Date: 30th October 2008 at 8:54am
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An unbelievable passage of play by Arsenal Football Club left the whole of England talking about Harry Redknapp and Tottenham Hotspur.

In a game that was already won, and I mean really won, soundly, solidly, won as well as you could possibly win, Arsenal walked away looking like a set of rank amateurs whilst at the same time making Spurs look like battling lions, and giving them their confidence back.

I won’t take anything away from Spurs, they showed character, our mistakes still had to be punished, and they punished them well. There was a lot to be done, and they did it, fair play, but let’s get this straight, they didn’t earn it in the technical sense, it wasn’t through passion or great football that they made the come back, it was sheer lunacy on Arsenal’s part.

To lose a two goal lead with a minute left on the clock when you’re at home in a game you’ve dominated is unacceptable, at every level of the game. My school football coach would have kicked the shit out of us had we performed the same feat.

We had conceded two goals before this point, one freak wonder goal and another through personal error (seriously Manuel, use your hands rather than your face, it’ll make life easier), but the lads showed the quality to not only get back in the game, but completely boss it too.

To have to sit and endure Jamie Redknapp and David Bentley act like a pair of teenage tossers was completely unbearable. Had it been down to Tottenham’s footballing exploits than I could have handled it, but to know this ecstasy had been provided by our own boot is a kick square in the bollocks.

Yesterday I reported Cesc Fabregas claimed Spurs would struggle to get a point against our ladies team, and whilst I laughed at the time (and indeed was left with a whole box of eggs on my face) it’s time for our players to start performing and leave the arrogance to us idiots on the terraces.

In the space of 5 minutes last night Arsenal managed to not only blow two points, restore Spurs shattered confidence and exchange place with the spuds as the leagues laughing stock but also to make millions of Arsenal fans unhappy. Not bad few minutes work lads.

I hope they feel suitable ashamed this morning.