Date: 2nd July 2007 at 1:42pm
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Arsenal’s brand spanking new signing has spoken about his move to the Gunners for the first time.

The move was confirmed by Arsenal earlier this afternoon for an undisclosed fee.

The 24-year-old was delighted after completing the deal: ‘I am excited and happy in the same time, also a very proud that I am going to play in such a big club.

Every football player want to play for Barcelona, Real , Manchester United or Arsenal one day and so do I.

I want to progress in my career, but it is be hard to leave Dinamo Zagreb after eight years.

I will miss the club, the guys…I will be back one day, but now I want to accept a new challenge.’

Dinamo Zagreb’s president Mirko Barišić is quoted on UEFA.Com as saying: ‘I think the transfer is worth €24m from the money Arsenal got after selling Henry to Barcelona.’

To me that sounds like a mistake in the translation, and he’s trying to say that he thinks the fee for Eduardo has come from the £6.1Million Arsenal got from Barcelona for Henry.


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  • But…I don’t get it….the name Da Silva doesn’t sound very French to me…

  • Neither does Lehmann, Fabregas, Hleb, Rosicky, van Persie, Gilberto, Denilson, Ljungberg or kiss my hairy rear end.

  • I would be surprised if the deal was 24 million but i’m willing to give the boy a chance, he could be huge. Good scoring record something like 70 in 100 games and 7 in 12 for crroatia.

  • the fee is undisclosed but lots of sites claim its around the 5-6 million pound region………ps….this guy seems like a gr8 signing !!!

  • Some dinamo fans on 606 seem to think it was 6M pounds.

    He is a typical Arsenal signing.

    While the press fall over themselves to link us to all sorts of players, I just knew AW will pull one out of the hat. Well Done Sir

    Also fans should please not put him under pressure as replacement for Henry; TH14 was not built in a day!

  • Like I said in an earlier post: we are a club with more class and dignity than most. If it’s quiet around Arsenal, it means AW is working on a miracle… I hope he can shove a two-horse race up drogba’s ass…

  • It would be quite interesting to see Wenger trying to shove 2 horses up Drogba’s ass..

  • sorry, not very classy, that comment. He looks like he’s not going to be a big hit with the ladies, which is good: he can focus on the ball! not very classy once again, but I’m in a very happy mood all of a sudden!!!

  • the most interesting thing would be to see wenger trying to shove 2 horses and a fathead Jol up drogba’s arse …

  • on the other hand … seems like a good signing though … that goal against us at emirates was a good demo of his poaching skills … so was the goal against england and the one against italy …

  • Typical Wenger straight ‘out of left field’. That’s for Kronke in case he reads this!

  • good to see a signing finally done… are we sure abt the price tho’..?And has anyone actually seen him play?? I’m pretty sure that he’d be good.. but how good?

  • jol have to battle it out with benitez for 4th place no no with fat sam for 5th haha..good signing MR WENGER you done it again..if a guy can score 34 goals in 32 league games in croatia league well he can score 20-28 goals in 38 games in the premier league…WATCH OUT FAT ROBO

  • if there is anyone people should be playing for is Man City we r going to be a team next season

  • Getting a bit ahead of yourself fellow. Don’t fool yourself, he will never get 20-28 goals in the Premiership in a single season.

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