Date: 6th January 2007 at 12:58am
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Arsenal defender Billy Gallas says that Arsenal have fallen too far behind Premiership leaders Manchester United to win the league this season.

Some Gooners thought that the additions of Gallas, Rosicky and Baptista would be enough to see Arsenal compete for the Premiership crown this season. They were wrong.

Arsene’s young guns will not compete for the domestic title untill next season, that is my humble opinion.

Gallas agrees and says that the Gunners need to concentrate on the FA Cup and Champions League.

Speaking ahead of the FA Cup third round tie with Liverpool Gallas said: ‘It’s true the title is a long way off.

‘We have dropped too many silly points and we’re paying for it with our position.

‘It’s even more of a shame because Manchester United and Chelsea dropped off a bit.

‘With three matches a week it’s normal these teams have a tricky spell, even with their big squads.

‘We should have taken advantage but we didn’t. Now, apart from the Champions League, the FA Cup has become a big target for us.

Gallas is also hoping to make his return against Liverpool.

The Frenchman said: ‘I don’t know whether I’ll play against Liverpool but I would really like to.

‘I feel well and training is going really well. Every day I feel I’m getting back to my best.’

I’d also like to take this chance to say hello to my brother who is currently residing is sunny Ayia Napa.


27 Replies to “Gallas Calls For Cup And Euro Double”

  • Gallas is top quality and I understand what he’s saying. I reckon the FA Cup will be in your trophy cabinet come the end of the season.

  • arsenal need to win something…. they have an incredible squad on paper but now is the time to do it on the grass

  • oh ayia napa, home of many a oozo… i share his optimism, but the league isn’t dead until the fat man Jol sings !

  • respect to billy g, and respect to simmy’s bro – he’s in sunny climes, i wish I soddin’ well was 🙂

    »»Arsene knows««

  • United will go into freefall soon and the chavs are in sight…victory tommorow is gonna galvanise us to title glory..u better believe it

  • when we left liverpool behind after destroying them 3-0 nobody would have thought that a few months later they’d be ahead of us and just 8 points behind the chavs..we shouldn’t make the same mistake with united…we’ve gotta keep winning and see where that takes us…to title glory

  • Do you honestly think we can still win the title? I appreciate that United are yet to suffer their dip in form but 17 points is a lot to make up.

  • It ain’t 17 points its fifteen with us still to play them…if we beat them it can very swiftly change to a single figure gap… then we can apply some pressure

  • Won’t ‘appen this year boys we know this, but with the players coming back (Diaby will make a big diff. come Feb) top 3 is the aim.
    Hearing Big Willy G speak – the geeza is pure gooner
    Did’nt he used to ply his trade elsewhere? he he
    Maureens’ teeth are still grindin!

  • If your gonna be a fan uve always gotta believe…would have you have left early at Anfield in 1989 cos of traffic?

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