Date: 22nd April 2008 at 12:14pm
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Gunners skipper William Gallas has stressed the importance of keeping the current squad together for next season. With rumours abound surrounding the futures of Fabregas, Flamini, Gilberto and Alex Hleb and the manager making very worrying noises about keeping hold of players, the constantly misquoted captain has echoed his manager`s sentiment that the current squad`s steady progress shows that, as Herbert Hoover once remarked, prosperity is just around the corner.

‘For next season we want all the players to stay here. It would be good if we can keep this group together because we know each other very well and we know what we can do.

‘We came very close to winning something this year, but you get nothing for being close. We want to get second place and to finish the season strongly, by winning every game. For the past few months we have conceded goals too quickly after scoring. We know we have to work a lot on that.”

For the benefit of tabloid readers, I`m sure this is what Gallas meant to say, “I am brilliant, you are all idiots, the team are all idiots, I am brilliant. This is everyone`s fault but mine. I`m French you know and I laugh at you English and you`re tea drinking and chip eating. He haw, he haw, he haw,” he said whilst sporting a black beret and twiddling with his moustache.

Gallas went on to say, whilst the defending must improve, the Gunners should stay faithful to their attacking principals. ‘I think we have to stay faithful to our attacking game, and also be stronger when we have to defend. We have shown earlier in the season that we can do that very well.
‘For more than half of the season we attacked very well and we defended very well at the same time. In the last few months we haven’t defended as well, and I think that is as a team, not so much individually.

‘At the beginning of the season we were making it hard for the opposition to arrive in our penalty box, because they couldn’t get through. We need to get back to that for the rest of this season and also next year.’

I don`t think there`s anything particularly controversial there. But I`ve given up on the prospect of people interpreting this guy correctly without indulging the whims of tabloid vernacular. So stand by for the English press to twist his words and other bloggers to leap on shite stories and hoist them onto a neon mast for the benefit of their own pre configured opinions. The only thing I will add, is that as much as the team has defended shoddily collectively, individual mistakes has been just as costly from all of our defenders except Sagna. Something else to work on there.