Date: 29th July 2007 at 2:24pm
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‘I believe this team can fight for the title.’ Those are the words of would-be Arsenal captain, Cesc Fabregas.

Don’t forget them, because if he is the man lifting The Premiership for Arsenal come May, they’ll go down in the history book.

The Spanish youngster would seem to be on a charm offensive with manager Arsene Wenger, as he bids to become one of Arsenal’s youngets ever captains.

Of course there are three teams who the bookies say have a better chance of winning the league, but that hasn’t stopped Arsenal in the past, so why should it now?

Cesc knows that and even said as much to The News of The World: ‘While I respect the decisions of Henry and Ljungberg, I believe this team can fight for the title.

‘The Premiership favourites are the same as last year – Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and us.

‘And if we begin as a force, I do not discard the chance of Arsenal winning the title.’


44 Replies to “Fabregas Sets His Sights On Title”

  • van persies goal is one for the highlight reels. that was a complete display from THE ARSENAL. our pre-season is almost complete and our match sharpness is very good. a goal from midfield as well…its all coming together.

  • WHAT A BRILLIANT GOAL BY RVP ! 20+ THIS SEASON 4 SURE !!! eboue played very well in the rm spot…..sagna was brilliant today !!

  • too true, RVP is the dogs knackers, naughty goal… really impressed with hleb also,hes beginning to show his class again,the only player ım concerned about is gallas,has he become the new campbell? i mean solid display,reads the game well and very commited,but one lapse of concentration,one mistake and we are punished

  • The whole team played fantastically today, aside from Hleb and RVP…Gibbs was a worthy mention as well…and Flamini didn’t look out of place either…now for Lazio this Thursday…

  • Well done lads, did’nt let their heads drop when they were all over Inter like a rash yet still went behind with their only srike on target AGAIN!!, although Inter did’nt really show up full marks to the kids that played em off the park, blinding bullet from RVP and nice to see Hleb rewarded with a goal 2.

  • Good game, though I am still concerned about our defensive weakness. We completely dominated play, and Inter only had something like 2 chances on goal. Hleb looked good in the 2nd half, after a quiet 1st half.

  • Good goal from RVP! Now their is an interesting dual. Berbagod or RVP, for the title of best striker in north London. I’m sure you’ll all say RVP, and we’ll say Berbagod. But trying to look at both players objectively I would still give Berbagod the edge; I see 2 areas of RVP game that I believe is superior to Berbagod. 1. He has more pace, 2. His shot contains more venom than Berbagod. However I think Berbagod has a better all round game, 1. He holds the line up better, 2. He has a better 1st touch 3. He brings other players in the game better 4. Offers more in the air. Nothing to choose between them as far as a goal threat is concern. The one caveat that I would put on my assesment, is the fact that Berba has only done it for one season. Would be interested to hear your opinions on both players (unbiased of course)

  • Hleb and Flamini have scored, now for Tomas, Cesc and Bert to open their accounts for the season then we should do alright!!!

  • It is a good duel Topspur, but I would still give the edge to RVP, coz he is way more talented than Berbie, and I believe we still havent seen the best of RVP over a full season. RVP is very good with free kicks, one more area where he scores over Berbie. Though Berbie brings other players in, I believe RVP does it better. Plus RVP is more versatile and can come in off the wings, something that I havent seen Berbie do. That said, it is extremely difficult to look at it objectively.

  • Your assesment does not surprise me at all; we will just have to see. I’m really looking forward to this season, their are some cracking games in prospect.

  • Berbatov has more experience than RvP but I think they are different types of players. RvP is more likely to produce the spectacular while Berbatov is a little more of a poacher/box player from what I have seen. Is there any significance in the fact that RvP got more premiership goals than Berbie last season despite playing the half the number of games? Maybe not but we’ll see what this season brings.

  • Topspur, Berbatov is what 28/29? now and undoubtably in the prime of his career, so really there won’t be no any huge improvement esp. not in the pace dept! RVP is 24 and only just beginning to hit his peak of ability. This season he will be our top dog and I can see in him it’s something he relishes. The lineage of Wengers’ untouchables will see the realisation of another super world class Arsenal player, Berbatov threw himself into his first season in the PL to get himself in the shop window, he has not hidden the fact he views Spurs as “a stepping stone” (his own words) at the end of the next season he’ll be close to hitting 30 and desperate to win honours at one of the big 4, and despite the huffing and puffing of various players (Bent) and the odd ever hopeful spud journo – that won’t include Sp*rs.

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