Date: 12th April 2007 at 9:40pm
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I must admit I really enjoyed Eastenders tonight, it was a cracking episode.

Anyone catch the UEFA Cup result?


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  • I advise everybody to go to the thread before this and read the post from chalky76. It was a real cracker!

  • is there a english in the UEFA then ? oh no sorry there isn’t HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH !!! seville made them look just like their other product of the region, MARMALADE !

  • blah blah blah!!! Spuds made it till April before their season is over. Last season their season was over as early as January-New year day!!!

  • ah i can sleep peacefully tonight….. will spurs fans never learn to keep their mouthes shut until after they win something?

    that way they’d keep quite forever and it wud be a lot more peaceful!

    Up the Spanish!

  • Did anyone else notice that Anne Widdecombe goes down easier than Robinson? For the goals, by the time he weebled to the ground Tottenham had already kicked off again.

  • A familiar pattern emerges with the spuds. It seems that every time they come up against a decent team in a cup competition they go out! I wonder if this is because they are crap. It might be a good idea for the cup organisers to give them a bye in all rounds in future. The only problem is, if they come up against a half decent bye, they’d probably go out.

  • INTERVIEWR: So Martin, over the two legs do you think the better team went through? JOL: ………………*Looks at his feet for an extrodinarily long time*………….

  • same old sp*rs… they never learn, do they? I remember many of them coming here and putting us down for the ‘brawl’ in the CC Final as ‘bad losers’. Well today we saw the graceful LOSERS like Tainio, Defoe, Lennon et. al. attempting to end the opposing players careers. Hypocrisy rules!

  • I guess all those tickets they purchased for Hampden will be up for sale on Ebay! They only came back into when Sevilla took their foot off the pedal and took off Alves. Everytime they faced quality in any competition they were found wanting. Mail Cusop and ask him to submit a match report!

  • LMAO Rocky! I thought his head was gonna explode on live T.V! It had to be 10 seconds before he answered the simple question of did the best team go through! Yes they did Martin you fat C*@t!

  • Here I offer you some cusop wisdom: “Ok lets start with that rousing song .. We are all going on a summer holiday “” In the south of France” No need to sing the blues when your feeling it boys.. Oye Jockey loved yesterday will be back my old China!! He!! He !!”

  • Gotta laugh at Robbo in the fourth minute of injury time running over to put the ball on the corner spot, he blatantly thought Spuds only needed one goal. Mind you, in fairness, the only numeric quantities he’s familiar with are hundreds and thousands.

  • ah LD I finally found the post you mentioned… OUTfeckingSTANDING!! a reminder: “Gonna score in a minute,were gonna score in a minute,score in a minute,oh were gonna score in a minute………..Hey Goners,let us know what happened in Eastenders tonight will yer…!!See yer”s..!!(Chalky dances a little jig & heads off to witness a famous glory glory night at WHL,the world famous home of the SPURS..!!)He he he”. yes signed by cusop’s cousin – chalky.

  • Tottenham, more commonly known as spuds, are without doubt the biggest bottlers in the world football, what maks this fact all the more sweeter is that they are they only ones who don’t know it.

    Season after season they genuinely believe they are going to win the world cup, and as always they do just enough to get their deluded hopes up, before reality reminds them that they are and always will be spudtacular.

    Congratulations Sevilla, a team more humble than spuds yet with much more ability.

  • sigh…an ex spud killed their european wet dream…man its a good day to be a gooner…finally some cheer in this forum…!!!

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