Date: 22nd February 2007 at 12:16pm
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Arsenal have the finances to start spending big, according to Keith Edelman.

After the release of yesterday’s financial results much was made of Arsenal’s £6.2Million loss in the the 6 months upto November.

You only have to look at the turnover to lay any worries about the finances though. In the 6 months ending November 06, Arsenal’s turnover was up by £43Million on the previous year!

All this extra cash flow means that there will be more money in Arsene’s transfer kitty in the summer.

‘Arsene is not one to go and spend huge amounts of money on players,’ said Edelman.

‘But if he wanted to do something of that magnitude there’s no reason we couldn’t get that to happen.

‘We can do it. It’s just a matter of what Arsene’s strategy is.

‘There is money available for Arsene in the summer, I think we’ve got to wait until the summer and see what he wants to do.’


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  • Isn’t this what they always say. The contradiction between Edelman & Wenger never surprises me anymore. Edelman always comes out when the financial figures are released & says how well we are doing & that wenger has loads to spend, then we hear how wenger only likes finding rough diamonds etc & doesn’t like spending big. Wenger on the other hand (who clearly does enjoy bringing players through to a degree) said only recently that it’s only really DD that backs him when it comes to signings & that DD would love him to have the players he has always dreamed of. Therefore you can safely assume that arsenal don’t sign the players wenger dreams about & thats because of money!! It would hardly be good PR for Keith to come out & say we have no money to sign players & that wenger will have to stick with his current squad unless he sells, but realistically thats the position we are in.

  • I’m not sure I agree with you, A.G. In one interview not too long ago, the Boss said that he sees no point in bringing in established players unless they are ‘unique talents’ and better than anything he can develop himself from the youth policy. So while it’s true things have been tight what with building Ashburton Grove, it seems as though the corner has been turned with our massive increase in turnover, and that if the Boss does want to buy a unique talent better than anything we have (David Villa, Gareth Bale, Frank Ribery, Akinfeev to replace Lehman) it looks like he will be able to do so. Not to mention the fact that if we don’t splash for Baptista (and I’m not yet convinced we should), we still have an asset in Reyes to cash in on, whether by Real or someone else.

  • Why don’t we wait & see wot happens now that the cash seems to be rolling in from The Grove. Better to give the benefit of the doubt, than take a swipe at Edelman….even if in the past we haven’t always bought for big monies.
    Actions always speak louder than words, so let’s watch the actions from now on……..I don’t think I could level criticism at how the club is run, well not in the last decade or so.

  • I really don’t think he needs to spend too much on players we just need a few more experoienced players (1 or 2) and we are close to a premiership challenging team. Though i remember when we were supposedly very interested in a young czech defender in the January transfer window and we failed to sign him because bayer leverkusen payed 1.5 million euros for him so maybe we don’t have as much money as Edelman keeps assuring us we do.

  • all we need is a goalkeeper and possibly another wide player if Freddie goes in the summer. The boss wont spend money for the sake of it i.e buying a Cashley when you have Bridge.

  • why would Arsene spend big when spending small works just fine? even your big recent signings (players who are ready for the 1st team) have not been massive money – Hleb, Rosicky, Adebayor.

  • AG I really thing you’re wrong. Any more, football is just big business, and the financiers are licking their chops at the opportunity to lend us money. We’re making tons of coin, and will continue to do so as long as we’re relatively sucessful. Edelman says our matchday revenue has increased from 15.6m to 38m. That’s a huge amount of money. I’ve been discussing this since the beginning of the season, and I’ve finally come up with a good analogy of our current financial position. Basically, Emirates is our Rusky sugar daddy. Our extra capacity (22k over Highbury) is full of high priced suites and boxes which are paid for by 22k mini Abramoviches, every week. We still have the same number of affordable seats as b4 (more actually), but the beauty of it is no-one has any individual controlling interest, yet we still have current and future revenue that most other clubs could only dream of. We’ve got all the money we need. The down side to the equation is if we crash and burn as a team, on the field. How many of the high priced tix will continue to sell?? I hope we never find out.

  • Your losses until November are more than our total debt but we are on the verge of administration. Money has ruined football.

  • Wenger would rather not get a player than pay inflated prices or pay more than he thinks the player is worth, he has said this on numerous occasions

  • 916995, I haven’t criticised the way Edelman has run the club. The whole board have done a terrific job, I just don’t happen to believe every word he says, eg that we have massive money to spend if we want……………….With regards devvil’s comment, you have basically backed up my point. Wenger did say there is no point is just buying players & that he would only add an exceptional talent to improve the team, however the reason we didn’t sign anyone is because he didn’t have the money for an exceptional talent (proved by the fact wenger wanted bale badly but couldn’t afford to bid for him). Finally Fab4, you talk about the capacity at emirates etc & the money arsenal can make but don’t forget the expensive seats are all on long contracts 4 & 5 years which had to be paid upfront, so arsenal wont get any revenue from those seats now for another 4 years minimum. The money that has been raised from them so far is all accounted for. The only money arsenal will get is from the season ticket holders & members, which whilst being more than at highbury is not as significant as some people believe……………We sold land for nearly 24 million which won’t be a regular thing so whilst the accounts may look good, they are not exactly spectacular & won’t give arsene the money to sign 20 & 30 million pound players, which he does want!!

  • depends on what you mean by massive AG. In Wenger’s world it’s a measly 10 mil and in the world of Fergusmoans and Moanonhos the sum goes up to suicidal amounts. As iceman pointed out, goalkeeper is our only worry if Lehmann goes, and even Almunia has managed to put in some fairly consistent performances. The left wing is empty, and the Reyes situation is unresolved. We could get the Beast and we have a massive signing for next year in Nicklas Bendtner. So Wenger WILL have some money to spend and I hope it is one of the following: Buffon/Boruc, Ribery/Robinho, Eto’o/Villa (if Beast doesn’t stay and Bendtner decides to leave).

  • But AG, there was also a charge of 21M one-off on restructuring the debt, which also wont be a regular thing. and gate receipts were only for 4 months. But i’m quibbling. I dont think Arsene wanted Bale – there isnt any place for him in the squad. But I see your point – Edelman has to be saying there is money for Arsene to spend.

  • prits, Wenger has said he does want Bale & that he was pleased he didn’t move as that still gives us a chance of signing him. He could be telling porkies but I wouldn’t have thought so, although 10 million could be better spent elsewhere………..I agree about the 21 million for the debt restructuring but my point was that the actual rise of 77% is a bit false, which Edelman said himself. We won’t know how much this stadium is really going to give us in revenue until the end of next season.

  • we do not need to spend big, and spending big does not guarantee success. It’s more about making sur ethat the guy you are flashign the cash on will integrate both mentally, technically and tactically with the club and the squad. Plenty of teams have bought big name players only for them not to integrate properly, for one reason or another. Jose Antonio Reyes, anyone??? »»Arsene Knows««

  • Amazing. Another post, and I find a group of people who disagree with Ashburton Gooner. It’s like groundhog day on this site. AG, does this not tell you something??

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