Date: 13th December 2009 at 7:55pm
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Following the sensational second half fight back from the Gunners to claim a valuable 2-1 victory at Anfield, Cesc Fabregas gave rare insight into the goings on of the Arsenal dressing room.

Arsene Wenger has a legendary reputation for keeping secret the inner workings of Arsenal football club, but following a pathetic showing from the Gunners in the first Cesc Fabregas revealed that Arsene Wenger blew his top at half time, screaming that the players were not fit to wear the Arsenal shirt.

In an interview with Sky Sports after the brilliant fight back Fabregas revealed that he’d ‘never seen him [Wenger] like that before’ and that the Arsenal gaffer screamed at them that they weren’t ‘fit to wear the shirt’.

The response from the players was instant, with Arsene’s Gunners flying out of the blocks with much more Gusto. It didn’t take long to get back into the match, and within 13 minutes of the restart Arsenal found themselves in the lead courtesy of a Glen Johnson own goal and an sensational Andrei Arshavin strike.

Arsenal have often wilted when they were required to stay strong to concede late goals and drop valuable points, but the boys fought and scrapped for every ball and didn’t even afford Liverpool a shot on target for the entire second half, proving they were indeed worthy of wearing the famous cannon.

If half time team talks of not being worthy of a shirt took place in the Arsenal dressing room, then the full time tirade should have taken place within the Scousers safe-house, and aimed in particular at Steven Gerrard.

Liverpool are a team of fine tradition, the most decorated side in English football (for now) and yet Gerrard’s recent behaviour has been a disgrace to the club.

I know that Arsenal are no saints, but the sanctimonious clap trap that ‘Saint Stevie’ often spouts makes him one of the most hypocritical footballers on the planet, especially after witnessing his on field antics today.

In his autobiography Gerrard claims that ‘players like Carvalho and Ronaldo are damaging the game’ with their dives, and has also laughably claimed that if he ‘saw a team-mate doing it, I definitely have a word’. The most damning Steven Gerrard comment however came when speaking with the Daily Mail when he farcially claimed ‘I don’t think there’s anything worse than a player diving when no-one has been anywhere near him, it’s ruining the game’.

Gerrard is often championed as one of the genuine legends of English football, and whilst his talent is undeniable, his attitude stinks. Today I watched a player throw himself on the floor, try to get fellow professionals sent off and lunge in with cynical tackles for the entire game, and the more the game slipped away from Liverpool, the worse he got.

As previously stated, the team I love are not without guilt, but then again they don’t go around pretending to be something they are not, preaching self righteous egotistical nonsense to anyone who will listen. I find it hard to take that Eduardo was vilified almost world wide for a dive that, as far as I can remember, has been his only crime to date, yet the English (and world, it seems) media refuses to take to task the actions of a blatant cheat, thug and genuinely unpleasant individual.

I found it quite amusing that Gerrard complained so vociferously about the denial of a stick on Liverpool pen today, only 7 days after blatantly trying to cheat a couple of points from Blackburn Rovers.

You reap what you sow Stevie, you reap what you sow.