Date: 7th September 2007 at 9:47am
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After much speculation, Arsene Wenger has finally committed his future to Arsenal and signed a three year extension to his solitary year he has remaining on his current contract. YAY!!!

Since Wenger’s arrival, our club has been transformed into a completely different entity. Gone are the days of ‘Boring boring Arsenal’ and Le Boss ushered in the era of ‘Wengerball’, the most slick and stylish football ever to grace the summit of the English game.

Despite misguided folks, fooled my the media hype omitted from the red tops, consistently pointing fingers at Mr Wenger accusing him of ‘spoiling’ our national team (since when was it any good?) the greatest Arsenal manager ever has done more for the reputation of the Premier League than any other manager…….EVER.

The current board of our football club holds complete and total faith in Arsene Wenger, so much so that AW has complete freedom in almost every single aspect of the organisation. The boards trust emulates that of the fans.

Wenger’s new contract was confirmed on the official club website this morning, with Wenger stating his love for the ‘club of his life’ as the main reason for the new contract.

Arsène said to “My heart is tied to this football club so signing a new deal was always my intention. Arsenal is the club of my life. I have been entrusted with complete freedom to implement and execute my plans on what will make the team successful and that means I have a responsibility to the fans to deliver silverware and also a responsibility to the players to help turn our potential into prizes. This Club has deep-seated roots and a tremendous heritage and it is my aim to uphold these important values and help create new history for future generations to recount.”

This is easily the biggest signing of the summer, indeed our biggest ever signing. Thierry Henry’s come and Thierry Henry’s go, but there will only ever be………..ONE ARSENE WENGER, THERE’S ONLY ARSENE WENGER, ONE ARSENE WEEEEENNNNNNNGGGGERRRRR!!!!


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  • Best news I’ve heard in ages although we all knew it was coming. Maybe that says something about my life, or maybe its just really good news. Anyways it’s 7’o’clock on Friday night here and what better reason/excuse to go out for a few celebatory ‘fosters’ than because the greatest club in the world resigned the greatest manager in the world. Drink up, there’s only one team in london and there’s only one Arsene Wenger! Cheers!


  • Where are the prophets of doom now? I want to see them eating their words!
    In his time, we played the totties 25 times, they won once. Isn’t it time we pick somebody our own size as archrivals? This is like Mike Tyson against my 7 year old daughter…

  • And great that it’s a 3-year contract too. Nothing much to add really about Arsene Wenger is there? My only hope is that his biggest legacy is that future managers try to uphold HIS values of the style of football we now play, with a mixture of youth and experience. If we win the PL this year it will be the best one ever.

  • And in the gmae they beat uz we had two players wrongly sent off. Iw onder how many spuddies rmember that one?

  • First we had the Invincibles; now Arsene wants to “create new history for future generations to recount”. What can you say? Get in there Arsene!!

  • Incredible news (although expected). What a turn around from a few months ago with Dein “leaving”, Titi going and all the spuds telling us we’re a team in decline as our manager is going to Real (obviously we don’t listen to that the same as we don’t listen to “we’re gonna finish above you” and “we’re a team on the up”). Things are bright for us! If I could kiss Arsene’s rosy cheek then I would (but I fear he’d have me arrested!!!).

  • Right, i’m getting pssssed lunchtime. Well from about 11.30. A celebratory red wine frenzy is on the cards.

  • the most respected manager in the world, players look upon him akin to a father figure, the loyalty he inspires and the football he gets his teams to produce, the care he takes with the team and the club’s finances, and the gems he unearths… THERE’S ONLY ONE ARSENE WENGER!!! Thanks for re-signing Arsene, I can rest easy knowing the club is in the best hands it possibly could be. NOW GO GET ‘EM, GAFFER!!! »»Arsene Knows««

  • Come on then Rocky, I know where he lives! We can wait outside and when he walks out his door in his dressing gown to get his morning paper…….

  • That only means his house is free and we can lie in wait for AW to get home and plant a big smackeroony on him!!

  • Read the full interview on the official site. The man oozes class and i think i love him. Nice to know that the orchestra will continue to develop with the world’s greatest conductor. I think it pretty much guarantees that we’ll be keeping Cesc for another 4 years at least. F*** i’m happy.

  • Hahaha, see, then we really would get arrested!!! Maybe if we knocked on his door and kissed Mrs W….? Then vicariously we’d be kissin the big man!!!

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