Date: 31st August 2006 at 6:48pm
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Chelsea TV have this evening revealed Arsenal & Chelsea are close to agreeing a swap deal that will bring an end to the longest saga in history.

Reports are filtering through that the news what all Gooners have been waiting to hear is almost upon us.

It is to be believed that Arsenal will receive a large sum of money AND Willaim Gallas in deal which will please both sets of supporters.

More news as it happens.


21 Replies to “Gallas – Cole Swap Almost Done”

  • if it does happen it will be a good bit of business, cashley shold roy over in chelsea with all the other greedy ***** like shawn ect, let hope gallas is the link that we need to toughen up our defence and get us on track to get our title back

  • yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!! lets hope babtista signs as well and we could call this day a huge success!!

  • Apparently its 8 million & Gallas for cole. Its an ok deal but no more than that. We should have got a minimum of 10 million but it seems chelsea’s hardline approach has paid off. What a disappointing summer with regards transfers for arsenal, infact I would go as far as to say that both west ham & the spuds have better squads than us now. For all wengers words about this fantastic football we play I think he is just kidding himself, our football has gone down hill very sharply & we seem to play 1 good game in every 15 to 20, we may win or draw some of the other matches but its no longer through exciting football that people love to watch.

  • gallas will be massive for us and we can now concetrate on our beautiful attacking game knowing that losing posession will not necessarily mean conceding a goal.confidence starts from the back.
    go gunners!

  • iam sick and tired of people like Ashburton Gooner, the only thing you do is whinning. so, are you saying that wenger should have signed chimbonda, zokora,etc. i rather have one very good player than five avarage. if we get gallas and the beast we are strong enough to challenge for the title. stop whinning and get a ******** life!!!

  • AG – Spurs have got nowhere near as good a squad as we have. Lehmann or Robinson??? Eboue/Lauren or Stalteri??? Toureor King?? Gallas or Dawson?? Clichy or Ping pong?? Gilberto or Zokora?? Fabregas or Jenas?? Lennon or Roscky?? Hleb/Freddie or Malbranque?? Henry or Berbatov?? Defoe or Walcott?? Keane or van Persie?? Have a word with yourself!!!!!!!

  • if that amount is correct, i’ll be exceedingly disappointed. I would love gallas, but for all the obscene amounts of money they’ve been chucking at players, (some VERY good, others not so) Cashley should have netted us AT LEAST £20M. Still – good riddance to bad rubbish, and to quote a comment fom another gooner blog site, ‘he can stick his book up his cock’.

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • Both players tick all the relevant boxes. A world class defender who can play left back and a big strong midfielder who scores headers and can be used as a striker. I had a feeling these would be the deals (see my comments this morning). I hope they go through without a hitch.

  • Rocky7 since I’m neither a Spud nor a Gooner here’s an impartial opinion on your v’s. I’d take Robinson over the diving ***** you call a goalkeeper any day. Gallas isn’t yours yet so Dawson wins that battle, Eboue better than Stalten, Gilberto better yep agree, Fabregas better than most let alone goldfish bowl boy, I’d take Lennon over Rosicky, Hleb about the same as Malbranque, Henry over Berb but come on Wallcott better than Defoe????? Are you Sven in disguise!!!

  • Thank the lord that this sorry state of afairs might well be at an end! good riddance to Cashley and his Geordie tart! we dont need big time charlies like that, he’s going to the right place for that!

  • Not better yet but he will be. Ask any Spud an I bet they’d prefer to have Walcott than Defoe! And you can call Lehmann what ever you want, he may have a few bad habits, but he is clearly (to anyone with eyes) by far a better keeper than fat boy Robinson!

  • Robinson better than Lehmann? Maybe if someone told Robbo the ball was a donut, bet he’d save a few more then!

  • it’d be a bit embarrassing though, england being the first international team where the keeper tried to eat the ball after catching a corner…

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • reyes and the beast is a done deal i hear batista can play everything from striker to DCM if thats true and with his physique thats better for arsenal than reyes. as for cole gallas still nothing concrete yet. AG sometimes you sound like a frustrated housewife. frankly i agree that we could have strengthened a bit more this summer but spurs come nowhere near us and neither do west ham. they’ve signed 2 incredible players but are yet to catch up, far from it.

  • Good riddance to Mrs Tweedy, he really disappointed me with his antics, and I feel let down by a player that I used to defend to the hilt (when his defending was a little poor). I can’t believe Pascal has gone though and for that amount. That my friends was the deal of the day!

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