Date: 3rd September 2006 at 12:28pm
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William Gallas today took a swipe at his former boss, Jose Mourinho after his time at Chelsea came to an end.

Gallas’ words are likely to enrage Chelsea fans, who lets face it, some of which are as fickle as Josie Maureenho.

The French centre back is endearing himself to Arsenal fans more and more each day as his words constantly building up our hopes for the season whilst at the same time angering the supporters from the bridge.

The new Gooner believes he was hung out to dry by the Chelsea gaffer after he gave the blues 5 years excellent sevice, whilst at the same time issuing Cole a warning.

‘I wanted to leave Chelsea and Arsenal was the perfect club for me,’ Gallas told The People. ‘They wanted me, they are a team going for all the honours, and I am very happy in London and I have a lot of friends here.

‘I am happy that I have joined Arsenal. I’m sure I will be treated better by their coaching staff than I have been by Mourinho in the last year. I wish Cole luck and I hope he has the patience to put up with his manager.’

Gallas claims he is not the only player to suffer at the hands on the special needs one.

‘Mourinho is a good trainer but he is fickle with his players, what has happened to me has happened in the past to Ricardo Carvalho, Mateja Kezman, Paulo Ferreira, Asier Del Horno and Hernan Crespo.

‘He uses us for his convenience. In the past few years I have had offers from Italy and Spain but I stayed loyal to Chelsea. But this has counted for nothing with Mourinho and that is sad. Mourinho has pressured me constantly as if he wanted to get the press and the fans against me.

‘I don’t understand it. In the dressing room my team-mates have been supportive but Mourinho is the boss and so nobody has spoken out for me.

‘In football terms, Chelsea were great for me because I won things there but it was if I had become a nuisance for Mourinho and I don’t understand why.’

Nearly every players who has left Arsenal have gone on to do very little with their careers, whilst the player on the older end of the spectrum have had their playing lives extended considerably, which is something I’m sure Gallas will benefit from.

Keep it up William, you will be worshipped at the Grove.


15 Replies to “Gallas Slams ‘Fickle’ Mourinho”

  • spot on gallas tell em like it is. their greed fed ride cannot go on forever. the professor is the best manager of men and the best trainer around. everyone who leaves learns this at their expense.

  • gallas is become one of my most favourite arsenal players already and he hasnt even played one games yet lol

  • Is this really Gallas? Unbelievable! Is he insinuating that he must be guaranteed a place in the line-up? Regardless of what a manager thinks? Hmm.. hope he has a good relationship with AW.

  • Gallas is a king! Hes goona do big things at this club. As for JM… What a gay! he’s such a bad manager. Even Chelski fans i know agree wit me.

  • Can somebody please name me a good Moanrinho purchase? Remembering that Robben was Ranieri’s buy and that Shevchenko and Ballack hardly represent managerial genius! I hnestly can’t think of one.

  • well said lil dutch. what i must say is that it dont seem like galals will be in the rong. mourinho treats his players badly. i really think gallas was their best defender but they prefered gallas so there we go. already treating him bad.

  • Little Dutch- No wonder your now a writer! I couldn’t agree with you more if i tried!!! Moanrinho has so much money and all he cares about is ”big names”. He can’t even sort out a decent right back for them!!!

  • Galaas cant replace cole as they are not the same position but i think he will settle and be good for us.

  • little dutch i really cant think of any one makelele, lamps, terry all bn there before he came hes no genius like wenger watch wen denilson becomes a world class footballer like cesc


  • MickeyBlue, he aint that far behind. And even he knows what Hnery represents. Let’s be real; was terry better than Gallas enough to warrant that massive difference in pay? I doubt it, and it’s not because Gallas has joined us.

  • chelsea = SCUM, i think Gallas will become a hero with his despise for Chelsea, intresting how many players wanted to leave chelsea this summer, drogba, duff, huth, gallas, crespo, i even think robben wanted to move oo and SWP, is this shwoing us something, that the speical one is mayne bot so special!

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