Date: 27th August 2006 at 9:03pm
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The albatros around the Gunners neck is their reluctance to shoot.

The old cliche goes that you can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket.

Well it seems that Arsenal have many people in the queue to buy said ticket, yet when their turn comes the let someone else in front of them, and so the chance to buy the winning ticket peters out.

This seems to have been a nasty little habbit for quite sometime now, stretching back well over a year. I think this has materilised through Arsenal’s ability to walk past defences and always find the man on the line to tap into an empty net between the period of 2002 and 2004, but now they are taking it to the exteme.

It seems to me that we are afraid to shoot unless inside the penalty area. Never have I seen so many missed opportunities to have a dig from distance only for them to be ignored. Infact it has gotten so bad that I’ve been sat near gooners screaming for a shot even when it’s not plausible for them to finish from whatever situations the players find themselves in.

The ridiculous thing is that we are sat one place above relegation zone (not my point, and not something to get worried about) when we have enough chances to win 5 games never mind the two that we’ve been in.

We’re not even playing bad football, we’re creating the chances, but just not taking them.

I’m not going to join the doom and gloom brigade who are convinced we’ll finish outside the top four, but unless we’re willing to have a crack from distance we’ll miss out on so many points this season that it will cause us quite a lot of discomfort.

So Mr Wenger, if you’re looking for innovative new training ideas or methods, how about you take you players and practise shooting from outside the area, because your Gooners are getting restless.


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  • I think this point has been a little misguided. You’re right about one thing, on saturday peoplke were shouting shoot as soon as we crossed the halfway line. The problem is I think there aren’t as many chances to shoot as people think, as soon as any of our players are within shooting distance, there’s immediately three players on them. Two years ago we played with a high tempo, one and two touch, at the moment we have a tendency to slow the game down which is frustrating, because when you pass and move quickly, defences can do nothing.

  • But I’ve seen Hleb, Cesc, Ade and others all on the edge of the box with a chance to shoot, ok its not like they have loads of time but they still have chance to shoot. The only player not afraid to have a crack is RvP. We don’t play the same way we used to and we need to realise that we need to take our chances, with out a real winger like Bobby, we’re not going to create chances like we used to.

  • Bucolic, mid-table comfort is about best you can hope for this year with such a winded, knackered, clubbed-out lot. I hear Spurs are going to ‘swoop’ for Wenger.

  • Not only are we shot shy nobody is in the box for a header when the rare cross comes over. How many headed goals were scored by Arsenal last season? I’ll bet less than 5.
    There doesn’t seem to be any room for an airborne attack to support the ground assault. Is this a French thing?

  • There may be an over reliance on Henry. He is the “go to guy’ and when he’s off form it screws everything up. I have noticed we play a different game when he’s absent.

  • When Theo came on he wasnt afraid to take a shot or two from distance…but then again when you look at our squad full of players who have known to hit some out of the box shots (ex. Rosicky, Van Persie, and even Henry) you just wonder why the rest of the Arsenal aren’t taken those chances.

  • The depressing thing (well not depressing but worrying) is that our best player so far this season has been young Theo Walcott who hasn’t even played 90 minutes!!

  • arsenal rely on being in the ‘zone’ to score goals. teams like man u and chelsea dont. if they are playing badly they can still get the ball into the box quickly and their players just have a go. they have quality players (like us) who are willing to just have a go all the time. it seems Arsenal will never play like this, and if we ever slip out of our zone, we just cannot win. thats why winning the title is going to be hard for us. we play the best football in the league but we are one of the least effective with it.

  • it is fustrating that al we want to do is score that perfect goal, but scrappy goals count all the same, its getting difficult to watch arsenal with out getting fustrated at them, but then we do play the best football in the world

  • you are living in dream land if you think your playing the best football, you must have missed man utd.s opening 3 games, and obviously in your world your not counting barcelona, with messi deco ronaldinho and eto making your team look like crap.

  • He didnt say we are ‘playing’ the best football in the world, he said we ‘play’ it. There is a difference.

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