Date: 8th February 2016 at 1:01pm
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The Gunners got a great win away to Bournemouth yesterday but it could have been very different had the referee played to the letter of the law.

In the 9th minute of the match Mathieu Flamini took it upon himself to jump two footed into a tackle. Yes he won the ball however about four years ago referees were instructed to punish all two footed challenges whether successful or not, with a red card.

After seeing a number of Arsenal players laying prone on the pitch with limbs hanging on by the muscle, it`s a ruling that I will always support. There`s no need to make tackles like that and players are fully aware of it too.

I don`t think Flamini tried to hurt the player, he`s seems a like a genuine guy, but he is and always has been fairly reckless when it comes to tackling, indeed it doesn`t feel like an Arsenal game unless he gets a yellow card.

Flamini himself thought the ref made a good decision.

“I was focused on the ball. We went together to compete and I got the ball but it was a good decision from the referee.”

“Definitely not [mean to hurt him]. We both went for the ball and [the fact is that] we took each other.”

I think Mathieu was very lucky to escape with a yellow and at a point in the season when every point is vital those are decisions players really ought not be making.

Hopefully the gaffer will have a word in his shell-like.

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