Date: 20th May 2006 at 2:33pm
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Frank Rijkaard has been left fuming that Thierry Henry has comitted his future to the Gunners, he seemed pretty sure he would get his man, but now demands an explination from club sporting director, Txiki Beguiristain.

Not only does Txiki Beguiristain have the most ridiculous name in world football, but he now has an anrgy Dutchman on his case. Rijkaard and his band of merry men, over turned the Gunners 2-1 in Paris on Wednesday night, but the catalans appear to be less happy than Arsenal come the end of the week.

Henry was hotly tipped to join Barca, but now, the roles have been reversed as the losers become the winners, and the mugs who were wearing Barcelona shirts with ‘Henry’ printed on the back are a few quid out of pocket. Funny.

Frank Rijkaard said,

‘It’s certain he (Henry) was interested in participating in this project and he told a lot of people that,’ stated the Dutch coach. ‘When something like this happens it is Txiki who must respond, I can only talk about people who are already in the dressing room. ‘After Txiki has spoken perhaps I will be able to add something more.’

Oh well Frankyboy, you’ll just have to be content with Ronaldinho, or some other lesser player.


14 Replies to “Frank-ly, He’s Not Amused”

  • Wait until E’to packs his bags and moves to London to join Henry. My guess is Rijkaard will really hit the roof.

  • henry at barca would just finish off their team nicely but im very pleased youve kept him

  • rijkard thought he won every thing but not thierry.I bet you`re at home crying of yourself that thierry is never comin to spain.

  • u idiots writing negative articles about barcelona they are a 10 times better, richer and bigger club then arsenal, they would never sell the name of their stadium to arabs, and the *****.ed on you in the final, they dont even need henry.

  • They beat us in the final, yeah. But we got the biggest prize of all. Thierry Henry. And Rijkaard knows that.

  • That’s funny Dew, because all season you have been leaving comments such as “Henry is off to Barca lalalalalala” and that “Barca will rule with Henry” I can dig them up if you want?!?! Barcelona maybe a bigger club than us, but in the same vein, we are so much bigger than you. Bigger stadium, more money, more trophies……………so if you think we are crap, what does that make you??

  • Actually Dew on the ‘who is richer’ issue you are wrong. According to the latest Deloitte rich list Arsenal are richer than Barcelona.

    1 (1) Man Utd £171.5m
    2 (4) Real Madrid £156.3m
    3 (3) AC Milan £147.2m
    4 (10) Chelsea £143.7m
    5 (2) Juventus £142.4m
    6 (7) Arsenal £115m
    7 (13) Barcelona £110.1m
    8 (6) Inter Milan £110.3m
    9 (5) Bayern Munich £110.1m
    10 (8) Liverpool £92.3m

    We also have a better stadium(not bigger) and arguably a larger worldwide fan base.

    And your statement about arabs just goes to show why Henry doesn’t want to play in a country riddled with racist rednecks like yourself.

  • homie… english isn’t your first language? maybe numbers will be simpler for you. The estimated valuation is based on debt and other incomes based on Deloitte’s source. I don’t know where you get your data. Ya better check yourself before you break yourself fool!…. Who needs Henry. A lot of fluff and no show under pressure. Keep deceiving yourself about how great Henry and that Barca has lost a great bid.. while the cup is sitting pretty in Barcelona.. Get off your high horse… you got beat by a better team.. nuff said..

  • the fact that your manager is whinging about T.H only a day after he secured the biggest trophy in club football tells you barca HAS lost a great bid. dont kid yourself “…betis”.as for the racist ‘dew’ get stuffed and get your facts right otherwise you sound
    I would have loved to see 11 gunners take on barca, the first 15mins says an upset was on the cards…arsenal are the complete soccer team they represent what football is about.

  • Their mad man who forced the T Shirt on TH (Villarreal 2nd leg) must be thinking, he got the forumula wrong!
    They need to be content with the CL trophy.

  • mish… err, you’re comparing a team who has already proved themselves by winning cup and a guy TH who is on a team without a cup and you ask who has the bigger trophy? puuulezzz… don’t make yourself sound stupid than you really are. And don’t use the word “whinning” either as a quick search on goggle will only come up with Wenger or Henry on the top of the list. Rijkaard won’t be on the search list. The fact is that Henry is good but he’s going to be sharing the spotlight with Eto’o and Ronaldinho. If TH comes to Barca, he’s going to be a small fish n a big pond. With an ego like his, how can he share the spotlight. So, it’s better to be a big fish in a small pond, the premiership. Don’t be mad, I’m only being real!

  • Real Betis…perhaps economics isn’t your strong point so I advise you to avoid the numbers as they obviously confuse you. But if you are interested We are talking about INCOME, (ticket sales and merchandising).Even in valuation Barca are trailing.
    Perhaps you and Sevilla should stick to the UEFA cup where you belong.
    In the meantime tell Barca to come back to us when they can really afford Henry and stop wasting their time printing all those shirts with his name on the back.

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