Date: 30th April 2007 at 9:34am
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Our latest Vital Arsenal poll asked What Are your feelings regarding a possible takeover?

Well the votes are in and have been counted and I must say I was quite surprised with the results.

Despite all the outcry, it appears that 45% of our readership say ‘Bring it on’ when it comes to the takeover of our club, with 29% being deadly opposed to the possibility.

Poll results in full:

What Are your feelings regarding a possible takeover?

*Bring it on 45%
*Worst thing to happen to the club 29%
*Prefer for an English investor 3%
*Only time would tell 19%
*It hasn’t harmed any other clubs 2%
*Football is dead 2%

Our next poll asks who was man of the match vs Fulham.


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74 Replies to “Gooners Embrace The Takeover”

  • true but the generally positive’s total 47 and generally negatives total 53, so really its almost equally split. I think we really need to see what any investor has to offer before getting behind him. I cant see why any gooner would want a lot of new debt on the club and profits to be flowing out to some random american, if that were the case. if he can show that he can pay with cash and will invest in the playing side then I am not necessarily opposed.

  • I’m with you gazzap. We supposedly live in a democratic, multiculteral and tolerant society so being opposed to a takeover bid because of somebody nationality is just wrong. If the guy buys Arsenal as a business venture in which he has a vested interest in making the club as successful as possible i can’t see the harm in that.

  • MP @ ANR says that 90 – 95% of Arsenal fans are against any possible takeover. I’m inclined to agree with him. Methinks your poll was influenced by Chelsea, Man Utd and Liverpool & Spurs fans.

  • I’ll wait and see the guy’s intentions, but at the moment I’m not behind it. Let’s face it, this guy wants one thing from Arsenal-money. Now of course, in the short term, that probably means budget for players and the team being successful, but as for the long term, he will borrow to finance the takeover, transfer the debt onto the club, raise ticket prices and we will pay him to take the club over. This is nothing to do with him being American, it’s to do with the long term future of this club asnd I don’t want it to sell out anymore than it has done. The stadium name etc I can live with, I never call it the emirates anyway, but I don’t want more debt so he can make money off of us. If that means no trophies for the next few years, I’ll live with that. This club has a bright future and sound financial planning, we don’t need this type of takeover and I don’t want it.

  • I do agree to an extent LD, and I would certainly sacrifice short term success for long term stability but how many of us would actually tolerate that? Without meaning to pidgeon hole a lot of our recent fans, how many of the 60,000 will still be going 3 years down the line if we haven’t been winning trophies. Having a half empty ground week in week out could turn out to be as equally catastrophic as ‘selling out’ due to the fact that the manager’s budget is likely to be generated from bums on seats. I have noticed more and more empty seats around me lately despite the matches alledgedly being sell outs. This is an indication that many season ticket holders have not bothered to turn up because we aren’t chasing the premiership crown.

  • hatespur, maybe next season when they introduce the trading scheme it will help…they shoudl also make a rule that anyone who doesn’t go and doesn’t offer their seat for sale, say 3 times in a row, should have the ticket reclaimed and put on sale… do you not think that it would fill up like that?

  • their all down at chelsea now! fake supporters! id love u to sell ur souls to the yanks but didnt hill wood say ‘we dont want ur lot taking over’?. mayb a goon but i like that!

  • I’m sure the Glazers have not invested in Man U just for the pleasure of the football. Lets face it the Manures aren’t doing too badly with that type of investment. So too are Liverpool and the Gillets!

    I would like everything to stay as it was before, but we all have to move on and perhaps if we are to challenge the ‘other three’ we need a similar input to freshen things up. It’s all very well (LD) to say we can put up without trophies for a few years but the bottom line is no trophies means lost revenue (lots). Players will soon get fed up with not winning things and will want to go. It takes a long time to build up players and a winning formula and a short time for it all go to $hit!

  • i don’t have a problem with it. IF DD comes back on the board i think wed can see the club run with him guiding us as usual. the difference would be we would have more disposable income, but they would still look to balance the books so we don’t have a Chav situation that if the owner sold up would leave us with a huge debst we couldn’t pay, thats what United and Liverpool do unlike chelski. its also worth noting the man who might sell if they money is right is Fizman, spends most of his time in geneva nowadays and is not a footballing man, could be tempted with the right offer.

  • With all the takeovers that have happened at Man U, Liverpool, Villa etc, and those possible at clubs like Arsenal (and even Southampton), can anyone explain to me why the sudden interest in English clubs and why is it mostly from Americans…?

  • Maybe Andy-B. All the seats around me are supposed to be season ticket holders, but many have been occupied by different people every week (when they are occupied). I also think this has a detrimental effect on the atmosphere within the ground as when you have familiar faces around you find it easier to get some singing going without being told to siiidaaan.

  • The bunch that sit in front of us change from week to week too. They remind me of the painted faces that we had at Highbury a few years back when the new stand was being built!! Except the ‘faces’ sang more. W@nkers!

  • If you take those vehemently against at 29% add those prefering an english investor that brings those opposed to 32%. Another 19% of ‘only time will tell’ are clearly not convinced so it falls short of a ringing endorsement for Kroenke. I think this poll opened with something more than 50% for ‘bring it on’. It closed someway down on this with the trend strongly opposed. I suspect as someone else pointed out the early part was influenced by non-arsenal supporters and before arsenal voices came to be heard.

  • These people are business men, no offence but anyone who thinks any different is just being naive. Debt is all we can acheive from being bought by any one like Kroenke, none of these guys (Glazer, Lerner, Gillett and Hicks) are Abromovich, they dont have money to throw away and thats not why they’re getting involved. Most of them Kroenke included, have had financial success buying American sporting franchises, either from scratch or by moving them, and that is why they are interested – they know that no american sports franchise has the potential to earn like Arsenal, Liverpool or Man U. They have no respect for our history, no matter how much they say different, these clubs are not their play thing like Roman, they will turn us all into Leeds somewhere down the track and i’d prefer 40 years of tottenham style mediocrity than 5 years of glory and then third division football. We are stable and can remain to be with the current owners, if it aaint broke dont fix it!

  • Henry is a gobby unprofessional nonce. Shame on him and your club. Embarrassing. The sign of a desperate, panicked, unhappy human being.

  • the reason its all americans getting involved is cos they know a good investment, and good band wagon, when they see one. Do you realy think Gillett and Hicks are building the ‘new anfield’ so more fans can watch the team? or do u think they mite be doing it to make more money? hmm, me thinks the latter.

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