Date: 1st September 2006 at 2:27am
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Media Whores, Ashley Cole & Jose Antonio Reyes has finally left the Gunners.

Last summer Ashley Cole was treated harshly by the Arsenal board after initially agreeing a pay deal of around 60K a week had his original offer cut to 55K, which quite understandably angered to England left back, but what was to follow ripped apart the bond between Cole and the Highbury faithful.

If Cole would have put in a transfer request I`m sure Arsenal fans would have understood, again if Cole wanted to write a book condemning the actions of the board the we would have understood, but what we can`t understand, nor forgive, is the fact that he sought a meeting with Chelsea (be it to try and angle a pay rise or a transfer) and when his actions find out, he refused to accept he`d done anything wrong. This we can not tolerate.

The fact that we got a decent price & one of the finest centre backs in the game for the little Chav is a small mercy, however deep inside we Gooners still seethe.

The second departure of the day is whiney mummy`s boy Jose Antonio Reyes. This move is actually quite disappointing as Reyes potential was very high and we Gooners had very high expectations of the player after his extremely high transfer fee, however despite his high assist rate he pretty much failed to deliver.

Arsenal fans finally lost patience with the player when his constant moaning a desperate pleas to Real Madrid to snap him up came to a head when he was pictured wearing a Real Madrid shirt, this act showed a complete disrespect for the club, the fans and most of all, his manager that gave him so many chances and stood by him through thick and thin.

Reyes initially said that he would like to go back to Spain however if no move was possible then he was more than happy to remain at Arsenal and help the club fight for honors as his problem was with the culture rather than the club. Jose soon changed his tune when a move wasn`t forth coming and he spat his dummy out, declaring he would never play in England again.

In exchange for Reyes, the mighty Gunners have received a very powerful tool in the shape of Julio Baptista, Mr. Wenger`s main transfer target last season.

So I`d just like to wish the departing players the best of luck in their new careers, you believe there is greener grass just over the horizon, but there is no greater club on this planet than Arsenal Football Club.

Good Riddance


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  • i am happy like i said before that these two players putting down the atmosphere and morale at arsenal have left and im sure everyone wil agree that we can now MOVE ON and focus on challenging for the league and not rumours

  • You don’t say. Just wish this *****e could have been wrapped up a month ago, but can’t complain too much as I thought Naismith would be it. Actually, now that the relief of getting rid of those two has passed, I’m pretty excited at what Gallas and the Beast will bring to the team.

  • i have to say i am delighted to get rid of cole and reyes, to then get gallas and Baptista is brilliant, it is like losing a fiver and then a minute later winning the lottery. i would have paid chelsea to get gallas and they could have cole for free. great news, defence is sorted now, toure and gallas at back, gilberto cesc and the beast 2 out of those 3 for centre mid is a nice problem. to be rid of the moaning pain in the **** that was cole and reyes is great news

  • I am delighted that Arsenal got rid of Cole and Reyes! Yes!! Thank you Arsenal for A Cole and for taking Willie G. Good luck to you for the rest of the season.

  • The irony of logging in with the name ‘jogabonita’ and then outing yourself as a Chelski fan almost leaves me speechless. I hope you enjoy Cashley and that he finds a nice spot next to SWP. Don’t be too sad when you find him sneaking off to an Italian villa for a chat with AC Milan or on Holiday with the Presidente of the month fom Real Madrid. Enjoy the drama!

  • Cole gone, Reyes gone, Pas gone…of these the move that was really sad was Pas. Two whingers gone versus one whom never blessed with anywhere near their talent never said a bad word about Arsenal, never let his head drop and always tried his best. Fine his best was never quite good enough, (he was a bit like Crazy Horse in that respect) but I know who leaves with my respect.

  • That’s business now. Gallas and Batista bring power, pace and security for the lads. Now fabregas can concentrate in making some defense spliting passes to TH14, reither than defending desperately at the back. I am very happy right now. It’s time we get physical if we want results.
    That was an excellent piece of business.

  • We have stregthened the spine of the team with experience, pace and power and lost 2 players from the famous “left side” of our team. That famous “left side” consisted of 3 players Cole, Pires/Reyes and Henry. We still have the key element (Henry) and the long term replacements for Cole, Reyes and Pires are Clichy, Rosicky and Walcott. Add that to the fact we actually made a fair bit of money and it was a very good days business for the club.

  • I agree with GF59Y (even with the Crazy Horse comment, other than Hey Hey, My My, not fit to lace Crosby, Stills and Nash’s boots). Cole should look at Cygan and feel ashamed given their comparitive attitudes. Doubt it.

  • And now to smile, got rid of the rubbish who were dragging the team down now for the fight to win the PL and CL oh and throw in the FA. Once again the Prof has done it again. We have some great young lads finding their feet inother teams. The future looks bright, I wonder if Buffon willbe coming??

  • Buffion will join us in Jan this way he would get 6 months to get used to Prem.; as Jens had already stated that he want to fisish of playing in Germany and he wants to retire after Euro 2008.

  • We should wish Cole well?????Are you out of your mind???? I realise you don’t support Arsenal, but if you don’t know the full facts you should not comment.

  • Reyes did seem to disappoint me. When he first arrived he looked like another great Arsene Wenger signing but his goals seem to have toatally dried up after his first 6 months. This due to him being played left midfield though?

  • good riddance to both, especially cashley. for a while, it looked like it might not come through and i was really concerned. thank god. trust AW to do good business and i think the replacements are better, man for man.

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