Date: 8th January 2007 at 12:48pm
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After all the glory of knocking Liverpool out of the cup on Saturday, it is inevitable that you have to think of the negatives in a performance, and the one big negative was Emmanuel Eboue.

Last season Eboue was a revelation, yet in the final game of our season, the rightback was lambasted by the manager for an outrageous dive in the Champions League final, that ironically led to our goal.

He was then berated again after futher embarrassing behavior when Wenger, rather un-Wenger like once again questioned the Ivorians antics.

On Saturday Eboue was subbed, for what most people thought was an injury (yeah right) but after reviewing the footage, Justin Hoyte was on the pitch mere seconds after the Physio got to the player, leading me to believe the sub was a tactical one to call a halt to Eboue’s theatrics before he got himself a second yellow card (remember Alonso had already gotten a yellow for diving).

I think the return of Ralph has been timed to perfection as the time has arrived to give Eboue a spell on the sidelines to let him know this sort of behavior can not, and will not be tolerated.

I have no doubts whatsoever regarding the players abilities, but his temperament and morals in the game have to be questioned.

Sort it out Manu, you’re better than that!


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  • Good piece. Im a Liverpool fan and his antics infuriated me obviously but he only did what many other players in the premiership do, such as Drogba, Robben, Ronaldo and our very own Garcia.

    PS: Alonso didnt dive, there was definite contact.

  • interesting point,it could be that he was subbed before he was sent off,im not too sure about that though,coz when a player goes down the replacement always has a little warm up,so he was ready for when eboue broke down again,and he might of been carrying a knock already,anyway its a minor problem that eboue seems to have at the moment,his biggest problem was his terrible crossing,and thats been sorted out,so it looks like the boy is willing to learn

  • i totally agree rocky, as already mentioned in our forum.. and i think with lauren coming back, eboue can learn a few things of conduct and try not to be conning the ref.

  • This aint the same guy who was defended for his play acting in the run up to Spurs goal in the 1-1 at highbury last year is it? Many of you were trying to say we cheated the other day 9and ever since the game in fact) Seen the light?

  • yes there was contact with alonso but he had already been up ended by some unknown force ?????, he was flying through the air before gilberto touched him, dive and a rightful booking imo.

    Eboue just needs a reality check, lauren should take his place and then he may realise he cant go on like this, not just his occasional diving antics but also the dip in form hes been suffering.

  • a good honest article…and a session on the sidelines to remind him of the true values will hopefully sort his head out….

  • He’s a diver, but he required treamtment v Spurs so the ball should have been kicked out. Its a shame the Spurs fans could not be this fforthright following Zokora v Pompey. To a man the members condoned Zokora.

  • I did see that reply comin, and I agree Zokora’s conduct is generally a bit “iffy”. Without making too big a generalisation – Have you noticed a similar thing with another Ivorian? lol

  • The same Sp*rs fans who moaned about Graham poll but thought he was correct when his decisions helped them beat Chelsea. The same Sp*rs fans who moaned Manu Adebayor was offside but When they beat Southend with a goal way more offside printed an Article saying they didnt care! Biggest bunch of hypocrites in the prem.

  • Everyone knows Poll is incompetent. however – I honestly don’t see what he did wrong in that game. With regard to the Southend game, that goal was just as marginal, as Adebayor (which i didn’t mind as i prefer attackers to get the advantage – more bothered by the pens to be honest) and Defoe is CONSTANTLY flagged offside when he isnt. So, as hard on Southend as that was – it didn’t even begin to even things up for Defoe. If Linesmen judged him correctly – he’d have no trouble bangin in 30 a season.

  • That is FACT (maybe not the bit bout 30 goals – lol) but its something i noticed about a year a go, and i cant remember a game he’s played since where that assertion hasn’t been backed up. he always gets robbed of 1 on 1 situations – at least 1 game.

  • Maybe there is a trend for Ivorian divers, but no more than there is a trend for English, French, Spanish and Italian divers. Sadly, until the authorities show some desire to punish cheats, it will become more widespread.

  • as we’ve all agreed on the forum, he needs to cut it out – he’s miles better than that,.and does himself a disservice with this falling over and holding his legs, as well as the club. Frankly it’s cringeworthy. He can be the best right back in the world, but hemust focus on his game,not on his forward rolls…

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • i wouldnt say best right back.. but he certainly has the potential to become one.. i still think lauren with his experience and technique is still the best right back the EPL has to offer.. and it would be absolutely correct to make him retain his place in the first team as soon as he is back to full fitness..

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