Date: 28th January 2007 at 12:35pm
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Following last Sunday’s outstanding win over Manchester United, Billy Gallas says the mighty Arsenal are better than Chelsea, and the blues are paying the price for letting him go.

In Billy’s monthly rant, he says it was painful at the times, but now all that exists is Arsenal.

He also thinks Arsenal are now better than Chelsea, and really believes the Gunners are back in the title race.

‘They are paying for it now – they are short of a defender,’ he said.

‘But I don’t want to pay attention to what they are doing anymore. It was painful to leave at the time, but there was a big lack of respect for me from certain people inside Chelsea.’

‘I put in 100 per cent for five years. Now I have turned the page. Arsenal is all that matters. It was a huge moment to beat Man United last week. It was clear Arsenal are better than Chelsea.’

‘Now we are feel we are back in the title fight, we really believe it.’

Speaking of who is better than who, we here at the Vital Football Network must be better than the Sky Sports News website as we KNOW HOW TO SPELL THE NAMES OF OUR PLAYERS!.

It’s just a shame the rest of our spelling is shocking 😛


19 Replies to “Gallas: Chelsea Paying The Price”

  • You’ve gotta give it to Billy, he manages to make me love him more and more with out even stepping on the field. Ever since the match at Old Trafford earlier this season when he went and celebrated by himself in front of the away support he’s had a place in my heart as a true Arsenal man, even though i dont doubt that that in itself was partly an attempt to wind up Mourinho and watching Chelski fans. And if there was ever a doubt about who got the better deal out of that swap i think the fact that it appears we have even when hes barely played since october, shows how down hill cole is going and what a bad decision this was on chelskis part.

    “I’d rather have a Willy than a ****!”

  • True Mike. While I think it’s good that the players show some belief, it’s ok for us fans to admit we aint got a prayer of winning the league this season.

  • well, we have got a chance, but it’s not going to happen. chelski and manure are just way too unlikely to relinquish sufficient points for us to steal in… Saw that headline, it’s frankly embarrassing that THE major foirce of premiership football match broadcasting cannot even correctly spell the name of one of the most talked ab out central defenders of the season. »»Arsene Knows««

  • says me, with my consistently pi$$poor typing… ‘foirce’. pot. kettle. black. »»Arsene Knows««

  • He does it again…he just simply can’t last a month without saying something about Chealski. He is obviously really hurt but what chealski done but what’s the point of going on and on…

  • cesc pirlo, it might be that he was asked for his thoughts on the subject by a journo or interviewer, trather than volunteering his thoughts on the subject straight up… »»Arsene Knows««

  • Cole does it to, its not just Billy. At least Billy seems legimately hurt by something Chelsea have done to him, Cole whines as if Arsenal did something to him when he has done everything to the club that made him what he is. Billy gave them honest service, filling in wherever needed, to be one of the most important parts of both their league succeses and he gets treated like ***** in comparison to the likes of Ballack, an incredibly over rated player, and Carvalho just because he shares the managers nationality. And to top it all off they couldn’t let him leave with dignity as Arsene did Cole, they had to make up completely unfounded stories about him that if were written in a newspaper would be worthy of a law suit. Arsenal let an over rated man with no dignity go to a club with no dignity, Chelsea let a true champion and what has proven to be the missing link in their attempt to regain the title go because they were unwilling to show a player who had served them loyally the same respect they show to new arrivals who are all over rated and egotistical and left their former clubs with out any dignity to make money not play football (Ballack; Bayern and Leverkusen before them). Chelsea are a joke, Mourinho is a joke, Abromivich and Kenyon are jokes, Terry, Carvalho, Ballack, Cole, Drogba, Robben, Shevchenko are all jokes. They got rid of one of the only two players in their squad, alongside Essien, who had any humility and personally i applaud Billy for telling them they are a *****in joke and think he should do it as often as he likes, and add some more abuse to it to get on their Russian mafia gutter level, with the manager and the rest of the scum. ***** Chelsea, and everything they stand for!

  • nice rant there ozi. clearly billy is still hurting. and the chelsea fans realise now they got the raw end of the deal. something that we gooners knew right from the beginning.

  • Thanks prits, rants about chelsea are a specialty of mine. Particularly anything involving that over rated german **** Ballack, i still cant believe they gave that muppet Gallas’s number 13 jersey before he’d even decided he would definitely not re-sign for them (or that he earns more money than Henry). It is horrible bullying and man management like that, that has gotten chelsea into the situation they are in now. Because of the bullying from all 3 top men, each with a different agenda the slightest issue becomes magnified so badly you would think Stamford Bridge itself was going to implode, sucking all those *****wits into some blackhole where they belong. Oh well, if that does happen i will through a party like the world has never seen. I honestly would not be surprised if part of the reason Mourinho’s job is in question is because Kenyon and Roman realise how badly his ego got them in trouble with the Gallas situation and now they realise how much they miss Gallas they dont want a recurance of this situation with other players. If a managers ego costs you a title then he should be sacked, no matter how ‘special’ he claims he is.

  • Dear lord is he laughing!?I almost got an heart attack.Ozi, just tell me something , if we are jokes, then what would the clubs below us be classified?Comedy Roast?The Office?Who wants to marry a midget?Typical Arsenal , Arsene just goes on and on about chelsea , silly billy is like a woman that suffered an abuse and just can’t stop talking about it.And Ozi They took his number 13 because he failed to appear in the Pre-season trainning in U.S.A.Wich shows equal lack of respect and commitment to the club.Who said it’s over! there’s still alot of games to go.

  • The difference is that the other clubs aren’t losing 80 mill to be in their positions. Chelsea is…and the concern is that Abrom might get tired of losing that much change on a team that might still not win the Champions League and pull out. And that would leave Chelsea in a very precarious situation. Anyway, it isn’t like Gallas is wrong, though I do question Sky’s assumption that he’s taking a dig at Jose…from everything I’ve read previously Gallas has never had anything bad to say about him, and that goes the other way too. But yeah, we should concentrate on our own affairs.

  • Losing so much , are you going delirious mate?Could you count how many times we lost this season?We’re in a final already, still in all competitions,we defeated barcelona , the previous winners , and we kept a clean sheet with our THIRD goalkeeper.JT is coming back, things are not so bad.Essien is playing at centre back, it’s not his thing , but he’s doing for the team , something silly billy couldn’t do,we’re still very much alive.Abramovich has alot of money , 80 mil is pocket change!

  • Pocket change…yeah, that’s what Leeds thought too. BTW, when did I say you guys were losing games? Personally I’ve found the whole “Chelsea’s in a slump” thing to be pretty overblown considering you’ve only lost three games all year, though there’s clearly a power struggle/internal problem to sort out. Anyway, for your sake I hope the financial losses don’t come back to haunt you, and as long as Abrom is there for the long run it shouldn’t be an issue.

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