Date: 18th February 2012 at 7:19pm
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It was only two days ago that I spoke of the need for Arsenal fans to conduct themselves with respect and class, and how that doesn`t mean we shouldn`t be quite and watch on silently as things go down the swanny, but just we need to be careful on how we voice our opinions.

As such I`ll be wording this article as carefully and respectfully as I possibly can, but the long and short of it is that something needs to change and it needs to change as quickly as possible.

Arsene Wenger is the single greatest thing to happen to Arsenal Football Club, he`s been a genius, footballistically, he`s done wonders for the longevity of our club and we`re in a position that I genuinely believe if the financial fair play rules are ferociously implemented we`re in a position to really take the league by the scruff of the neck. In short, he`s given us memories that few fans of other football clubs can ever claim to have.

But I believe he`s done all he can.

However his genius was at it`s finest in a different time. 10 years ago the Premier League was a completely different place to the one we see today and I don`t think Wenger`s philosophy has a place in it anymore. It`s really painful to finally say what has been on my mind for the last 12 months or so, and I`d love to be proved wrong, but recent history seems to suggest this period of the season sees us fold after quickly exiting all the cup competitions.

It`s something that happened with a scary regularity since around 2007.

I`m not sure who could take his place, maybe it would be better to wait till the summer, but the undeniable fact is that we`re getting worse, and with Liverpool and Spurs coming up over the next couple of weeks it could get worse still.

I love Arsene Wenger, I want him to leave the club with the legendary status he deserves, I feel sick at the thought of wanting him to leave, but I think it could be the best not only for Arsenal Football Club, but also for his career.

A fresh challenge with fresh ideas could do the world of good for both parties.

The TV companies seem to take great pleasure in showing close-ups of Arsene Wenger`s pain addled face, and in these moments I see sadness in his eyes, he`s been let down by his players time and time again, but ultimately these are his players, players he brought to the club.

If the players aren`t following instructions then they must be replaced, which they clearly haven`t, and with £50M+ in the bank, sitting on our hands is costing us massively. If the players are playing to instruction then the manager`s philosophies are clearly at fault.

Neither one makes pretty reading, but both need sorting out, and how.