Date: 2nd March 2010 at 5:47pm
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The FA clearly haven’t learnt a single thing from Aaron Ramsey’s career threatening injury. Not one single god damn thing.

A couple of hours before the Stoke City vs Arsenal game kicked off, two people were removed from a football match because of one solitary tackle committed by one player.

During the the PL clash between Birmingham and Wigan, Brum’s resident dirty bloke, Liam Ridgewell made a tackle on Wigan’s James McCarthy, that was equal to, if not worse than the tackle that broke Aaron Ramsey’s leg. It was a miracle that the Latics player did not suffer a similar fate to our own Rambo.

The flying lunge down by the corner flag was made with such force that it took out the player (making sure he suffered a recurrence of his ankle injury) and also sent said corner flag careering into the face of the linesman, cutting his head. The linesman had to be replaced by fourth official Steve Bennet.

Today the FA revealed they planned to take no further action against Liam Ridgewell because ‘the referee saw the incident at the time and dealt with the situation at the time.’

Could there be any possibility that the referee was wrong? Maybe he didn’t have a good angle? Because from the footage and the replays shown on Match of the day, I am 100% positively sure that the tackle was vicious, reckless and very worthy of a red card.

The gutless turds at Soho Square consistently hide behind the rule (the rule they created) that if the referee saw the incident and acted on what they saw, then no further action can be taken.


Oh ….. wait …….