Date: 11th April 2007 at 2:55pm
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As our great club prepares to take on Bolton at Ashburton Grove on Saturday, we fans must also undergo some preparations, for this weekend requires each and every Gooner who takes up a seat in our wonderful stadium to find his or her voice.

We, as a group of fans have often been slated for our lack of vocal support at home games, indeed there has been times this season that if you didn’t have the gift of sight you’d never have guessed there was an extra 22,000 Arsenal supporters in our home.

However I was there at the home games versus Sp*rs & Man Utd and witnessed first hand what a cauldron of noise AG can actually be. Ok so these are the bigger games from our fixture list, but let me tell you something, Arsenal v Bolton Wanderers on Saturday 14th April is now far far bigger than either of the games I’ve just mentioned, and we need to raise the roof.

There has been a chorus of boo’s ringing around the various arena’s we have failed to win in over the last few weeks, and it is each and every supporters right to voice their disapproval, or otherwise, if they so wish. But this weekend we need to sing on the boys in red & white right from the off.

Put aside what ever feelings you have for individual players, or indeed all of them and make some noise. The purpose of this campaign is to save our team.

When all is said and done the current crop of players who are at the club will at sometime cease to be an Arsenal player, yet one constant will remain. The fans.

It is vitally important that Arsenal finish in the top four this season and to accomplish this we need to beat Bolton. We can play our part by singing our boys on to victory.

So if you can’t find it within yourself to chant, sing, dance, jump up and down for the players, then do it for your fellow Gooners.

It’s our club, let’s play our part.

Anyone who runs an Arsenal site, please feel free to re-publish this article, we need as many noisy, rampant little Gooners as possible.


64 Replies to “Gooners, YOUR Club Needs You”

  • yes gooners , our club needs us, support us now or who knows we could up being an average team in north london we a fan base who think they are better than they actually are !

  • Yes, this should be all the motivation we need. Sing our team to victory, or end up like the spuddies…….better *****e than lilywhite.

  • Il be there and you WILL hear my voice! This is where we sort out the proper fans from the sandwich munchers! Cmon you Gunners!

  • Yes Iceman, that’s what I like to hear. Where are you sitting dude? I’m in the South Stand and will start as many chants as humanly possible.

  • I will Sing for The mighty Arsenal from other side of the world! As always i Have done in every match no matter how we play!
    Arsenal for ever and ever!
    And The booo BOyz plz stop coming to the matches !

  • well written!!!!! “arsene wengers red army (backing vocals:”we hate tottenham”)….”arsene wengers red army (backing vocals:”we hate tottenham”)!!!!!


    Every gooner possibly should wear their colours and take a scarf, hold it a loft and sing your ******** hearts out…


  • We will be there. Blue section Gate J. Booing is unforgivable, so use your energy to will the boys on. COME ON YOU GUNNERS!

  • If we are winning Campo’s getting some stick aswell! Diana Ross, Ross, Ross (to the tune of Ian Wright, Wright, Wright!)

  • I’ll sit in my nice comfy box and ask the steward to kindly eject you lot from the stadium for making noise lol

  • Sing when your winning,you dont even sing when your winning,sing when your winning,you dont even sing when your winning…..Hmmmm,how about if you all open your prawn sandwiches at the same time?That”ll make some noise wont it..!!

  • You should win against Bolton. The thought of Bolton qualifying to the Cl instead of Arsenal is too terrible to contemplate. Imagine Bolton playing their long ball tactics against the likes of Barcelona and Milan. Not a pretty image.

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