Date: 3rd November 2006 at 10:56am
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Arsenal new boy, William Gallas believes the result (of Wednesday) is not what we should be concerning ourselves with, but the manner in which we performed.

While it may sound a bit silly, he’s right. With performances like that, the goals will come, and sooner rather than later.

What happened on Wednesday was a freak oocurance, see a performance like that again and I gurantee you goals.

Anyway, Billy appears to be more than excited about the prospect of playing in our brilliantly exciting team.

‘We now have to go to get a result at Porto but that is a good thing.It gives us a chance to show we’ve arrived as a team and to prove how good we are.’ Gallas enthused.

‘We are starting to see this team has the class to win something major this season with the way we are able to play football.’

‘Yes, they had one chance but it was all about the football we played. That was magnificent to see from any team and a pleasure to be involved in.’

‘I feel very confident about us. We may not have won the game and still have work to do to qualify. But I am not depressed or down at all. If anything, I’m more confident than I was before we played Moscow.’

‘In the defence, we’re starting to play as a real unit. And we have the belief that the guys up front are capable of scoring at any moment against any team.’

‘That is the measure of the football we can play. The goals will come, no doubt.’

Do you ever recall Gallas speaking with such enthusiasm when playing for Chelsea?


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  • as i said before, good to see the players coming out and acknowledging the performance and how they will take it forward to future games. some of the football played was amazing and you just know that someone soon is gonna have all the chances go into the back of the net and give us one of the biggest results of the season. i so hope that happens on Dec 2nd

  • go back to the board that spawned you, tigerphil. No-one’s bothered by your drivel – yu’ve illicited no tetchy responses – better luck next time…

    as for the arsenal, the players feel positive about our level of play, and they are ALL winners and big players, so if they weren’t confident in the way it’s going, I’m sure it’d show. Refining our game, and it’s aaaaalmost there…

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • ‘Chelski are going to try to buy the league again’ would be a more accurate statement from Tigerphil. Did all proper football fans find their attempt to smear the reputation of Gallas, as pathetic as me? As a Spurs fan it is increasingly difficult to hate the Gunners while Chelsea are around. Damm

  • ha ha harry, may i put you in the catergory of “one of the few spurs fans i like”.. atlast a spuds fan that speaks sense. i would like to know though what billy did to shush those chelski people up ? it all went quiet unless i missed something while i was away ?

  • Gallas has been class for you Gooners so far this season. But I still think that it was stupid to get rid of Cole, he was class for you lot.

  • You may want to rethink the connection between Cole and class…I don’t think there are two better antonyms in the english dictionary. I won’t argue better choices of words to describe Ashley Cole, like perhaps ‘talented’ or even ‘gifted’; but class?! At least you got three of the letters right (no, I’m not speaking of the ‘c’ or the ‘l’ dumbass).

  • I actually feel sorry for Wayne Bridge. He started the season well but Cole has come in and to be frank has not impressed. Messi had him in his pocket and other players have this season as well. I think Bridge deserves to be treated better and I think he would walk into any other Premiership team and make a pretty decent contribution.

  • Chelski ! There a sad,sad joke.If there’s a club that sum’s up all that’s wrong with football it’s them.

  • hmm sir harry seems to be the only spurs fan liked by all gooners here, so i’d like to end that argument here right now, and stop abusing and bulls**tting as sir harry thinks i do, and just ask him a proper footballing question here, and i think you sir harry always talk with ur brain and not ur heart, and always talk the fact and say everything as it is, tell me something, what chance do you think spurs have of beating arsenal when they visit emirates in december?

  • and ya my english is as good as the spurs side of the last few decades, but it’s getting better just as the spurs team is right now :)..

  • Arsenal v Spurs. Its difficult one to call. After a difficult start some of our players are beginning to be integrated and Huddlestone is coming on. While your new stadium looks great, isn’t the pitch at the Emirates bigger? I know that narrowness of Highbury used to make it difficult for opposition wide players so that advantage has that been lost. I personally think that Arsenal cannot continue to be as generous in front of goal so I think it will probably be 2-1 to Arsenal in December though I think Spurs under Jol are actually moving forward and will finally start making the North London derbies a proper game. We’d need to be right at the top of our game whilst you can afford to be at 90-95%. As you quite rightly mentioned under Gross/Graham/Hoddle we badly lost our way but Jol is renowned as a good coach so he will eventually drag us in the right direction. I think we are a couple of top players short of consistently challenging the top 4 especially on the left wing. Arsenal however cannot continue to create lots of chances and not take any, as lady luck can be a real cow on occasion

  • that is a very honest opinion on your part, but i dont agree that we have lost the advantage because the pitch at emirates is bigger, we just need a few wins under our belt here to feel really comfortable and more confident about our football here, because if you saw the match against moscow, you would know just how much the more space our players get on the pitch is to our advantage, we just need the highbury atmosphere here and a few victories under a belt, and i really feel spurs may even find it difficult to challenge for the top 5 this season because of the uefa cup, as your players are not used to playing so many matches a season, and for spurs to become a real force in england, you need to add a few real quality players to your team, not stars, but quality players, and establish yourself as a force first and if that means buying more overseas players than so be it cuz that is the only way you can consistently challenge the top four, and then you can continue with your policy of having more english players in the team, but that is just my opinion..

  • but as you said that you expect spurs to go down 2-1 at the emirates, do you think your team will also come with the same negative attitude, that while they can really play well, but in the end, arsenal’s class is going to be too much for them?

  • I don’t think we were negative last season but I don’t think Arsenal will continue to be so profligate in front of goal. We are better and more cohesive going forward. King Ledley has to be playing though. On the overseas player front and I think this is my final word, I am not saying Spurs are anti-foreigner but we have wasted some money there and I think that because, Robinson, Lennon, Carrick, Dawson etc have come in, played well and made us better we’d likely follow that route. We will be in the hunt for a top young foreign player when appropriate. I think however we may look overseas for a LW as Downing is overpriced and may not be able to step up forward. But I think we will go young. I see we have just been linked to a Marseilles player but I’d like us to do a double, getting Hatem Ben Arfa and Lee Holmes. We also need to get better up front as I think Defoe is not a worker and reached a plateau. I think we have adequate depth especially in the middle of the park, but Gardner does for us in terms of fear what Cygan used to do for you so an upgrade there has merit. Berbatov will be a top signing once he has fully settled. I think we have trouble working out the best combo of Jenas, Huddlestone and Zokora.

  • Gallas used to talk about us even before he came to us. I found this site when someone posted a link to an article on vitalChelsea in which Gallas conceded we played better than them (he was still with them).

  • cole is no way near the player he was, he plays a totally different game at chelski then he did for us and it shows. he is just an average LB now, and we got one of the best CB or left backs in the game, i think we did a fine bit of business and if you ask anyone from the bridge they will tell you who they would rather have.

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