Date: 3rd January 2007 at 2:48pm
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William Gallas has revealed that the incident that saw his shirt number given to Michael Ballack contributed to his decision to leave Chelsea.

Gallas joined Arsenal on the last day of the summer transfer window in a move that saw Ashley ‘I almost crashed my Bentley’ Cole move the other way.

‘Even if it seems surreal, the business of the shirt shook me,’ he explained.

‘Nicking the No 13 shirt off me to give it to Ballack was a flagrant lack of respect. I could have honoured the last year of my contract and been free at the end of the season.’

‘But that would not have been honest with Chelsea. In my head, I was no longer there.’

Upon reading Billy’s quotes two things sprang immediately to mind. The first was William Gallas, a Frenchman, using the phrase ‘nicking’, made me chuckle, and the fact that Chelsea fans continually refer to Gallas as ‘Silly Billy’ when as it turns out, Chelsea don’t have one single available centre back for Saturday’s FA Cup tie.

Now who’s the silly billy?


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  • Boo Hoo. Those nasty Chelsea people took my shirt number away, even though I refused to return for pre-season training, and blackmailed them into letting me leave.

  • You know the full story then TT?? Of course Maureen would never lie about a situation to suit his mercenaries…..sorry team. And Uncle Fester is as honest as the day is long.

  • Do you think CFC would dare make it officially public about Gallas refusing to play and threatening to score an own goal (or simply not trying) if it were not true ?

    If it is not true Gallas would have to sue to protect his honour.

    Why hasn’t he ??

    Refusing to return to pre-season training is on record.

    Although Gallas was a fantastic player for Chelsea (and is missed as a player), every pre-season we had the same problem with him.

    Arsenal are welcome to him (much as I am sure Arsenal fans will say we are welcome to Ashley Cole). I think it really is time for Gallas to shut the heck up.

  • What about the flip side of the coin TT. Chelsea are proven liars (Cole & Obi Mikel situations) And surely if Gallas had threatened to score and own goal he wouldn’t have played in vital games such as the FA cup semi final. Gallas has always maintained his innocence and say he will reveal all when the time is right. And I believe that will be in the close season when it cant affect his football.

  • The fact is that the accusations about what he did or didn’t say have never been proven or disproven. Chelsea can say what the like and flaunt the rules as much as they like because as we all know a punitive fine and slap on the wrist means nothing to them. You mention that they wouldn’t dare say these things if they aren’t true, then where is the proof?? Surely they would need proof or he would just sue them regardless if that is his wish.

  • Rocky7, “Chelsea are proven liars” ? That is quite stagering coming from the team who had to bribe their way into staying in the First Division, and totally hypocrisy of a team reporting Chelsea for tapping up one of their players, while doing the same with great regularity themseleves. I think you are widening the argument somewhat, and you may need a bigger thread.

  • Gallas was going to sue, but Wenger told him to ignore Chelsea and not to bother. Of course we should believe Chelsea, the whole Rijkaard, Frisk, Leeds youngsters, Adriano, Eriksson, Gerrard, Ferdinand, Cole, Mikel, Abramovic’s dirty money (ask the impoverished peoples of Siberia), Gudjohnsen incidents were all a conspiracy against Chelsea. Gallas shouldn’t bother, if a five year old girl started calling you names would you sue her? No and the same applies here. Norris never bribed the football league, it was an election not based on league position and Norris persuaded the Football League that Arsenal would be more beneficial to the league than the other teams. The other sides elected to the football league did exactly the same thing. Having stayed in the league for longer than any other side and given the fact that we are the most attractive side in the league, I would say Norris was right.

  • And following on from Rocky’s point, if Gallas threatened to score own goals, why did Chelsea not sue for breach of contract. Surely sabotage constitutes breach of contract?

  • “persuaded”. That’s an interesting choice of words. A bit like Gallas persuaded Chelsea to let him go.

  • Is persuasion not what the electoral process is based on? The same way Tony Blair “persuaded” the British poublic to vote for him as Prime Minister (shudders). It was an open election, league position was not an issue. Arsenal were elected. The people of Siberia did not democratically vote for their wealth to be stolen, but that’s another point.

  • And has already been put to you TT, do you honestly believe that a egocentric lunatic like Maureen would have played him continually after such a threat?

  • ” Chelsea don’t have one single available centre back for Saturday’s FA Cup tie. Now who’s the silly billy?” classic quote classic rocky, and how right you are, but what chelsea fans should be asking is, is it kenyons or mourinho’s fault and i think you will find the answer in that is KENYON.. the muppet was left on the last day of the transfer window, selling Huth , then Gallas with Cole and that was at 11pm and who else could he sign in 1 hour.. it is why Mourinho was left fuming at the sale of Gallas, it is why they have NO Centre backs for Saturday, and come saturday night, it is why chelsea will probably not be in the 4th round. blame kenyon

  • From Kenn Emetula: ” For those who do not know, Arsenal were the original moneybag-footballers, all down to their own version of Abramovich (but a not-so-very-honourable one).

    In 1910, Henry (not the Frenchman), but Sir Henry Norris, the wealthy property developer took hold of Arsenal which had gone into liquidation. Nine years later, Sir Henry used money and bribery to catapult Arsenal into the newly-expanded First Division (today?s Premier League), even though by right and result, Arsenal did not qualify since they finished fifth in the Second Division!

    The old scoundrel, Sir Henry Norris was quickly driven out of football after being found guilty of some financial irregularities six years later; but Arsenal is still enjoying the proceeds of his crime till this day, because since that ?promotion? to the top, Arsenal has never been relegated. So, rather than celebrate such feat, they should be worried that one day football fans all over the world may demand justice by suggesting that Arsenal go back to the Second Division, where it belongs to properly fight for and secure genuine promotion as normal football clubs do ! “

  • I don’t consider the ramblings of one bloke evidence. I will repeat again, as you seem a little slow. Following WW1, the football league expanded and invited clubs to apply for a place in the football league, the league placings of four years previous were not taken into consideration. Arsenal were elected, Tottenham were not. Funny how in the ensuing 94 years nobody has been able to provide a shred of proof that any bribery took place. You ignored my earlier question, if Gallas threatened to score own goals, why didn’t Chelsea sue him for breach of contract?

  • TT, maybe you should read more… t has been alleged that Arsenal’s promotion, on historical grounds rather than merit, was thanks to underhand actions by the then Arsenal chairman, Sir Henry Norris (see History of Arsenal F.C. (1886-1966) for more details). These allegations range from political machinations to outright bribery; no firm proof has ever been offered. A detailed account of what is known can be found in Spurling, Jon (2004). ?Chapter Two: Sleaze and the Tory MP?, Rebels for the Cause: The Alternative History of Arsenal Football Club. Mainstream. ISBN 0-575-40015-3. A more speculative account is available from: How Arsenal got promoted in 1919. Unofficial Emirates Stadium webpage.

  • hatespur, your reference to 8,000 supporters: There are only 5 teams who have a higher ‘All time League Attendance average record’ than Chelsea. Arsenal are in 4th by less than 600 ahead of CFC (Spurs are in 3rd, Liverpool 2nd, and Manchester United 1st). All of the other so-called big clubs with their big support are all below Chelsea.

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