Date: 18th January 2007 at 4:08pm
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Over the past few days a bitter argument has ensued between Arsenal & Tottenham over the ticket allocation for the forth coming Carling cup semi final between the two clubs.

This issue has now been resolved by the football league. However, upon it’s completion, the investigation also brought something very interesting, and indeed disturbing to light.

Tottenham also complained about our ticket pricing for this fixture.

In a time when football matches are ridiculously over priced, so much so that going to football has become more of a treat than a hobby, it’s only fair that people have a moan and a mutter about ticket prices being too high.

Unfortunately, Spurs were moaning that the prices were too low!!!

Arsenal have a very nice tradition of slashing ticket prices for Carling cup fixtures as the club can’t ensure that the first team will be playing (as they usually aint) and that more families can get to games, and as such boost the fan base of the club.

I wondered to myself what Spurs were doing complaining about the prices of our tickets, when I was then informed that Spurs will receive a whopping 45% of the gate receipts.

However, Arsenal plea to the league prevailed and the traditional ‘cheaper ticket prices’ will remain.

The clubs official statement.

“The Club submitted documentation to the Football League in relation to the ticket pricing policy for the Carling Cup semi-final against Tottenham Hotspur at Emirates Stadium. In line with our Carling Cup ticketing policy, where pricing is significantly reduced, the Club proposed that all tickets within the stadium would be priced at £40 in the upper tier and £30 in the lower tier, together with concessions for children and OAPs for all areas of the stadium, including the away section.

“The two clubs did not agree on this policy and the Football League ruled that we had to implement our Category B pricing structure whereby tickets cost between £32 and £66. The Club reluctantly accepted this judgment but appealed that concessions were to be made available in all areas of the ground. We are therefore pleased that the Football League has reviewed its decision to activate concessions throughout the stadium as it will make the match more affordable for families to attend.”

Indeed the greed of Spurs is that bad that they are charging 39 quid per ticket for travelling Gooners, FOR A CARLING CUP MATCH!!!

I wonder how much the home fans will be paying?!

Edit: The ticket prices will not be the traditional League Cup prices, but at catergory B prices, which are cheaper than the catergory A that matches against Spurs have now been priced at. But not cheap enough eh!


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  • Interestingly they have some ‘restricted view’ tickets at higher prices than that. If I was a Spud I would definitely go for them! I always thought the stands were built facing the wrong way at the Lane!

  • What makes you think we’re upset? It was you getting all teary because we don’t think of you as our biggest rivals!! 😛

  • I’m sitting in the upper tier at WHL, so I’m paying £44!!!! Fortunately, the charitable Spuds are usually kind enough to throw coins outside the away turnstiles, so if I bring my cap I might just make it back.

  • lucky makes me think that Rocky… and he talks garbage to boot. As much as i am here to annoy, i try not to talk utter sh1t

  • left my self open (doh) but still a little obvious for someone of your intelligence. What i meant was i try and base my comments in fact – he don’t

  • 45% of gate reciepts at our ground at those prices is more than sp*rs would make hosting a home game. Its a shame they took that stance, very petty.

  • The last time we had any problems with a cup fixture it was when Farnborough wanted to switch the game to Highbury. Farnborough/Sp*rs seems clubs at this level always seem to kick up a fuss about something!

  • Wow, you north London guys must be really loaded, we can only afford to pay £20 and kids get in for a tenner. See you in Cardiff!

  • Thats how it should be for the Mickey cup Westl but Levy wants to cream as much money from our Magnificent stadium as possible thus shafting his own fans in the process.

  • Wasup Storagematt, I see you have another gooner on board (lauren) you should have brought the North bank and the Clock end off of us to! Thanks for the good wishes we hope you finish above sp*rs aswell!

  • i was well up for these two games,but when i saw the price that sp#rs wanted i thought thanks but no thanks,id rather save my money for the final, *****e fart lame is a dump and im not paying that much to watch the reserves when i can see it for free at barnet a week later

  • for me it is simple mathematics, spurs were looking for a bumper play deal, work it out 45% of our gate recipt is like a home fixture for them !!! no wonder they are upset, when the smaller teams draw the bigger teams in the cup, its all about gate receipts and much need money.. greedy spuds.. whats a matter joe lewis holding out on you lot ?

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