Date: 22nd September 2006 at 10:34am
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After this weeks programme on Bungs and tapping up in football, I sat here thinking I had heard it all before, dressed up in another disguise.

Bungs have gone on for years, even before our scandal with George Graham erupted, and it will always go on, however you want to dress it up, bonus payment, finder`s fee, call it what you like.

What concerns me more is the information about Arnesen and his tapping up of a Middlesborough youngster. Now without going into all the details of what has been already said and written, the point of this is, how much longer are Chelsea going to get away with it?

Kenyon is a devious soul, already found guilty of tapping up Cashley, and Chelsea having a suspended 3pts sentence. Ken Bates declared that he had 2 players tapped up and we await the FA’s findings and now with have this 3rd scenario.

Kenyon obviously thinks he is above the laws of the game and thins nothing can be proven, he is intent on not only upsetting his own manager by buying Ballack just to get back at his old employers and then agreeing with his current boss who wanted to buy Shevie just because they were ‘ comrades ‘ but he is upsetting his own fan base. How much longer will Jose put up with this circus? As a Gooner I admit to liking Maureen, he is refreshing and speaks well, yes it can be considered arrogant, but he has shown his points by consistently winning on the pitch and results are I suppose all that matters as a manager.

BUT! The pressures off the field and behind the closed doors are mounting up and even Jose will probably admit that he doesn’t like the dealings behind his back (Gallas) and the illegal moves that have been made by Kenyon and management.

The FA will look into this and will more than likely brush over the whole thing and insist that Big Sam takes the fall, Kenyon will smile the leering evil smirk and think he has played a blinder yet again, but at what cost ?

The players don’t care, they are being paid vast sums, they are playing in one of the top leagues and are competing in the top European competition, and plus players aren’t generally the sharpest tools in the box (cashley is a prime example) but Jose I consider to be of a rather good intelligence, he may be all the things we despise but he is not stupid to realise that what is going on behind closed doors is not the correct thing and I believe he has morals.

Personally I would like the FA to ban Arnesen and Kenyon from football as I think they are not what most true football fans want to see, yes Chelsea have the money to buy anyone they want, so there is no need to stoop to those levels.

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  • Chelsea tapped up 3 Leeds kids. One of the lads turned them down, but is apparently willing to give evidence at any hearing.

  • Arnesen was tapped up himself, which is why he left spurs for chelsea. That move in itself proved he had no morals so why should anyone expect anything different from him now?

  • In fairness I’m sure it happens all the time. Arnesen is just either too stupid or doesn’t care enough about being caught. Let’s face it, what is the worst that can happen to him? A fine, bothered. A suspension? It is impossible to suspend somebody in that position. The only sanction the F.A could implement would be a ban, but even then it is just from going to the office. They couldn’t possibly prove that he is still doing his business.

  • I am sorry, but were you watching the same show I was? It was clear to see that Harrison was trying very hard to get Arnesen to say something to implicate himself and all he did say was that if the player were leaving it would be possible to pay a bonus if he came to Chelsea.
    I don’t think football fans in general approve of this bungs and tapping up and thank you for mentioning George Graham, and I am certainly no fan of Peter Kenyon’s, I doubt many Chelsea fans are. However, perhaps Arsenal needs to look in the mirror a bit more closely. In order to sign your new Spanish wonderkid he needed to sever all ties with his old club, which had nurtured him for many years, and move his residence a substantial distance in order to prove the end of this relationship. Then after a year, presto, he signs for Arsenal! Do you really think this lad had no contact with clubs prior to leaving his own?

  • Arsenal broke no laws in bringing Fabregas. and if you saw Arnesen agree to pay a fee for the ‘Boro kid then you saw an illegal approach. Get your facts right.

  • Westl we arsenal fans don’t need to look in the mirror at the moment, if we did we would see a smoothly run operation, one that doesn’t “tap” up players one that doesn’t need to either. we had our time with GG, know you got your own mess, and its about time to clear it up !

  • The difference with that situation West1 is that in Spain you can not sign a professional contract until a certain age, Merida was not under any contractual commitments. Is it Wenger’s fault that the Spainish Football association has loop holes bigger than the millenium eye? The two situations are completely different.

  • There was a time I’d have been sh!tting myself about a programme like that. The way our club is run now I had no fears at all. It was quite amusing though waiting for Chelsea’s name to crop up.

  • Rocky, I agree Spain has wonky rules, but I suspect that Merida was negotiating at an age when he wasn’t yet allowed to.

  • Westl, Merida (or should I say his parents) had signed the agreement with barcelona, it was down to very poor administration by Joan Laporta (who forgot to sign his contract & therefore making it invalid). If barcelona had done their job merida would still be a barca youth player. Arnesen was clearly offering inducements to get Pollitt (or whatever his name was). You have a point about the agent & that must go on all the time (after all how do arsenal know when a youngster can leave unless the agent informs them) but the difference is Arnesen knew he was breaking rules & should have kept his mouth shut instead of offering money.

  • The F.A have already said they cannot act because the kid is not under a professional contract, therefore they have not officially violated the terms of their suspended sentence. Either that or the F.A have again proved themselves to be the bone idle completely incompetent and incapable governing body we know them to be.

  • ofcourse its not about the whole tapping up on panorama program as I think that was more entrapment than anything. but is shows us clearly that chelsea are prepared to go above the rules and break em time and time again.

  • Still bitter about ASHELEY COLE I see. Tapping up hapens all the time so lets talk about something else like how Arsenal are falling apart! Nicely wrote article though.

  • falling apart ? i doubt it, did you see how together as a team arsenal played on sunday ? maybe you should look at your own club to use the term falling apart Cockeril.

  • End of Highbury end of Arsenal f.c. You could teach Little dutchman a thing or two about grammer! You should of sold Henery!

  • Is that supposed to be ironic??? Teach Little dutch about ‘grammar’ dopey. And ‘should have’ sold ‘Henry’ moron. Admit it, you’re twelve aren’t you??

  • How about End of Bill Nicholson – End of Tottenham Hotspuds. That’s a little more fact based don’t you think moron?

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