Date: 2nd February 2007 at 1:12am
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Sadly, nowadays this chant can rarely be heard where it is supposed to be heard i.e. when the England national team plays, mainly because they can barely win a game, let alone score two goals and allow zero.

Well, I stand corrected, the likes of Andorra could face a hiding but the footballing powerhouses Macedonia, Estonia, etc. could all get a result against McClaren’s select 11 that include a certain fat, poor excuse for a goalkeeper that is Robbo, a man whose qualities between the sticks are as good as my Chinese language skills.

Back to this famous chant, and honestly, the last place I expected to hear it was the Three point lane as some like to call that small venue, where the home team was an average mid-table club which has been ‘on the up’ in the last 20 odd years.

If we exclude the few despicable chants that the (won’t use the ‘Y’ word) spud fans sang, this has to be the one to slap them in the face most. It was right after Baptista scored the unfortunate own goal when I could not believe my ears what I heard. Not because of the chant itself but because of the team that was supposed to be motivated by this.

To make it clear the sp*rs team that night was:
The Chubby Bloke, Chimbonda, Assou-Ekotto, Huddlestone, Dawson, Gardner, Zokora, Lennon, Malbranque, Defoe, Keane, Cerny, Lee, Ghaly, Mido, Berbatov, which makes it 6 Englishmen out of 16. Nice one. Whoever started it should get the Pied Piper Award.

Exactly who was supposed to get a lift from that chant I am not quite sure, or was it a dig aimed at Arsenal’s side which had ‘only’ 3 of Englishmen that night? Was it their English manager? Daniel Levy? Was it a motivation for the likes of Gardner and Huddlestone who (unlike Robbo) will get to represent their country only when the overrated Fat ‘another deflected goal’ Frank gets dropped (probably never) by the genius McClaren. Was it

Whatever the case, I am not sure that Keane, Zokora and Ghaly were moved by that particular one, and the only one affected seemed to be Julio Baptista who ended netting twice and shutting the Lane up for the rest of the game.

Keep it up. Arsenal in the Final.

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19 Replies to “Engerland, Engerland, Engerland”

  • let’s face it though simmy, when did reason and judgement ever count when talking about spurs? the ‘new force in north london’ as they proclaimed last season… more argument for that pied piper award if more was needed… »»Arsene Knows««

  • hmm well we have less aussie players in our national team than arsenal have english with players like, viduka, schwarzer, skoko, aloisi, bresiano, sterjovski, grella and archie thompson(some islander country), i know im getting on here but my point is they’re all trained in australia like all the arsenal boys who come out of our academy/youth system, they’re all ‘home grown’ arsenal boys through english football/wenger techniques, so to me as an aussie english football is all about english culture i know so u see what im saying spu*ds

  • “England’s…number one!” “What?” “England’s…number one!” “What?” – they can keep Club Three Lions…I’ll stick with Team United Nations.

  • BF Robbo over Jens…Nah, Dawson over Toure…Nah, Gardner over Gallas or Senderos or Djourou….hahahhaha, Jenas over Fabregas…not for me, Defoe over Van Persie…not in this lifetime. Their only Englishman worth anything is Lennon and Walcott will be at that level by the time he hits 19/20. The scum are delusional pyschopaths with no football sense at all. F***ing pikeys.

  • Dodgy lasagne (i.e he realised they were going to get beat and didn’t want a loss to Arsenal reserves tarnishing his glittering career).

  • Hatespur, Ledley King? The last time I checked he was English and regarded as the best English CB (or was it best in the Premiership?) by no less than Thierry Henry – Gardner is only a reserve until we can upgrade – there was a failure to mention Huddlestone who whilst not at the level of Denilson could still be as good as Diaby – Robinson is only 26 and Lehmann like most keepers was f***ing useless until he reached his 30s – I fail to see your evidence regarding Walcott over Lennon as he did nothing against Assou-Ekotto, and he’s damn well useless. I think I get the point that Gunner Down was making and there is a point there, but increasingly the big European leagues – Spain, Italy, Germany, France – are tightening up their rules to prevent poaching like Fabregas. Good to see Justin Hoyte doing well though not surprised to see him go unmentioned

  • being the “best” english centreback doesnt make you the best centreback in the premiership though? Lehmen may of been useless before his 30’s (surely not as bad as robinson though?) but we never had lehmen in his 30’s and couldnt give a ***** how poor he was! Senderos and Dourou are our reserve CB’s and they have looked pretty good! Gardener…….i aint even going there, it would be too easy! The mass examples of xenophobia, violence and racism demonstrated on a near weekly basis by Spurs supporters is yet another grease spot on the ever increasingly tarsnished reputation of a once successful club.

  • I’ll take your word for that LondonGooner as I wasn’t born in 1971. If Ledboots was the best English cetre hald he’d play for England on a regular basis at centre half and Huddlestone was totally outshone in 2 games against our reserves and you know it. For all of Lennon’s industry in the first leg he was up against a pre-pubecent schoolboy and still didn’t do anything spectacular.

  • Sorry LG I meant 1961. Nearly gave them the credit of only being 36 years since they were considered a big club. Silly me.

  • I feel so ashamed with songs like this at the lane! The chant “englands No1” directed at Robbo is beyond a joke, the fat one has cost us at least 4 games this season and the only reason he aint being dropped is cause he is “englands no1”

  • mcClaren is as bad as Jol!!!

    Both are given ***** load of money by their chairmen
    Both spend it poorly
    Both fail to motivate their players
    Both play negative unattractive football
    Both have little tactical awarness
    Both are smarmy slimy f*****s in front of a tv camera

    Jes’s the list could go on!! It wouldnt surprise me if he is appointed assistant manager to McClaren after we sack his fat negative ass. Would be something stupid like our FA would do!

  • Maclaren is a disaster in waiting, next years Euros will be another disastrous flop for us, evenmoreso should we choose to build the spine of the team around the Laurel and Hardy muppets of the lane, Defoe is truly fackin pants, so much so I’m surprised Calvin Klein don’t sponsor him, Jenas is a nothing player, King and Lennon are the only two worthy of a start and if Terry and Ferdinand are fit then only Lennon.

  • I am sure you have it on tape somewhere. I could send you the one chant about children Sir Harry. Despicable lot. 9000 tickets? you deserve 90. Hypocrites.

  • But G4L, chanting anti-semitic songs is obviously more vile than the child abuse chants they spit out. Hence, it doesn’t matter. [/end sarcasm] I’m not for either of these chants, but I’m absolutely disgusted with what they’ve come up with. It just proves their level of creativity.

  • Ok as much as a hate the spurs … i have got to admit lennon is a good player … just a shame he plays for a s**t club … however if u look at the arsenal midfield … could he fit in there … rosicky is a better player hleb is a better player and both febregas and gilberto p**s all over him … it justs hows u the difference between us and spurs … there best player would struggle to get in the arsenal team if the arsenal players where playing to there full potential … GOOOONERS !!!

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