Date: 15th November 2007 at 6:26pm
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Earlier in the week Tim Stillman wrote an article entitled ‘The Question Of Them And Us’. In it, he discussed how Arsene Wenger could use a siege mentality to drive his players on and make them more determined.

Tim explained how Geoprge Graham used the same tactic during his time at Arsenal to great success.

Well with that, along with the mental strength the current Arsenal squad is showing, in mind I say this: All the managers and football officials bashing Arsenal for whatever reason, are doing us a massive favour.

In the last few weeks Ryan Giggs, Sepp Blatter, Michel Platini, Alex Ferguson and Ryan Giggs have all slammed Arsenal’s policy of recruiting youngsters from abroard and turning them into the likes of Cesc Fabregas and Robin Van Persie.

Now, players like the aforementioned have very strong, driven personalities. Hearing people say that they shouldn’t be here, or that some of their team mates and friends should not be here will do one thing – drive them on. And that’s without Le Prof saying a word.

Mourinho became the latest person to have a swipe at Arsenal. I read the following extract from Jose Mourinho’s modestly named book: ‘Jose Mourinho, A Born Winner’: ‘Unlike Arsenal, we sought success and tried to build it through a concept of the game using English players.

‘That was to have a positive effect, on the dressing room and on the press, in terms of the image that the club would project.

‘We had to get players who fitted the profile of the team but without running the risk of filling the club with foreign players because that could bring us problems in handling the players in the dressing room and the press, which is sensitive to the use of English players and doesn’t easily forgive clubs which misrepresent the championship with complete intakes of foreign footballers.

‘Of course the animosity of the English against (Roman) Abramovich was due to the idea that was established that the Chelsea owner was going to transform the club into a depot of players who came and went without any criteria other than spending money.’

We all know the man talks bo***cks. But his comments not only got me thinking about what I just mentioned, they also made me chuckle to myself and got me thinking: ‘More Arsenal bashers please.’

How ironic would it be if the people trying to disrupt Arsenal were one of the major reason’s for us winning a piece of silverware come May?