Date: 2nd February 2007 at 5:33pm
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Arsene Wenger says that Billy Gallas is close to making his first team return.

Gallas, 29 has now been missing since November after suffering a thigh injury.
Arsenal have clearly missed Gallas as they continue to leak goals you would really expect a team of such quality to defend.

Arsenal have attempted to bring Gallas back to fitness twice since he suffered his injury last year but both times it has been too soon and he has suffered a setback.

Wenger says he will not be making the same mistake this time.

‘We rushed him back every time and he had one or two setbacks, but now we are relaxed about it and we don’t set any time at all. He will be back soon.

‘The good thing is he is progressing well, but to say he will be back next week, certainly not.

‘In two weeks, maybe.’

A return to training so soon could see Gallas face his former employers Chelsea in the in the Carling Cup final on Febuary 25th.


70 Replies to “Gallas Close To Arsenal Return”

  • I take it Gallas has finally found a house he likes in North London then!! His injury, otherwise known as the M25 has cleared up!!

  • he should return in time for our champions league campagin. God i can’t stop thinking about that competition, so want us to win that over anything else..

  • it would be a great disappointment if we dun win it this season, dun want us to think that lets reach the last four atleast, no way, nothing other than winning it will do. last year’s defeat still hurts, and that is what that’s gonna motivate the lads to go one better this time..

  • I hate to say it, but there isn’t much precedent for a loosing finalist to return the next season & win…….didn’t Valencia get done in consecutive finals?
    Would be fantastic if we managed to get to Athens again though, just think about the future with youth on our side

  • precedents are there to be set tho!, thing is having got to the final we got the hunger and wanna set right the hurt and if anything our squad is more complete and solid than last year, someones got to get it and we’re right in the mix.

  • I don’t disagree It is a tough ask We seem to piling up the fixtures….Villa game moved due to CC final….replay @ Reebok…..injuries rife
    I have my ticket for Holland though, so will be willing the boys on

  • I agree G4L. I think Toure has only missed one game this season (?) and that was through suspension.

  • Hahahah , each time i look at that picture i laugh so hard, never gets old.He looks like a ‘special’ player, mentally challenged that is.Perhaps this is why his nickname is silly billy.

  • that’s why you have an overpaid right back and a defensive midfielder playing as CBs and your ‘best left back in the world’ scored an own goal off of one of them, prior to suffering an injury likely to put him out for a while. And your new left back is probably happier than most of us because of that, since he took the money and now he even gets to play.

  • k_chelski, given your defensive shortcomings, looks you have special needs. and isn’t your manager ‘the special one’??? Speshul indeed…»»Arsene Knows««

  • Toure is in danger of burning out – although i dont remember any lengthy periods of injury for the guy, he is mainly out for ivory coast duty
    i wonder if we are going to get a single game in which our strongest 11 play

  • Billys look is one of sheer joy, at leaving a club sullied by dirty blood money, rife with inflated ego, he looks like a man given a new lease of life thats remembered why he got into the game in the first place, Chel$kis’ loss was our gain and the same can be said about Cashley.

  • We have defensive problems, yet we are still winning games.Blood money?Prove me it’s blood money.You said it, now i want proof.Give me the list of how many people Abramovich killed in order to buy chelsea.Or to become a billionaire.You do this and i will shut up about this matter.

  • Ask the peasantry of Siberia. What was it, the loans for shares programme? Look it up and you’ll see what an amoral crook you have running your club. But if your happy that children in that part of the world can’t go to school so JT can have another £50k a week, so be it.

  • chelsea are winning games, for the last 3 seasons they have been winning games, although i do wonder when they will learn to destroy teams like the arsenal do regularly and man-u are starting to do – chelsea fight tooth and nail to scrape every win they get – even against nothing teams…maybe its because for 4 years they have been in a constant transition period due to muronio’s rotating door transfer policy

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