Date: 5th March 2007 at 1:22pm
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Arsenal vice captain Gilberto Silva believes that Arsenal can progress to the Champions League quarter-final, despite going into the second leg 1-0 down against PSV.

Arsenal have had a torrid time of late after exiting both domestic cups under circumstances that are hard to swallow. But Gilberto believes that the victory over Reading will give the youngsters the belief they need to turn in a sensational performance and progress.

‘When you are young, it is quite difficult to cope with the pressure and the last few days have been hard for them – but they are learning,’ said the Brazilian.

‘We were a bit down and frustrated because of the results – and this (victory over Reading) was important because a win helps set us up for a massive game against PSV.

‘It is the biggest game of our season because if we lose the season will be over in terms of trophies.

‘We know that we can win against PSV because we played well there and it was only the result that was missing.’

Gilberto, who could skipper the side on Wednesday if Henry fails to recover from an ankle injury, says that PSV will come to The Grove and just defend, defend, defend, something that will make them tough to break down: ‘We are going to have to be patient on Wednesday,’ he confessed.

‘They sat back against us, waited for our mistake and they capitalised when we lost concentration – but we have 90 minutes to win the game so it is important to remain calm.

‘The rest of our season is in our hands – we have to keep pushing ourselves and fighting for the victories.’


15 Replies to “Gilberto Has Faith”

  • Saying all the right things ahead of the crucial game. He should captain the side if Henry is on the bench, and that in itself, should be a calming influence!!

  • Yep your right prits he should of been chosen to be captain as he seems to be a more of a calm figure on the field which then influences our younger players something i don’t think Henry does.

  • How many times have I said this – Henry hasn’t been the same player since he became captain and the job should have gone to Gilberto or Toure. What position would we be in now if the midfield had scored more goals. This has been the missing link for me and I think it could have cost at least 8 or 10 points especially from the poor home draws we have had to endure. WE need the prolific scoring of Bobby and the old Freddy.

  • Prits you said the right stuff there man. It could be a great impact to have him in midfield as captain commanding the troops plus having titi on the bench would make psv even more mentally unstable. THe only thing that bothers me is that they have a monster goalkeeper in Gomes.

  • I agree Emkay but hindsight is a wonderful thing. Henry has been lumbered with all this responsibilty which means he cant take the risks he used to take because he leads by example. That’s not to say that Henry is a bad captain though, he’s doing a fantastic job in my eyes.

  • Well in my eyes Gilberto is a better leader. Anyways abit random i know, but who knows what happend to young anthony stokes since he moved to charlton?

  • Oh yeah i forget it was sunderland and Alex Song has been brilliant for charlton i just cant figure out how he would get in the team in front of Gilberto,Fabregas,Denilson & Diaby

  • Song has been playing great at Charlton or so i have heard….so its good to see he is better than some fans gave him credit for.

  • Yeah G4L. Gomes is going to be an obstacle, if we get through their defence ie which is also pretty strong. Manuel Da Costa nd Kromkamp are out with injury. I dont know if that will make it any easier for us.

  • Emkay – slightly harsh on henry i think. I tend to agree with simmy that henry is not a bad captain, though having said that, I still think Gilberto is a better influence on the younsters in the side, who seem to have this respect for him. From the fans perspective (or atleast when I watch arsenal play) I feel less nervous when Gilberto is around and its a little better when he’s got the cap’s armband.

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