Date: 30th July 2007 at 6:35pm
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You would think that the top men at one of the worlds most famous football clubs would get the message when a player, his manager and his bosses all deny that a player will be joining them.

But no, not Real Madrid. A giant club they are, a rich club they are, but get the message they do not. (no, it’s not Yoda writing this, I just have a thing about him at the moment).

On countless occasions Fabregas has said he is happy at Arsenal, that he wishes to stay at Arsenal and that one day he will return to Spain – to play for his boyhood club Barcelona. His manager, who tied Cesc down to a record 7 year contract, has said that he is going nowhere and even members of the Arsenal board have said that Arsenal are not willing to do business with Real Madrid. But still Real Madrid do not get it.

That’s right folks, Real Madrid supremo Ramon Calderon says that he has a 3 year masterplan to take two of football’s biggest stars, and Arjen Robben (you liked that, didn’t you?, to Spain.

Althouh to his credit, he isn’t as blatant about it as those who have held his position before him.

Calderon told La Razon: ‘There’s a chance that they will all be here by the end of my third year in office.’

He was then asked if they would arrive over three summers to which he replied: ‘Well yes, I think so. I don’t want to create any false expectations.’

Well I’m afraid I have just two words for you Mr Calderon – FU*K OFF!

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30 Replies to “F*** Off Real Madrid!”

  • I think it was 3 players on his list. Kaka, Cesc, and Robben. They are going to get Kaka in the next two years and Robben this summer. but Cesc they will never get. When he goes it will be to Barca, but not for 7 years.

  • why would kaka want to leave the champs of europe and go to the circus that is real madrid? sacking your coach after you win the league?

  • exactly. it jus won’t happen. real madrid to re organise the whole organisation top to bottom. he never ever seems to keep his opinons to himself. if he did he may actually got some of the signings he wanted to make. but he always talks rubbish. eff off u jauncker lol.

  • Moving to madrid could as easily ruin fabrigas’s career as make it, he is seemingingly happy with you and developing very nicely, joining madrid who are run by a mixture of crooks and clowns would be a massive mistake as they are so incredibly unstable, it would also send out a really negative image about your ambitions as a club. heres to a good battle next season!!!

  • What can you expect from a man who spends all day playing with Mrs. Palm and her five daughters? One would think the F.A. (LOL) would be able to find some way of contacting FIFA (LOL) and stop these unsettling actions by Real Madrid. It wont happen and for the next six, seven years we will have to put up with it.

  • Is there no way can get a restraining order against this obsessively unpleasant little stalker?? Calderon is like Father Teds’ housekeeper oh go on go on go on go on go on go on go on GO OONNN!!!!

  • I really don’t know how UEFA can allow them to openly tap up players and get away with, the Italians & Spanish sides are the only ones that conduct their business like that. You can bet your bottom dollar that if it was an English club conducting business like this, they would be sanctioned

  • I did mean to go into the whole Uefa having their heads up their own arses, but I rushed the article. It’s insane that they should be allowed to consistantly get away with this. Just because it didn’t take place in a london thotel doesn’t mean it’s anything other than a blatant attempt to tap up the player.

  • real madrid is probably allowed to openly tap up players just because they are one of the mega rich clubs. it *****ed the hell out of me how they are just allowed to do this. leave fab alone calderon, i dunno how many more times anyone from arsenal can say no?

  • Train up Denilson and Diaby this season, when either are ready to step up price Cesc at a crazy price of 25-30mil and see if barca or real still want him – cesc will be happy to be back in spain, we will still have an awesome midfield and we will have 25-30 mil – last player we really cashed in on was anelka and he got us a new training ground, imagine what wenger could do with 30 mil and no need for players (notice i said need, not want)

  • Milan will never sell Kaka, not until he’s at least 30, and Kaka himself genuinely seems to love being at Milan. Where do we think Merida will play…? Is he a new Cesc, i.e. a centre mid player?

  • With his 3-year master-plan, he sounds like the grand-daddy of a generation of car salesmen! What an absolute c0ck!

  • UEFA actually cantg do anything about it because journalists are aloud to ask people whatever they want – freedom of press – and although Calderon, Berlusconi or any of the other Italian and Spanish bosses and managers dont have to answer when questioned about signings or players they know it is a legal way to unsettle players and so use this to their advantage. It is a tricky one because it would not be technically illegal as the press are just doing their job and being ****s, and their ****lyness (i just invented a word) allows the big clubs like Madrid, Barca etc. to openlgy tap up players with in the law. The problem is when the tapping up quotes come from papers like AS or Marca that are mouthpieces for clubs as much as FOX News or Sky are for Murdoch there should be a law against it as it seems this is these papers soul purpose – helping the clubs unsettle players, in the same way FOX and Skys purpose is to project conservative opinion – but it is very hard to prove or prosecute without sounding liike fascist censorship, which is a path both FIFA and UEFA desperatley want to avoid.

  • I wonder what it’s like to be a Real fan, with the president constantly making a fool of himself. As a fan I want to hear from the manager and the players, and that’s about it, unless there is something official to announce.

  • we should have put a buyout clause similar to messi’s 170,000,000.00 hows that for a put off. offer cesc a new improved contract with a 50-60 mil buyout clause.

  • How could Milan deny a 60 mil pound offer for Kaka. If Real want him that bad, Milan should let them have him. They could use the money and better their squad without Kaka with that kind of money.

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