Date: 22nd August 2007 at 5:28pm
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Gilberto Silva has done an exclusive guest interview at

The Arsenal player has spoken about the departure of Thierry Henry, how important Arsene Wenger is and why he’d like to be a Gunner for life.

He says the three week break was important for him following last season and the intensity of the Copa America’.

On the new arrival Eduardo he says: ‘Eduardo spent a long time unknown to a lot of Brazilians because he plied his trade in Croatia. I have not had had any significant chances to see him playing, but Eduardo would not have been signed by Arsenal if the manager and the club didn’t think he was up to the job. Having said that, I find it a bit dangerous when people state that Eduardo has come to fill Henry’s shoes – it is important that people give him time do adapt to the Premiership instead of drawing comparisons.’

And on the departures of both Henry and Ljungberg, ‘I think that a strong group has been what kept us going in the last few years. As much as Henry and Ljungberg are great players and will be missed, we have to go on and not keep thinking of the past. We made that mistake for a while after Patrick Vieira left in 2005, but I reckon the players have learned that the show has to go on.’

Although he declined to say whether he thought it was the right time to let Henry go… don’t blame him either, the fines for talking out of place are pretty high!

He also addresses Freddie’s parting shot saying Arsenal lack ambition cutting the idea short with a simple ‘There is no lack of ambition at this club, that’s for sure.’

And on some suggestions that Spurs will finish above Arsenal he says: ‘Let’s wait until the end of the season and then talk about it. I have the feeling it’s a bit too early to make such an ambitious prediction. They have signed a lot of players and certainly have improved in the last few seasons, but there is a long season ahead all of us.’

For the full interview including his opinion on Arsene Wenger and Arsenal’s aims this season, Click here

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25 Replies to “Gilberto Silva Speaks”

  • hope he comes back soon…..he can welcome our new south american Wilson Palacios,thats if he def. signs…it looks like we will be getting him,he is here already and has taken a medical, so time will tell

  • Dennis Bergkamp was the only player who ended his career nicely at Arsenal these few years… It’s ManU, I know, but sometimes I do see class in how they keep their golden oldies like Giggs, Scholes and Solskjaer albeit a sub. Why can’t we have someone respected and loved by all fans retire as Old Guns? If Gilberto will be the one after Dennis, it’d be really special. Even if Jens retires at Arsenal next year, that’d swing it for me. 😀

  • Maybe it was just my sour grapes talking above. Come to think of it, a lot of our players do seem to truly love the club. Some of them, like RvP and Clichy, express their attachment to the club a bit more these days. Our new signings, Sagna and Eduardo, judging from how their keen responses in individual interviews, seem to be really happy that it’s Arsenal they’ve signed for. Plus the usual great servants of the club in Kolo and Gilberto. Considering we don’t spend big money on players’ transfers and wages, I’d say we have more true loyalty and team spirit than a lot of other clubs.

  • An excellent player and an excellent example of how a professional footballer should conduct themself. Well done Gilberto, you’re a credit to your profession and our club. Totally agree with you G4L. Pure Class!

  • I like players like this, gives the stability when the players have actual love for the club wanting to succeed for the sake of the club not their own. Oh and on spurs they compete for top 4 we compete for the title same with chelsea, liverpool and manu. Spurs need to start competing for the premiership before the finish top four.

  • Gilberto you are a credit to our football club and seem to be great human being. Does everyone remember the days when he wasn’t appreciated by the fans that much? With Gallas out, who will be captain out of our two vice-captains when Gilberto returns?

  • only one bite!!!! its probalby a load of rubbish K,hes been on trial here,but that doesnt mean a thing

  • Yes, Gilberto is a credit to our club and his profession. No whiff of bull**** in anything he says, dealing with tricky questions like an adult and professional. Like my brothers (and sisters!) above I’d love to see him retire with us! Want to see him back on the pitch soon, as he may be the reason Fab seems a bit out of sorts at teh mo.

  • The team will need him now more than ever. With Gallas injured and Henry gone, Bert is the Arsenal man. The guy is class, he is a true professional, oh boy that sounds out of sort having rewatched the Blackburn game with Savages attempt to get the Flamster sent off. These 2 guys play the same position but there is no comparison. Savage, as LD states is a cancer in our game and Bert is a leading light. I personally hope he is back for this weekends game as I think we will really need him. He will protect Senderos and provide support for Cesc so Cesc can play his usual fluent game.

  • I don’t think we will do that well this season. Wenger has over-acheived for too long and we don’t have enough good players. It hurts me too say it but even Man City will finish above us this season 🙁

  • MrChaz, are you a totty in disguise? Do you watch them play, or do you just look at “star” names? If you see them, you will know that we have lots of excellent players.

  • guy do u think kaka will sign for us an fran…where did u get that from i tot there was an article which said the whole palacio was jus a rumour?

  • Think it’s going to be a lot closer between you and the Spuds than you would like it’s going to be fun to see all the nit picking between you this year.

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