Date: 3rd May 2007 at 8:23am
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A great band once sang the lyrics ‘F**k you I won’t do what you tell me’, and never did it ring so true as when watching the Champions League semi finals this week.

Whilst viewing the Liverpool v Chelsea & the AC Meelan v Man Utd games this week, I don’t mind telling you that I felt a little bit ‘green monster’ at the thought of being left out, I mean, if someone tells you they aint bothered that their closest rivals are in the semi finals of the Champions League, then they’re liars.

However I have been amazed to see actually how many supporters of other clubs seem to be forced beyond their will to cheer for these teams just because of the single fact that they come from England.

‘Oh you’ve gotta cheer the English teams on haven’t you’

Er, No.

These are teams I spend my days bitching about, I cherish every game we reign victorious against them and feel sick to the stomach when we lose.

We laugh when they lose, they bite back when it’s our turn. So why oh why do we feel it necessary to jump on the European bandwagon?

When Liverpool fought back to bag ol big ears for the 5th time in Istanbul, I watched the game with my scouse mate, I cheered the ‘Pool on for my friends sake, I consoled him when they were 3-0 down and assured him they’d win when it came down to penalties. And what did I get when that winning spot kick went in?

‘Ahhhhhhh, five times, five times, you’ve never won it, come see your dad!!’

Needless to say I’ve never been one for authorities, or people telling me what to do, I don’t like to follow the crowd, I don’t eat grass and I don’t ‘baaaaa’, so the next time someone tells you you have to support a team in Europe just because they are English and you really don’t want to, remember the lyrics of Rage Against The Machine and sing…….

‘F**ck you, I won’t do what you tell me’

Come on AC Milan!!!


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  • I was just having this same conversation with a mate of mine. United could play the Taliban select 11 and i’d still want them to get stuffed.

  • Exactly. I mean, have much of a moron do you have to be? You cheer these teams on, only for them to use it as ammo against you when they win. “Go on mate, you sharpen that sword, you’re doing a great job. Brilliant. Owwwwwww, what the ***** did you stab me for?”

  • I did see the semi-finals and the results could not have made me happier. Trebles and quadruples all down the drain. These are two clubs I despise most (after the sp*rs, of course), especially because of the same arrogant fans that Mr. Mustchin mentioned, and I happen to know quite a few of them.

  • I admit to being quite chuffed when L’Pool pulled it back against Milan last time and then we have 2 years of Scousers rubbing our noses in it. I was young(er) and naive then. Not this time. FORZA MEEELAN. They done the best bit by kicking the Lotto Chavs out though.

  • spot on lads. you’d never find me cheering on spurs/chelsea or liverpool in ANY competition. i also have to admit to wanting liverpool to win last time when they were 3 down but before the match i was all for milan and will be again. but then again i don’t have the same hatred for liverpool as the other three clubs.

  • I think many of us have warmed to Liverpool since they keep beating Chelsea in Semi-finals. I do remember however when Liverpool and their fans were the most arrogant and revered mob in world football.

  • well, i am happy united and chelski are out, but if i had to chose between milan and liverpool i would back rafa.. why ? cos i like the guy, he is media friendly, never says anything stupid or arrogant and for me liverpool is the underdog in the final, so i like to support the “smaller” club 😉

  • Oh yes guys why not. Am going for AC Milan lest we get taunted at every opportunity

  • I’ll go for Milan as well. Not because they are or are not english simply because, last night at least, they played football as it should be played . Also Benitez is getting something of a reputation as a master tactician, albeit one who wins on penalties, and that is a myth that deserves to be punctured.

  • I think I’m with you on that one Pure Gold. I know that there’s a few Liverpool fans who like to rub our noses in it, but to be honest the majority of the ones I know were cheering Arsenal on in the C/L Final last season. I’m glad that Utd are out, but I do have a grudging respect for them and i thought that Ferguson showed some class last night in his interview after the match. Now Chelsea on the other hand…….Mourinho, Kenyon, Drogba, Cole, Robben, awful football…….. what is there possibly to like about them?

  • flv, form is temporary, class is permanant. That is the single most important thing to remember when you think of Chelsea.

  • flv-you are right. i think the last 3 seasons have shown me that at least utd have done things the right way and the only reason i don’t like them is because they have been our main rivals over the last 10 years. with chelsea however, it’s a hatred not just out of rivalry. they’re a disgrace to the league and from the chairman through to the manager and the players they’re utter scum.

  • Like you Amos, it sickens me that Chelsea can spend £500m but still refuse to play proper football; there is no excuse for such cynicism and being content with a 1-0 home lead. While liverpool are the underdog and have a much classier manager as PG rightly says, they are not too positive on the pitch either, so although I wouldn’t begrudge them winning, I would prefer to just say “May the best man win!”.

  • Anyone heard that in an unprecedented move, UEFA have decided that there should be a 3rd place play off this year and have decided to hold it at Wembley on the 19th May! ….its called the FA cup! Now I know where the AIG comes from on the front of Man U Shirts.Athens Is Gone!! Couldnt agree with you more Paul

  • to be fair to l’pool, they can actually play proper football as they showed it against barca, though they lost the match..they hit the bar 3 times… and if milan plays like yesterday, i can only see them winning…it should be a good match..i’m not tooo cruel to see pool joining us with no silverware this season… so, i’ll support pool…one time only

  • I’m torn on this one. If Milan win, I win myself fifty quid. But the whole reason I bet on them in the first place is that it is a disgrace they were allowed in this year’s competition and the second they were reinstated (they are G-14 aren’t they? Just a thought) I thought to myself, ‘the corrupt ********s will win it now.” I find ‘Pool winning it much more palatable than United or Chelsea, a bit like the difference between being stuffed five or six nil, they’re way ahead of us in Euro Cups anyway. The others I just despise (though Chelsea more so).

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