Date: 21st July 2006 at 2:42pm
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Our latest poll reveals that more than half of Vital Arsenal readers want Ashley Cole to be sold.

With all the speculation regarding Ashley Cole’s future, and the comments made by the player himself and his new book, I decided to take Vital Arsenal member, Kenyanrudeboy, up on his poll suggestion on whether Ashley Cole should stay or go………but I added another option into the mix 😉

Well you have been voting in your zillions, and it’s safe to say, Ashley Cole is no longer wanted at the club.

60% of you want him out, with 10% not giving one good crap.

See you the Ash, the fans have spoken.

Results in full:-

*Stay 30%
*Go 60%
*Could not give one good crap. 10%


28 Replies to “Gooners Want Cole Out”

  • It’s the age old question, if a player doesn’t want to be at a club why keep him. Only money could be his motive for wanting a move, and although he’s without doubt the best left back in England I don’t think Arsenal are lacking when it comes to alternatives for that role, their other options that would get in most other Premiership sides. I also doubt they be lacking in offers to fill the void…

  • I don’t know why everyone’s so surprised that he may go. he was trying to go a year ago, and has obviously just been biding his time. Amazing what money can do eh??

  • At the end of the day if he isn’t going to give 100% when pulling on the shirt then whats the point of him staying. Ashley Arsenal have made you don’t ruin it and the grass is definately not always greener!

  • but with him our defence will be stronger but now it will go down alittle and we need to bolster our defence

  • IMO clichy is a better defender than cole, ok a bit injury prone, but he plays for the shirt. trust in le boss there is over a month to the season starts we just have to be patient

  • He has brought this dislike from Gooners upon himself. Some might say Arsenal are at fault for what (reportedly) happened with contract negotiations but that does not excuse his behaviour.

    He claims to love the club. I dont know about the other Gooners on here but I could NEVER do somthing like that to Arsenal! I wouldnt demand £60k a week. Its an honour to play for the club you love, its not a job, a chor or a berdan. If he wishes to stab the club and the fans in the back then its about time he fu*ked off!

  • This is nice to see i have been chosen to put my poll suggestion on the site.All i will say is thankyou for voting.

    This is for the other poll now we do need defenders as of most gooners have voted a defender to leave and our main centre back is injured for 3 months

  • well he hasn’t left yet. Lets jus wait and see how this one pans out. I think he will stay…

  • USA – You could just be the most arrogant person I’ve ever met…’re not Jose Mourinho are you?

  • Maybe Chelsea and Arsenal will do a deal that involves Wayne Bridge going the other way? How would Arsenal fans think about that? I’m with DB10 though, I do rate Clichy, and although it’s not a natural position Flamini looked a decent left-back. Whatever happens the left-back position will be fine for you gunners this season and they’ll be far closer to Chelsea than last year, as will the title race full stop

  • I would be sad to see him leave however it is asomething that has got to happen … what ever happens tho please do not let him go to another english club … send him abroad … like arsenalrob said real madrid let him go there ihe is a good player and i wudnt like to be playing against him … he has caused is crap but i gotta respect the job he does

  • Rocky7…who helped you spell arrogant? Confident yes. You are just like your manager, you like to watch Chelsea’s actions.

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