Date: 12th December 2006 at 11:15am
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After Arsenal hard earned point at the Bridge on Sunday, stand in captain, Gilberto has slammed the Blues for their lack of respect for the match officials.

As Tim Stillman reported after the game, for each and every decision in the match, the Chelsea captain and his buddies would be in the ref’s ear, obviously a ploy forged by Josie considering the post-match pictures of him whinging at the ref as he walked off the pitch.

Well, Bert didn’t like it.

‘They should respect the referee more, all their fouls there were two, three, four players around the referee putting him under pressure.’ Said Gilberto.

‘It’s not good because the referee tried to do his best. If he is under pressure it is much more difficult.’

‘They know the referee was doing his job very, very well.’

‘Especially when Ashley Cole got booked, they tried to put him under pressure to book our players. It’s not the kind of game everybody wants to see.’

On the flip side of the coin Mr Silva was a model captain and kept his young charges in line throughout the game, and with any hint of a kerfuffle, he was there to diffuse the situation.

A true role model to all.


20 Replies to “Gilberto: Chelsea Have No Respect”

  • Damn straight, Terry is a dispicable little *******. England has the captain it deserves. A classless, overhyped piece of garbage. (Who was constantly put on his arse by Adebayor).

  • To see Terry, Lampard and Cole pointing out Arsenal players they believed should be booked only makes me more grateful we don’t have English players.

  • Ill be honest I dont like seeing it and yes we do do it. I am going to do a piece on it tomorrow for Vital-Chelsea so you want to add your tuppence worth, and I suspect you may, then feel free to pop by. In the meantime – yeah, ok, its not something we like to see and I would like to see it stamped out. I think many of you are using it as an excuse to have a pop at Chelsea as if we are the only team that does it. We do ourselves no favours by doing it, although if it wasnt this im sure youd find something else that we are doing that is ruining football etc.

  • Oh but hatespur, that’s a foreign thing don’t you know? To quote Shearer, “that doesn’t happen over here.”

  • Yeah that’s what grates with us Arsenal fans I believe. Finger’s are always pointed at foreigners so by extension Arsenal F.C. There was a STARK difference in behaviour on Sunday and it definately wasn’t ‘the whining cheating whinging Johnny Foreigner’ that was embarassing the game….

  • I wonder which nationality Shearer believes the Neville bros’, Rio, Rooney, J.Cole, A.Cole, Terry, Lampard are the rest are then? OLASAL, fair play for admitting it, there are times when I get as *****ed off with Lehmann for some of his antics (Spurs 2004 in particular) and with Wenger for some of his post match comments, but thankfully we don’t seem to crowd the referee on every decision he makes.

  • OLASAL – Honest as usual, but you’ll find that your boys are in the ref’s face almost every game this season, but this is the first time we’ve reported it, because we’ve just played you, plus it’s also fun to have a poop 😛

  • Americans would call that an overshare Rocky. OLASAL, if all Chelsea fans were like you they may get a little more respect and recognition for their feats.

  • The ref had a blinding game in my opinion and should get a lot of credit! He did miss the foul by Cole on Hleb for their goal but overall he had a blinder. It’s not nice to see players rounding referees and trying to get other players sent off etc! Gilberto was an example to all budding footballers on Sunday.

  • I agree Limpar that the referee had a great game in very difficult circumstances. I found it hard to work out what Maureen was moaning about as they left the pitch as the only decision he made against his team which was incorrect was not to book Senderos. Arsene may have had more cause for complaint as the ref missed a foul which led to an equalising goal conceded, however as Le Boss said he had a great game.

  • When are the players going to realize that the refs have huge egos, and are probably just as petty as the players are. Contradicting every single call, cursing, gesturing, crowding, is more likely to insure the next call goes against them than for. When a questionable call is made, let the manager and captain give their piece and get on with the f’king game. Eboue comes to mind for us…he has enough to worry about w/o giving the ref his tuppence. Chelsea sometimes had legitimate complaints, but there is no need for 5 players to queue up to shower the ref in saliva.

  • well said, i noticed this too, then again United did it successfully and not many refs will give mucdh at stamford bridge, remember when it was unheard of to get a penalty at old trafford, seems like Jose is trying to get his troops to do the same thing… i don’t like it and think its bully boy tactics

  • True about Chelsea, but more importantly, great stuff from Gilberto. Excellent, EXCELLENT performance he put on that day, not just as a player but as a terrific, competent leader.

  • Typical Chelsea, win the title a couple of times by spending £300M Russian Mafia money and they think they are a big club, your not honestly, if Roman gets bored with laundering his ill gotten gains through the club and left, they would be bankrupt in a week. When you have history as long and proud as some of the other clubs in the Premiership, then you will be a big club. And not a club supported by a load of prawn sandwich eaters.

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