Date: 22nd July 2007 at 2:58pm
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Manchester United Red Sox manager Alex ‘Purple nose’Ferguson says that the race for the Premiership will be a four way race next season.

United ran away with the Premiership last season, finishing 21 points ahead of Arsenal, but the Scot is no fool, and can obviously see that Arsenal will be there or there abouts next season.

United have done the most strengthening this summer with Owen Hargreavs arriving along with starlets Nani and Anderson, a total of around £50Million spending. Carlos Tevez also seems United-bound for a further £30Million.

Arsenal have also added to their squad, although not to the extent United have. Sagana, Fabianksi and Eduardo Da Silva have all arrived at The Grove this summer, although it would seem that only the latter will be first choice next season.

Speaking to Sky Sports Fergie said: ‘There is no gap between the top four teams.

‘We are happy with the signings we have made and we have a great chance but there is no complacency in terms of the challenge we will face from other clubs.

‘Liverpool have bought five players, Arsenal have two or three and while Chelsea have only actually bought one, they have added a few others.

‘It just tells you what a great desire there is amongst us all to win the Premier League.’

And to think Tottenhams fans believed Mourinho when he said they’ll be title competitors next season. The term ‘clutching at straws’ springs to mind.


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  • Can’t wait for the first whistle of the season to blow! Oh and I wouldn’t write the teeny Totts off Simmo – if they sort out their defence, replace their goalie and start again with their midfield, they might catch us 🙂

  • you know what Andy, you have a point…they are closer than I thought. 😛 Although you did forget one thing…a new manager.

  • lol I forgot about that! Anyway, enough about them… check out the News & Media section and get posting that article onto the Front Page – you know the one from the telegraph about Brits etc… you know you want to, dont you? You do? oh ok.

  • That be the one LD! I cut and paste half of it, and posted it with an opening paragraph in the News section of the forum…called it “We do British too”. Seriously though, the article is an indictment to some of the sh(i)t-stirrers we get around here sometimes.

  • Yep, don’t even get me started on that dreadful little club! Honestly though, I’m chuffed and proud that people at our club are doing this and slowly making a difference. It must be hard hard graft to build an academy like that and patiently work at it, improve it, look after it, and watch it grow. I think we have to marvel a bit at those people beavering away out of the spotlight, and taking the club and even the national game forward.

  • Ah the smug congratulation back slapping of you lot. I doubt that Andy-bayor or Little Dutch would want to post the full article but here’s the bit that reinforces what most people think ….. “Wenger has a reputation for nursing young continental talent at the expense of English players, forcing the likes of Steve Sidwell and England Under-18 captain Fabrice Muamba, who moved to Birmingham in May, to leave in search of first-team football. However, it seems the long-term goal is to field English players – heartening news for England coach Steve McClaren and the Football Association” …. the key words here are ‘nuturing continental talent at the expense of …. ‘ & ‘SEEMS’ …. its a pity he didn’t see the error of his ways 10 years ago and based on his track record I wonder how many will even get a sniff of the reserve let alone first team. Whilst most Premiership teams have nothing to crow about, at least they make the effort to try to sign talented players from Championship sides strengthening the depth of football in this country … local lads joining local teams in the hope that good play will lead to an opportunity at a big club.

  • Oh and there is also an article in the main part of the paper – here it says that 73% of the players in Serie A are Italian and over 60% of players regularly performing in La Liga 1 are Spanish …. Italy are the current World Cup holders and an Italian club are the current CL holders fielding I think 7 Italians in their winning team. The Spanish league is rated the best in Europe. In the Premiership only 42% of the players are English. The point is excessive purchasing of non-descript continental players does nothing to assist the quality of the individual teams or of the national side. It should be mentioned that in the FULL article, the comments were also not so flattering about the fielding of a full XVI of nonEnglish players so Andy-bayor – go and look up what ‘indictment means’ … Little Dutch, Arsenal were mentioned as they are regarded of the pioneers of the problem that is now trying to be corrected with even Wenger seeing what a mistake he has made.

  • Sir Alex complements you’re club and you can only describe him with personal abuse and name calling – what a classy set of supporters you must be … oh and ‘Scot’ is spelt with one ‘t’

  • Purple nose is not an insult, it’s a nickname. Indeed Scot is spelt with one ‘t’…it’s called a typo.

  • Kernowboy, Serie A is well known as a league in decline, La Liga is considered the second best league in the world by just about every pundit I’ve heard talk about it, second the The Premiership. The artilce says that only Wigan and ‘boro have a higher ratio of English players in their academy, I would say that is the most important point in the article, espically considering the article title is “Arsenal lead the way for English Youngsters.” No mention of how Chelsea are doing well with English talent is there? No. Arsenal have a training centre dedicated to devolping the technical ability of young ENGLISH players. So you can shove all your word twisting where the sun don’t shine!

  • Dearie me kernowboy, great barrel-scraping there and the posts of a tight-fisted resentful spirit, unable to offer even the tiniest bit of credit. Non-descript continental players? Surely that’s not Rocha, Tainio et al. I’m bloody delighted about what we are doing! It’s good to have roots in the area, and it’s great that we are actively trying to make a difference from our local point that will hopefully radiate out to the rest of the country as well as the national side. This is part of a long-term plan to develop local talent rather than a flash in the pan, so yes – it merits a good old slap on the back.

  • Good article there Andy. Good to read a perspective on offer (which might not suit kernowboy’s version of Arsenal).

  • get real guys, arsenal are one four the big four clubs in the prem, as such should have at least 3 or 4 players in the england squad, Foreign National managers must love clubs like arsenal, who are undermining the National side dramatically. Do you really, i mean really think these overpaid imports care about the club, the people , the supporters etc, how many of them stay in london when their contracts are up. Arsenal sadly barely qualify as an English club at all anymore.

  • English owners…English youth players. Ashley Cole, Sol Campbell, Jermain Pennant, Steve Sidewell, Upson…

  • Chris, kerno, agreed if the guys blindly supporting the track record of the last few years and the position the club is in now, where any more blinkered, they would be running in the 4.30 at chepstow ! lol

  • goofie, last i saw most of them aren’t actually arsenal players anymore, how many current players ?, somtimes you can be a better supporter by speaking out against things than just by trying to justify the unjustifiable

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