Date: 16th November 2006 at 6:24pm
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According to William Gallas if Arsenal can grab the first goal in their remaining games this season then they will “rarely lose”. Arsenal have gone behind in 8 of their games so far this season, managing to come back in 6 of them, winning on two of those occasions.

Arsenal have struggled when they have come up against teams like Everton and Middlesbrough who deploy anti-football tactics. While many fans are totally opposed to teams playing negative football, you have to see it from their point of view, every team that has come out and played against us this season has been beaten.

You only have to look at United away, Reading away and Liverpool at home. We scored 8 goals against them teams purely because they tried to play football. If we are at our best could any team actually play football and win? That`s for another time.

This is what ol` Willy had to say: ‘Over the past month we have shown people we have the quality to play good attacking football. When we play like we did against Reading and CSKA Moscow, we produced lots of opportunities.

‘However, it is important that we try to score the first goal.

‘Other teams know of our quality and when
they play against us they defend quite a lot.

‘So it is up to us to find a way of playing and scoring against these teams – if we score the first goal against a team we will rarely lose.’

Gallas stated: ‘We know what we can do and we know we have the capability of being champions.

‘We have to get the balance between attacking and defending and have got to show a good tactical brain.’

Gallas also took the time to talk about how he has settled into the Arsenal way of doing things: ‘I feel settled completely, everybody is helping me and I am very happy to be here playing with Arsenal.

‘I am thinking about my football all the time and it helps because I am 100% focussed on what I have to do for Arsenal.

‘Once you feel right in your mind, it shows on the football pitch.

‘The spirit at the training ground is excellent. I get on well with all the players and we are always laughing together.’

The French defender was also asked how he feels about the Arsenal`s game at Stamford Bridge on December 10th. The versatile defender says that he has not given it a thought yet: ‘I am focused on one game at a time and for the moment we are working towards Newcastle.

‘I am not thinking about December just yet. I will, but not now.’


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  • lol Galls, anyway I believe this too, esspecially at home we need to make sure we get the first goal, then our play stays high and we can win easily.

  • I’ve been reading a lot recently about clubs playing anti-football and not letting us play. I dont think this is a good attitude from our perspective. we need to get on with it and find a way to win those matches too, and only then can we seriously challenge for the title. coz there are enough clubs in the premiership who will play this kinda game against us.

  • The only way to get rid of anti football is to be the leading lights and turn these sides over. Soon enough we will, but people are very impatient, the team is very new, most players have arrived within the last two years. Between 1999-2001 we won nowt, but that’s because we were building the invincibles. The only difference this time is that the side is a lot younger, hence, a longer dynasty.

  • once in a while though, its good to see the fight in us when we’re a goal down (though making it a habit is not good for our health, is it :).

    Good to see Gallas fit in well so quickly. thats something I’ve noticed abt arsenal signings of late. Even Hleb looked like he belonged in our team as soon as he started playing last year, and so does Rosicky this year. arsene knows is the answer to that one too :).

  • hey LD, i dont mind the wait. Just that while we’re waiting, we should try not to gripe this much. I have a feeling we’ll get the better of bolton this year, though. arsene’s too smart to a tactician let that one go 2 yrs in a row, isnt he?

  • gallas is right but we won’t always score the first goal, teams can get lucky and nick a goal against us, and that’s why it is important for the team when they go behind, not to stick just to plan A, we should look to score from a set piece or from crosses in the same way as we do with our passing football, cuz once we have the goals in the bag, we can tear sides apart with plan A, but there should be a phase in the match, when if the plan A isnt working properly, we should look to unsettle our opponents with our plan B and aggressive tactics..

  • Billy made a very valid point. That is to score the first goal. Might I add to the line “score the first goal in the first half” and it will be “no looking back” all the way to the PL trophy.

  • chaps, if we have to wait, then wait we will. It will make our return to supreme prominence AAAAAALL the sweeter.

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • yeah but by the time we build our invincibles again, those ********s from the bridge will spend another 100 million and get a new squad, i so want us to win the league this season..

  • well, maybe some of our fairweather early leavers will decide to p*ss off to the bridge then, allowing some peopel to go who’d love to stay to the end.

    and I’d rather finish 2nd as a gooner than first as a chav, especially what with that little scummer they’ve got at lb now.

    when our title comes off, it’ll be of so much more significance as one developed and nurtured, rather than one purchased.

    But of course I’d love to win the title this season too. Alas that’s my romantic notion of how I’d liek to win it, anyhooze – I’m off to write a poem…

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • Totally agree. It’s so nice to hear Gallas reiterating how happy and content he is with the gunners. The team spirit is so tangible. Looking forward to a great match!

  • I think it’s a bit hypocritical for Gooners to whine about negative football, considering the style that was played at Highbury back in the early 90’s. Expecting teams that aren’t nearly as quick or talented as the Gunners (and Arsenal rank near the top in all of Europe in both categories) to play an open style against us just to give us a thrill is simply ridiculous. You simply have to take what the opposition gives you.

  • First of all, shinobi, its not whineing. Second, the style played und Graham was bad we all admit that, but it was a long time ago!!!

  • I think that gallas has done well to reiterate the fact that the team spirit in the dressing room is high.. this is the foundation for a great team.. and the difference between a good and a great team.. when you look at arsenal playing these days.. you do admit that they have thrashed.. and i mean thrashed(united were lucky to escape one) every team they scored against first.. wenger needs to realize that fast, free flowing football might be the basis of arsenal.. but when things dont go our way.. going a bit more physical.. scoring scrappy goals is what is needed.. soon as arsenal start doing that.. we’ll be on our way to where we belong.. 1 in the EPL

  • I’m glad Gallas figured out that the team that scores first in a game usually wins. Amazing how Wenger helps lift his players’ mental skills to a new level!

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