Date: 20th April 2007 at 11:07am
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I have to say that I am amazed at the lack of revolt by Arsenal supporters over David Dein’s departure from our club. This man has been one of us for over 20 years now and has been at the forefront of all the positives in our club over that time. He was the man that brought George Graham in as manager and people who criticised GG forget that before his arrival we hadn’t won a league in 16 years and looked like it would be at least another 16 years before we would contest at the top of the table again. But GG knew the tradition in our club and made us winners again and back into the spotlight. After his acrimonious departure and we needed someone who understood what The Arsenal was all about David Dein pulled off THE greatest coup in Arsenal’s history by appointing Arsene Wenger (who???) as manager.

What the two of them have achieved working in tandem over the last 11 years has been amazing and DD’s departure has come as a massive shock to me. It appears that DD wanted more investment in the playing side of the club whether that came from inside the club or from new sources and the rest of the board, who either couldn’t or wouldn’t release transfer funds, refused to accept any new faces into the boardroom. DD bit the bullet over the very thing that fans have been complaining about all season long, a lack of much needed additions to the squad, and as one of those fans I feel quite militant about this whole saga and feel the fans should protest publicly about it and let the board know that we are backing DD over this. However it seems that the fans are just sad to see him go but are willing to accept that and I worry about the implications of this acceptance. How will Wenger feel today ?

Despite his public remarks you can be damned sure he is very unhappy at this latest turns of events and would question what the future will hold. Can any of us honestly say that in 12 months time we would still be as confident of Arsene staying as we would have been just 5 days ago ? And what about the playing side and the upcoming transfer window ? If, as it appears, that funds for buying new players are little or nothing then how will we all feel knowing that we are slipping so far behind the top three that we are in danger of becoming like sp*rs ? Will Cesc, Toure, Gallas et al be happy to see their careers and ambitions be stifled at Arsenal due to a lack of investment or will they want to bugger off to a club that they can feel can challenge for trophies ? I’m no different to most Gooners in that in an ideal world I would be happy to see the club under its present ownership for years to come but Abramovich and his allegedly crooked money has moved the goalposts for all of us.

I also wouldn’t a sell out to any other investor of dubious connections or someone that will plunge the club into massive debt(a la Glazer) or be in it just to make money for themselves however we have to be realistic in that we now need an injection of cash just to keep up with the top 3 and our current board cannot supply this cash. For the last few years we have kept in touch thanks to Wengers eye for talent spotting and producing as well as David Dein’s ability to coax these talents to sign for this great club of ours Now 1 of this partnership has departed and we have to be fearful of the implications and should make the board aware of our concerns. In the meantime David I wish you well and hope to see your return to Arsenal, hopefully someday soon, be it with Kroenke or whoever.

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  • Not sure JackyB, I think we have a reserve game, but it’s only against some minnows, nothing to worry about.

  • The thing is, I like DD. But we don’t all know exactly what’s gone on over the last few days. We don’t know that there’s no money for transfers this summer and we don’t know exactly why DD has left. It seems that a couple of months ago everyone was up in arms regarding a takeover bid from abroad ala Glazer (tho it hasn’t done them that much harm has it???) but recently people have come to accept it. For people to start saying that things at the moment are going to split up the team (Wrighty, you’re great, but sometimes I wish you’d keep your mouth shut some times) isn’t helping at all!!! I don’t know how things are going to effect us, I just know that whatever happens I’ll still be a Gooner at the end of it!!

  • I’m in complete agreement with Augie. I think the biggest percentage of fans want investment in the team, yet the current board can clearly not provide it. DD was sticking up for Wenger & the fans interests & yet he is the one being criticised. How much respect did arsenal get from pretty much everyone with the way they handled the Cashley transfer, especially with him continually running his mouth!! Now, who is it thats run to the papers less than 48 hrs after saying they wanted to keep everything in house? Yes, its our very own PHW, he has gone out of his way to try & turn everyone against DD, yet so far he has kept a dignified silence. I find it a complete classless act from a guy who’s supposed to symbolize everything arsenal stand for. It’s not the first time with him either, I remember the comments Vieira made about PHW who always mouthed off about the french guys whilst they were away!!

  • It is unrealistic to expect an American to splash millions forever. It would be a short term gain (he splashed for one summer or two like Fayed did at Fulham) but after that it would be all about milking the asset. We need to think long-term, and I don’t think a sell out is in the Arsenal’s long term interest.

  • i for one have never criticised DD and if he wanted new investment for the playing side that would be a good thing no ? PHW released a statement saying we didn’t want his ( kroenke) sort at our club and i find that a stupid comment to make.. how can he even make a comment like that when he knows nothing about the man, very silly indeed. I see also statements have been released that is was DD who wanted us to move to wembley and how there was a fallout over that.. but is this true or is it the board releasing what a gaff they have made and how arsenal supporters are quickly siding with DD and so they thought they would make a bit of scapegoat of DD and give us some info about his supposed intentions of taking us to wembley stadium. i support DD, the board needs new faces, new investment, how old is PHW now ? maybe he should release he is not equipped to deal with modern day football and should step aside. it make us think, why is it ti takes so long for players/managers to resign contracts, nothing to do with DD, its probably the rest of the board playing hardball and taking their time to cough up with the money !

  • how can anyone trust Kroenke, A businessman only here to make money, against people who love Arsenal and have been here for years? I am not saying arsenal dont need to improve merchandising but they can do that without selling the club.

  • Gazzap, how can you say that when the only two people that have moved arsenal forward in the last 23 years have been DD & AW. Without them two we would be in a similar position to Villa or Everton now. Seen as most of the current board are over 60, who exactly is going to be allowed to take the club forward?? Also if as PHW keeps announcing that the board aren’t in it for the money would they agree to give their shares away for the value they paid for them or the price they could have got when they inherited them to a rich british buyer?? I doubt it somehow.

  • Too early to say how things are, coz the Board are simply not saying what the reasons are, preferring to keep it confidential. So we dont know whether funds were not promised over the summer. But in all this, not a word from DD, so he alread has ,y respect for that and a lot more, while PHW has gone on to say DD knew more abt the Kroenke share purchase, blah blah blah. I agree with PG, for PHW to make that kind of statement abt Kroenke without even finding out what his intentions are is fool-hardy to say the least.

  • No man is bigger than the club, however he will be back. Stop panicking, we have had players, managers ect leave before. We have alwasy been succesful and always will be.

  • I think you are underestimating DD influence. Look at the other top 3 clubs in england, none of them have been able to negotiate deals like DD. All of them without exception overpay for players. Arsenal are the only team who has got players for their real or in some cases even lower than their real value. Edelman is taking over DD role, which quite frankly scares me to death. People are saying they don’t want a takeover yet are happy for a guy that doesn’t even like football (& yes he has admitted that, he is purely at arsenal for the original challenge of the new stadium & for the money), to be the one who represents us across the world & the one to negotiate contracts & signings even though he was the one who f***** the cole deal up.

  • Agreed AG, Dein was instrumental in bringing many many players to Arsenal, and as a friend of mine said yesterday “Send Edelman to sign Samuel Eto’o and he’ll come back having spent twice as much and with a different player!

  • I think this summer will be the worst we have endured (& we have had some bad ones around henry & especially vieira) for a very long time. Wenger is clearly considering his future, not that he will leave before his contract ends, of that there is no doubt. However he is a man of his word so there is no chance of us signing anyone including youngsters this summer. He would never bring anyone to the club if he wasn’t 100% sure he was there for the long haul as he has maintained for many years, he feels a responsibility towards the players he signs.

  • AG, we all were saying last year how Wenger should be with the club for life, and now we dont even know if he is going to last 2 years as manager !!! Strange how things change, and so much :).

  • Whats so strange about this whole thing is that Wenger has been so anti a takeover & yet clearly Dein was for it. Apparently Dein & Kroenke know each other pretty well. A lot of gooners & especially PHW are trying to suggest that DD is only in it for the money he can get, but I find that a ridiculous thing to suggest. Would he really have got himself pushed from the club he loves in the off chance that Kroenke can make a successful takeover bid?? I seriously doubt it somehow. He could have stayed & kept taking the money like the rest of them but he chose to go. He wants arsenal to be the best in the world & yes rewards would’ve come along with that, but I wouldn’t begrudge any director or owner earning fortunes if they were willing to back the team & the surroundings. I do however care when no marks like Edelman are earning more than any other person at arsenal board level & doing absolutely nothing for the fans!!

  • David Dein is an Arsenal supporter, even Wenger said his heart was red an white. Now Wenger saying that alone triggers thoughts around a hostile take over bid. I do believe with David Dein at the helm, Wenger on the board

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