but we knew we were crap then, crap results were expected, watching one of the most talented squads I’ve seen in a long time flounder and flap around like a dying fish is difficult to take, this team is the best the league, and the title should be all but sewn up already, I’m having difficulty working out how that isn’t a reality, but I digress.

After battling valiantly to save the life of my trusty old laptop, I eventually had to admit the inevitable and call time on our partnership and pop off down to PC World to acquire a shiny new one, and after Mr Gates held my hand through the brisk set-up procedure I was champing at the bit and raring to go again.

But it appears there’s nothing to read out there.

It’s been a common complaint of Arsenal fans in recent times that our players talk too much. Infact following that devastating last minute defeat in the Carling Cup we saw a whole host of comments and quotes from Arsenal players stating ‘We’ll just have to concentrate on the League, Champions League and FA Cup’, followed by ‘We’ll just have to concentrate on the League and FA Cup’ and then the inevitable ‘There’s always the league to go for’.

Then after a string of draws, making the possibility of us being crowned champions highly unlikely, we’re met with complete silence. Nothing to say.

I’m not saying that our players should be banned from talking to the media, far from it, in the past our players have done a decent job of bridging the gap between fans and players, but in recent times they have just said too much about things that should only be answered with results and performances.

So on my return to the fold I’m met with what seems like a media blackout, it got me wondering whether the players have been told to let their football do the talking, they’ve finally realised that words in the media aren’t doing themselves any good …. or have they just given up?