Date: 23rd January 2007 at 9:37am
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Cesc Fabregas is fast becoming the most highly rated midfielder in the world, but as he often proves, he’s not just a great footballer, but a young man with his head tightly screwed on.

After a string of fine performances over the last 18 months, Cesc has become an integral part of our squad, pulling the strings and dictating the play, he’s one of the first on the team sheet.

Now, the little Spaniard feels if we can keep up our work rate, then we will become unstoppable.

“We said after the Sheffield United game that something had to change,” said the 19-year-old Spaniard. “We needed to be stronger in every part of the game. And since then we have showed everyone that we have changed.

“We have moved on. Nobody can stop us if we carry on playing the way we are playing. We lost 1-0 at Sheffield United and there was a lot of things to improve and think about. That’s what we did and right now we are feeling really, really good.’

Indeed, Fabregas believes that title is still not out of our sights.

“Even if we don’t have to think about it right now we know there is still a chance. It is really annoying to beat Tottenham, Liverpool three times, Man United two times, draw at Chelsea then you see a table and [Man United] are far away.’

“Today was the big day. If we have drawn or lost we could say goodbye to the Premiership. But there is still a small chance and until someone says to me it is over we will think we can still do it.”


21 Replies to “Fabregas: Nobody Can Stop Us”

  • great Boy he canceld out schools in the midfield twice this year
    he is on of the greatest in the world and he is only 19!!

  • i just love the confidence from such young individuals that play so well as a team… that is the difference, its a team ! henry is off, but someone else is making the effects, or toure has a stinker, yet Djhouro plays well.. its a team effect, we are not a one man team, never have been, as the spuds will find out tomorrow.

  • In retrospect, the Sheffield defeat might have been the best thing that could have happened to us.

  • Indeed LD, I think after the heart break (for them) of Sunday, Man Utd will go on to storm the title now. Smashing their next league opponents into oblivion!!

  • It is just a shame we needed so many abject away games against crap teams to kick us into motion. If we had galvanized ourselves after Man.City instead of Sheffield Utd. we’d be top now.

  • I reckon if we reach the Champions League Final this season we have a better chance of winning it than we ever had last year. The team has matured so much and they have shown they can handle almost anything that gets *****ed at them. Next season no one will touch us in any competition.

  • lol Rocky thier football is just crap even when they have JT but i meant the chelsea from the past 2 years
    they would have taken all 3 points against likes of Fulham and others if they had JT fit

  • I think we’ll win the C.L this season. Let’s face it, whenever we have had to play the good sides this season the team has looked fantastic. It’s the ‘lesser’ teams that give us problems as we tend to switch off. We’ll only face top sides in Europe now and that will benefit us.

  • some times Top footballing sides will follow Bolton way so we have to cope with every thing bad footballing sides aswell as good footballing sides

  • Cesc is a truly great boy/man. Other than his football (which will see him win the Young player of the year this year) he seems to have a mature, intelligent head on him. He’s fast becoming a true legend and he’s still only 12!!!!

  • the difference is united tried to muscle us and stop us from playing on sunday, and we changed our game, normally we wouldn’t have come away with a result against that style of play, we have changed and we have a plan B now… i agree with you guys, this season and next, let the good times roll 🙂 oh and can I please have my wish for spuds to play in the championship 😀

  • Figured out how to log in here.

    I don’t know why you are taking that attitude to be honest, the guy is a good a striker. Personally I would like too see him at Arsenal and I think to a degree he would be more useful that Henry well no Henry does a lot for the team but anyway simply put. Anelka is a good finisher of the ball Henry isn’t he is a good player but not a pure blood striker. Arsenal create the oppurtunities we need someone like Robbie fowler or Van nistleroy who can scrape goals. On top of being a good player Anelka can score goals ruthlessly.

  • ****** wrong place. I will make a say on this anyway.

    Fabregas I have a lot of respect for. He is a younge player but the mind he has on him is that of an experienced player, yet unlike experienced players he is still learns if that makes sense.

    In the years to come he will become a top class player considering he is about 9 years away from his physical prime.

  • this guy has absolutely everything that a modern footballer needs. One thing i might say is that he does not get enough goals for the situations he creates for himself with the movement. Everything else suggests that there arent many players anywhere near his level. The scary thing is he will get better.

  • absloutly fab ! he just makes u feel that he owns the pitch! i just cant wait to see how great he will be at 23 !!

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