Date: 31st January 2007 at 11:51pm
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As usual the superb match report will come from Mr Stillman, but I just can not let this occassion pass without comment.

Believe it or not (I don’t care really) I fully intended to end this evening with a graceful article, whatever the result.

If we’d have won (which of course we did) I was going to show my gratitude to Spurs for their part in an enthralling cup tie, that over two legs has produced some scintillating football and many memorable moments.

If we’d have lost, through gritted teeth admittedly, I was going to offer congratulations to our poor neighbours and wish them luck in the final.

That was my intention.

However, considering Tottenham’s belief that they have the greatest supporters in the world of football, they were easily out sung by the Ashburton faithful. That is until the ‘fans’ from the Lane boisterously sang the vile song that I will not acknowledge by quoting.

Considering the lengths both Arsenal & Chelsea went through to make sure Mr Cole wasn’t abused in any which way by Gooners who travelled to Stamford Bridge, how the visiting Spuddies are consistently allowed to omit this filth in regular bursts is astonishing.

It is with the sickening thought of that song in mind that I say………..


Forever in our Shadow.


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  • As soon as the 3rd goal went in they left in their droves, ive got the photo’s to prove it! I hope this is the last we hear about their great support as its the 2nd time this year they have deserted their troops when their troops needed them most! As for that vile song….like ive said before anyone who can make a joke about child abuse does not belong in a football ground….there were 5000 of them to my left.

  • Any pity you start to feel for the losers then they sing crap like that and you just think naaaah you’re scum are’nt you?, the longest standing joke in English football, they’re not even in our shadow cos even that is too bright for em – too poor to be called pondlife – they’re puddlelife

  • having said that, ‘sit down tumour boy’ was’nt my proudest moment as a gooner, shame on the *****s that started that up.

  • when i was just a little boy,i asked my mother what should i be…. should i be arsenal?should i be spurs?and this what she says to me. wash your mouth out son, and go get your fathers gun, and shoot all the totnum scum…wash your mouth out son

  • hes only a poor little spurs scum,he sits at the back of the shelf,he goes to the bar, to buy a lager,and only buys one for himself,
    tight ********

  • Just a thought lads but did Goonerchef strike again last night?, or did Lennon just get the almighty fear?

  • spuds fans were abysmal. Only offered token efforts at ‘vocality’ and decided to sing only once they’d scored. That didnt last long. If we have a library, they mave a morgue… »»Arsene Knows««

  • Is it just great being a gooner, and like the article I too was going to say well done, but then I realised it was the scum I was thinking of and they are just scum. I thought young Denilson played a game an a half he was terrific. Diaby (at times it looked as though Pat was back) Traore, and Hoyte had great games. Almunia seems to grow even better with each game. The lads were really great a great game. Then with dismay I read an article by Neilson in the Daily Mail, is this ******* a spurs supporter, what a *****er he really is. Every article from him spews of (in between the lines) hate for the gunners. I would like to think he was a scum spud fan, but they can?t read or write, so where does he come from.

  • Lennon was poison again before the match
    that is what Mr M.Jol will say after 7 weeks..
    like he said after 7 weeks that Arsenal first 2 goals was not OK 1 was not a penalty and 1 was hand ball(in EPL)

  • Good morning to you all – I dont wanna give Jol any excuses, but he should look no further than the end of his nose. If he wants to play sunday league football, and have less subs than his opponents, then he should come manage my sunday outfit. Congratulations on yet another victory. I don’t know why i expected anything else.

  • Your grace is astounding Jacky B. However, surely the Spuds told Lennon to stay away from the lasagne?! Denilson has to play in the final, he’s been motm or close to it in every round. Oh and watching the Spuds players reluctantly go and applaud a load of empty seats at the end was priceless! It was a great game, both legs were, played in a decent spirit as well. A shame the referee tried his best to make the occasion about him.

  • honestly thought your boys were gonna nick it in the last minutes of full time Jacky, Jol arsed up big time with the subs list, Lennon shoulda been made to play if he was ok up til an hour or so before at least come on for the last 15 mins, I believe if you look up the word magnanimous in the dictionary there might well be a picture of you Jacky B.

  • Yeah, in injury time of normal time I really thought they were gonna “do a Rocky” on us. I can’t believe they didn’t go for it in extra time. Spurs failed to go for the jugular at the Lane at 2-0 which was his first mistake, but not going for it when they had to score in extra time is just plain stupid!

  • I have never had so much fun with my pants on. Good on you Jacky B. Well played young lads and well played Mrs.Hatespur for recording it for me so I could lord it up again when I got home. I knew there was a reason I married her.

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